Sewing, Quilting and Doll Ebooks
I have a growing variety of e-books on many topics related to the wonderful world of sewing. Click each one to find out all the books I offer!  When you purchase any e-pattern, you'll receive the pattern and all instructions just as if you'd purchased the hard copy. 

Sewing E-books
You'll find a nice selection of patterns in these sewing ebooks. From Heirloom sewing to seasonal pattern packs and an embroidery sampler, we have a little something for everyone. There are projects here for the beginning sewer such as the polar fleece patterns and kid's aprons as well as for the advanced sewer such as the heirloom quilt and baby ensemble. You'll learn some new techniques and have some wonderful projects when you're done

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Sewing (including holiday patterns) patterns in ebook format


Quilting E-booksStart with the simplest of these printable quilt patterns with the travel games and develop your skill as you make a quilted bag, then try a small wall hanging and finally, tackle a full size quilt. There is also a pack with 7 smaller quilting projects to help you either learn some new skills or to practice what you already know. The full size quilt pattern also includes instructions on how to alter the size of your pattern so you can make a pillow or dresser cover.

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 ebook  Quilting Patterns


Doll and doll clothing ebooksMade available in ebook format,  you'll find a wonderful variety of individual doll clothing patterns, cloth doll patterns which have clothing patterns included, collections of doll patterns and doll pattern sets that match our regular sewing books. From pretty and stylish dresses to casual wear, these patterns will have Dolly looking her finest. Denim for every occasion, Dolly's favorite quilts and so much more.

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Doll and Doll Clothing Pattern ebooks

Why should I purchase an e-book?
E-books offer all the same benefits of a "regular" book and have a few other bonus features! 
     Quick turn around- Simply download e-book, open on your computer, and begin sewing.
     No shipping costs
     Less cost- There's no inventory to stock so the savings are passed on to you.
     More variety- Since they do not need printed before being sold, more books are easily put together and made available through the website.
Downloading your e-book:
Once you purchase your e-book, it is immediately available to download right after you check out. There will be a link on the bottom of the confirmation page. Click on the link and e-book will open as a PDF. You can print the entire book or skip ahead to the project you to want to sew and print only those pages. 
Make sure you save the e-book right away onto your computer or external hard drive so you will always have access to it, in the event of a computer crash, etc. 
Should you lose this file, we will re-send it to you as an email attachment for up to 2 months from the date of purchase.
Remember: All e-books are copyrighted under the same laws as my printed books. 
Pressing Vs. Ironing

Pressing and ironing are two different procedures.  Pressing involves an up and down motion, with pressure,
allowing the fabric to stay exactly where you want it to.  Ironing is sliding the iron back and forth over
the fabric, and is used to smooth out wrinkles.

Basic Pressing Equipment:
  • Steam and dry iron - use it to shape and mold your garment while sewing
  • Ironing board - adjust to comfortable height - well padded.
  • Seam Roll - use to press seams and small areas (sleeves, legs)
  • Pressing Ham - use to shape curved areas (darts and hipline curves)
  • Press Cloth - protects the fabric surfaces from "shine".
Pressing Factors:
  • Heat - Match the iron temperature to the fiber content of the fabric being pressed.  Too much heat can scorch or melt fabrics, and cause shine.
  • Moisture (steam).  Use with care.  Steam gives you nicely pressed seams, is especially good on cottons.  Moisture can spot or change textrue or color of some fabrics.  Always test on a fabric scrap.
  • Pressure - use medium pressure for most fabrics.
Press as You Sew:
  • Test your iron temperature and the effects of steam on some scraps of your fabric before beginning.
  • Press on the wrong side of the fabric.  Use a press cloth on the right side.
  • Press in the direction of the grainline to prevent fabric distortion.
  • Lift your iron up and down.
  • Press each seam before you join it to another seam.
  • Do not press over basting or pins, which will leave bumps in your fabric.
  • Press darts and curved seams over a pressing ham.
  • Press horizontal darts down and vertical darts to the center.

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