Wholesale Policies

 Thank you for your interest in our sewing books. Below you will find my business and discount policies along with the items I wholesale. My contact information is at the end

 1. You may either call (1-800-337-8845), fax (1-509-337-6292) , or email orders to me at joann@bunkhousesewing.com. Payments may be made using Visa, Mastercard, or Pay Pal invoice. 

2. Small orders are shipped out in USPS flat rate envelopes and boxes. This shipping expense will be added to your invoice total. Larger box orders will go UPS. Please email or call me with your UPS shipping number, as these packages need to go prepaid. I try to ship all orders within 48 hours. 

 3. Advertising materials:You have permission to copy photos and information from my website for your promotional purposes. If you have other needs, please let me know and I will do all I can to get you the information you desire. There are free articles and items you can download from this website to help you promote and educate your customers (see below). 

 4. We ask that you sell all books at the retail price, in fairness to other wholesalers. However, you may discount a title if you are planning a special promotion on that title. 

 5. Additional information I may need from you includes: Billing and shipping addresses, phone and fax numbers; email address, website address, and UPS account number for shipping boxes. 

 6. I am sending out a periodic email newsletters to my wholesale business customers to keep you up to date with what's new and any changes that may be occurring. 

 7. Only the products listed on the discount sheet below are discounted. Large patterns and ebooks/patterns are not wholesaled. 
 I look forward to working with you. Please, call or email whenever you have questions...good communication is the key to successful business relationships. 

Contact Information:    JoAnn Gagnon, 607 Lower Hogeye Road, Waitsburg, WA 99361 
Phone: 1-800-337-8845 
Fax: 1-509-3376292 
Email: joann@bunkhousesewing.com 
Website: www.bunkhousesewing.com

Wholesale Discounts
3-6 books
7-11 book
12 & up

Sewing Books
Book Title Retail
Catch the Sewing Bug $11.95   160      20  37 lbs.
Stitches and Pins $28.95    30       6  30 bs.
Buckles and Bobbins $28.95    30       6  32 lbs.
Pins and Needles $28.95    30       6  31 lbs.
Pintucks and Lace $28.95    30       6  33 lbs.
Sewing Teacher Resources $18.95    40     20  22 lbs.
Glory to God, Banner Making Book $34.95
Sewing and Reaping $28.95
Sewing and Growing with Jesus $  9.95
Sewing and Growing with God $  9.95
Sewing and Growing in Wisdom $  9.95
Sewing and Growing with the Scriptures $  9.95
Sewing and Growing in Beauty and Grace $  9.95

Doll Clothing Patterns
Coordinates with
Stitches & Pins
Buckles & Bobbins
Pins & Needles

Pintucks & Lace

Children of the World Cloth Doll Patterns

  • Only the books and pattern titles listed above are available for wholesale discounts
  • Book Titles OR Pattern Titles may be combined for quantity discounts...not a combination of the two.
    (except case quantities).
  • Call for availabilty on other patterns.
  • Purchaser pays shipping costs.
  • Visa, MC, or PayPal invoice payment before shipping.

Classroom Sewing Teachers

I offer a 25% discount to classroom sewing teachers when you order 3 or more of the same book for your classroom students.  They must be ordered at one time, by the teacher, and not the students.
Please call me personally to place your order.

To help you with your business, the following items are available to be downloaded and distributed to your customers if you desire.  In addition, check out our Free Resources page.

The Scope and Sequence Chart gives you an overview of our sewing books as well as age and skill levels for each book in helping your customers purchase the correct one for their needs. Additional available resources to help with the process are given.
Tips that make teaching young ones, as well as those young at heart, easier to learn, fun, and rewarding!
This article talks about numerous other benefits in addition to learning to sew...eye/hand/foot coordination, arithmetic skills, character lessons, art elements, biblical applications, etc.
Boys are fun to work with and approach sewing for a different purpose than girls. You'll find yourself learning some tricks from them. This article gives you ideas for teach sewing to boys.
NOW Available, new Catalog's for 2012! Check out our new items with these free, downloadable Catalogs!

Main Pattern Catalog

Doll Clothing Pattern Catalog

Church Banner Catalog


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