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Catch the Sewing Bug      
   Reviews & Comments      
   Catch the Sewing Bug Table of Contents 

Stitches and Pins       
   Table of Contents & Sample Pages      
   Reviews & Comments Stitches & Pins

Buckles & Bobbins
   Table of Contents & Sample Pages
Pins & Needles       
   Table of Contents & Sample Pages
   Book Reveiws for Pins & Needles

Pintucks & Lace     
   Book Reviews Pintucks & Lace
   Table of Contents & Sample Pages 
Sewing Teacher Resources     
   Table of Contents
   Sample Pages Sewing Teacher Rescources            
   Sewing & Quilting Activity Pages

Sewing And Reaping

Banner-Making Books

Sewing & Growing Books
Sewing & Growing with Jesus      
   Sewing & Growing with Jesus Table of Contents

Sewing & Growing with God's Word      
   Sewing & Growing with God's Word - Table of Contents   

Sewing & Growing with God's Wisdom      
   Table of Contents & Sample Pages  

Sewing & Growing with The Scriptures      
   Table of Contents & Sample Pages

Sewing & Growing with Beauty & Grace      
   Table of Contents & Sample Pages


Doll & Doll Clothes  Patterns:

 Cloth Doll Patterns  

Individual Doll Clothing Patterns

Doll Clothing Pattern Collections      
   Projects in Dolly's Best Friends      
   Projects in Dolly's Favorite Quilts      
   Projects in Dolly's Wardrobe      
   Projects in Dolly's Dresses      
   Projects in Dolly Goes Denim      
   Projects in Stitches & Pins 18" Doll Patterns      
   Projects in Buckles & Bobbins 18" Doll Patterns    
   Projects in Pins & Needles 18" Doll Patterns      
   Projects in Pintucks & Lace 18" Doll Patterns  

 Doll Quilt Patterns

Sewing and Quilting Patterns:

Quilting Patterns

Sewing Patterns

Church Banner Patterns:

Church Banner Patterns    
    "Amazing God" Banners    
    "Trinity" Banner Patterns      
    "Christmas Celebration" Banner Patterns    
    "God Commands us to Love" Banners      
    "Fruit of the Spirit" Banners      
    "The Cross" Banner Pattern    
    "The Good Shepherd" Banner Pattern    
    "He is Risen" Easter Banner Patterns  
     "America!"Patriotic Banner Pattern      
     "Communion Celebration" Banner Patterns      
     "I Am" Banner patterns    
     "Missions" Banner Patterns      
     "Names of God" Banner Patterns


E-Books  Main Page
E-Books - Sewing

Ebooks - Doll Patterns  

E-books Quilting Pattern


Where to Begin      
   Sewing Books & Resources      
   Sewing Supplies      
   Fabrics & Notions      
   Sewing Machines


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Puzzles and Projects 
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