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Resource on How To Teach Sewing
Sewing Teacher Resources is a book you can use in your own classroom—whether that classroom is 1 or 20.  It provides you ready made materials, classroom handouts, projects and curriculum guides to save you preparation time and energy as you teach sewing.  All of these materials may be copied for use in your own classroom.  It is a great resource also, to aid home school moms who are learning how to teach sewing.

This is a great resource for you and your students.  It makes passing on your love of sewing fun and easy!

In it you will find:
  • Puzzles to reinforce what you teach - word scrambles, crosswords, word searches, fill in the blank, etc.
  • Practice Stitching Sheets to learn straight seams, corners, and sewing curves.
  • Illustrated Instructional Handouts on the basics...You will find sewing instructions and illustrations on machines and sergers, supplies, seam finishes, fabrics, patterns, measurements and sizing charts, etc.  What a time saver!
  • Hands on Activities that are a lot of fun to supplement your teaching - making a loom, seam finish notebook, tie dying, scrapbooking your projects.
  • Life Skills every child needs to learn...sewing on a button, mending, ironing a shirt.
  • Curriculum Guides to walk you step by step through how to teach sewing in a logical order.
  • Free Project Sheets to reinforce and supplement you teaching. Use these extra projects to encourage students who really want to learn how to sew.
  • Tips for Teaching Sewing to assist you along the way.
Kids learn in many ways.  Use these pages with your students to reinforce concepts as you teach sewing, and make learning easier for children with different learning styles to grasp, and remember the techniques.

With 40+ years in the sewing room, JoAnn has gathered a lot of experience with sewing and teaching kids and adults the how-to’s of building and teaching life skills that matter.

Order today...You will find Sewing Teacher Resources is a great resource for you and your students!

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Product Selections

Product Selections

Sewing Teacher ResourcesSewing Teacher Resources
Sewing Teacher Resources is a great resource for you and your students who want to learn how to sew.  It has tips and tricks that make passing on your love of sewing fun and easy. With puzzles to help reinforce what has been learned to handouts that make teaching sewing a breeze and hands on activities that are lots of fun, this book will show you how to use the other books from Bunkhouse Books, as a curriculum for your students. 

Sewing Teacher, Frequently Asked Questions AnsweredSewing Teacher, Frequently Asked Questions AnsweredWith years of experience behind her, JoAnn answers some of the most commonly asked questions about how to teach sewing to kids ...where do I find students..what is the best age to teach children to long should the sewing sessions be..charging for classes, and much more! If you are thinking of teaching sewing, either your own child or in a classroom, this book will be a valuable resource for you. 
Sewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping works through the question of how to start a sewing business, and the realities of getting it off the ground.  Written in workbook format, you will have the tools to explore markets and choose a niche, build a business plan, walk through inventory, market, sell and grow your business, and much more!
Sewing & Quilting Activity BookSewing & Quilting Activity BookThis fun filled sewing activity book will keep you in stitches for a while with dot to dot pictures, coloring, mazes and word searches. For ages 6-14. 99 full pages of puzzles, including a couple of sewing projects, math puzzles and drawing! You will build the love of sewing and learn a few skills along the way as you inspire and challenge your budding seamstress. Have fun! Do you teach more than one child? This is an excellent resource to motivate your faster students and keep their hands busy and learning doing mazes and word searches while you work with others. Sewing teaches a child so many skills! This book offers pages that reinforces creativity and color coordination; learning math and measurements; drawing; critical thinking skills; and sewing knowledge and application. All children learn in different ways...this book provides a child another way to learn sewing.
 NOTE: Correction on page 10 of Sewing Teacher Resources. 
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Customer Comments:

"I have been using your wonderful books for my 4-H beginners for three years.  The projects are great and your website is wonderful!  Thanks for helping us help kids learn to love to sew!"  
Carol,  from Wisconsin

Instill a Love of Sewing in Others

Tips on How to Teach Sewing to Children.

Sewing instructions should never be given when a child is tired. As a beginner, a child needs to focus and anticipate this as a fun experience.

Children need to learn how to sew on the machine right away. There is a tendency to spend too much time on information and practice first, which tends to kill their initial excitement in learning to sew.

Plan to teach sewing projects for your children's/students skill level. Let them see success before they tackle a project that is too difficult. Save those tiny doll clothes for later.

At about age nine, children are capable and wanting to learn how to sew with the sewing machine. Starting them too young will cause frustration. Of course, if you have a child begging to begin, you may start them younger, just keep the sessions short.

Let your children/students choose their own fabrics. Don't even practice on something out of grandmother's supply or leftovers. The objective is that they learn to "Love to Sew", which means projects made from fabrics they select themselves and will want to show off.

It's fun for your children if you, or someone else, has time to sew with them. When I taught my daughter, I would make the same project first to show her how, and then she would make her own. We sewed together and it was fun for both of us.  I have used this technique when I teach sewing classes as well.

Limit a children's time at the machine to two hours when beginning. You don't want sewing instuctions and time to be so long that it overwhelms them, and it's wonderful to have them begging for the next session.

Teach sewing on a sewing machine that is working well. Breakdowns discourage children, and prevent them from completing projects.

Do as little ripping out as possible. No one is an expert as they learn how to sew. Choose projects that will forgive a stitching line that is a bit squiggly. When I teach sewing to children, and even with my own daughter, I always ripped out the first time they made a mistake. If they made the same mistake again, they ripped it out. Rarely, did the same thing happen a third time!

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