Sewing and Reaping
Your Guide to Owning Your Own Sewing Business.

Sewing and Reaping BookSewing & Reaping shines the spotlight on all the benefits and realities of how to start a sewing business.  Filled with personal examples, sewing entrepreneur, JoAnn Gagnon, gives you an interactive manual that allows you to take ownership from day one!  Starting with the encouragement of your support team, you will be given the tools you need to explore various sewing markets, determine their potential, and choose a niche that is right for you.  This book is filled with many ideas for various types of sewing businesses.

Can I really start sewing for money? Where do I begin?  How can I create a useable step-by-step business plan?  How do I develop a marketing plan that will get the word out and bring me business?   In addition to answering these and other questions, the easy-to-follow workbook format, complete with sample pages, gives you the freedom to build a solid foundation for your business and create the custom plan that you need.

You already have the sewing skills and basic supplies needed to make money sewing.  Let this book guide you on how to start a sewing business and become your own boss, sewing from home doing what you love, and create a sewing business built to last!

Sewing & Reaping guides you through:

..How to Make Money Sewing
..Exploring Potential Home Business Opportunities
..How to Evaluate the Market
..Selecting Your Niche
..Set reasonable timelines
..Developing a Business Plan
..The Business End of Business
..Working with the Public
..Marketing Your Product
..Selling and Making a Profit
..Growing Your Business
..Make Money Sewing!!!
Product Selections

Product Selections

Sewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping works through the question of how to start a sewing business, and the realities of getting it off the ground.  Written in workbook format, you will have the tools to explore markets and choose a niche, build a business plan, walk through inventory, market, sell and grow your business, and much more!

Potential Business Opportunities to Make Money Sewing
Need some extra cash? Sewing for money is a great option.  Below are just a few thoughts to spur ideas on how to start a sewing business, and make money sewing from your home.
  • Alterations - Always in high demand!
  • Specialty Lines of Clothing - Little girl dresses, custom vests, infant clothing, western wear, sports team shirts, etc.
  • Items for the Home - Kitchen items...handtowels, potholders;  Nursery items...stuffed animals, crib quilts; Home accessories...curtains, throw pillows;  Bed and Bath...pillowcases, rugs and covers; and many more!
  • Sewing for Children - Cloth dolls, matching outfits, stuffed animals, bean bag chairs, etc.
  • Craft Market Items -  Holiday specific items with a personal touch.
  • Costumes and Theater - Move beyond halloween, and sew for schools and theatrical productions.
  • Collectors - Sew clothing for specific periods of history or a custom wardrobe for antique dolls.
  • Bridal and Special occasions - proms, weddings, sweet 16 galas...this is your opportunity for beautiful, creative, customized creations.
  • Pets - Provide a line of sweaters, blankets, chair covers, with an emphasis on creative custom orders.
  • Quilting - throw pillows, wall hangings, snugglies, table runners, quilts.
  • Specialized hand crafts - accent clothing, hand towels, handkerchierfs, dress with embroidery; Knit or crochet clothing, blankets, tablecolths and doileis.
  • Dolly Clothing - All kinds of outfits and accessories
  • Custom Sewing -  Take custom orders for anything and everything!
  • Teach Sewing - Teach how to sew at specific levels, or offer specialty project classes.
  • Single Items for Small Unique Niches - What's hot right now?  Look for the unusual, hard to find items.  Look for a one of a kind niche.
There are endless oppurtunities if you are interested in sewing for money.  Check out our book above, which will walk you step by step through how to start a sewing business from your home, and move you forward to your dream job where you can make money sewing!

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