Sewing Patterns

We offer you a variety of easy sewing patterns in addition to those in our books, for all levels of sewing experience.  Below you'll find patterns that teach you how to make all kinds of easy sewing projects from embroidery stitches to sewing with fleece....everything from patterns  that are  fun and dress up to useful ... and Thanksgiving and Patriotic pattern packs....each containing an assortment of craft sewing patterns.

We have 2 pattern packs - holiday themed patterns with multiple patterns.  To view the patterns included in those packs, click below:

Product Selections

Product Selections

"Little Buckaroo" Western Play Outfits"Little Buckaroo" Western Play OutfitsGive your little buckaroo and little cowgirl some fun play clothes for all their western play. She'll love the fringe skirt and he'll think the western chaps are quite 'cool' as long as you add their matching embellished western vests. Make up the stick horse, and the two are ready to rid the west of outlaws and ride into the sunset. Patterns are sized to fit children S to XL and also include a pattern for a purse and a pillowcase, all with a western theme.
Fun Kids ApronsFun Kids ApronsWe've included six kids apron patterns with pattern sizes for 18" dolls, 22" dolls and Toddlers. There designs are made so that a child can carry tools, paint brushes, crayons or colored pencils, cleaning supplies or just to look pretty. Very easy to sew patterns, very fun to wear!

Hand Embroidery SamplerHand Embroidery SamplerWhether you want to learn some new embroidery stitches to embellish your clothing or you just want to make a pretty hanging embroidery sampler, you can't go wrong with this project. Choose contrasting thread colors and a fabric that matches your decor and you'll have an attractive addition to your wall made by your own hand. A fun and creative project you can take anywhere.

Let Freedom Ring, A Patriotic Pattern PackLet Freedom Ring, A Patriotic Pattern PackWith the Let Freedom Ring patriotic patterns pack, you'll have some summer sewing projects. There are 15 patriotic projects to sew up for indoors or out-of-doors. Use the quilt to throw down on the grass along with the pillow, packing your favorite books out in a tote bag all the while wearing cool ties to keep cool. Or you can stay indoors and have an entire kitchen set including a table runner, placemats, hot patd and cloth coasters. Comes with complete instructions for all projects which are beginner level.

Let's Go CampingLet's Go CampingAre you wanting to sew something for that little boy in your life but are tired of clothes? Let's Go Camping is an easing sewing project for a cloth book that might keep your boy still long enough to realize that he really wants to go camping! The book you make will teach him to zip, tie, count, button, buckle, snap, learn his colors, and more. You'll have as much fun making it as he has playing with it."
Polar Fleece AccessoriesPolar Fleece AccessoriesThe patterns included in Polar Fleece Accessories include a Cozy Snow Hat, a Wrap Around Scarf, an Ear Warmer, and Comfy Mittens. All patterns, instructions, technique information, and tips and adjustments needed to make sewing with Polar Fleece successful are included.
Sewing Teacher, Frequently Asked Questions AnsweredSewing Teacher, Frequently Asked Questions AnsweredWith years of experience behind her, JoAnn answers some of the most commonly asked questions about how to teach sewing to kids ...where do I find students..what is the best age to teach children to long should the sewing sessions be..charging for classes, and much more! If you are thinking of teaching sewing, either your own child or in a classroom, this book will be a valuable resource for you. 
Thanksgiving "Stitchin' for the Kitchen" Pattern PackThanksgiving "Stitchin' for the Kitchen" Pattern PackWith over ten projects ,these Thanksgiving sewing patterns pack will keep you busy creating a festive look for your home.. Two styles of placements, an assortment of ideas for both potholders and kitchen towels, and a pieced table runner are patterns included to dress up your table. Also thrown in are patterns for a pumpkin baby bib and a turkey applique apron. Have fun choosing fabric to keepyou sewing for the holidays these fall days. Simple, yet elegant, many of these patterns use the Heat'n'Bond technique. The easy sewing projects make into fun family activities for the home or to give to loved ones. Accessorize your kitchen and dining room with this pack of patterns.
Thanksgiving Dress-up PatternsThanksgiving Dress-up PatternsThanksgiving dress up clothes for children are fun and create a bit of an 'authentic' Thanksgiving. For the Pilgrim costumes, there is a Pilgrim Boy outfit (hat, cuffs, collar), and a Pilgrim Girl outfit (bonnet, apron, collar). Native American costume (headband, vest) make up this pack. Children enjoy playing dress-up and these projects are great for beginners or to create with the children. What better way to teach your child to sew than to make their very own dress-up clothes.
Travel GamesTravel GamesThe easy sewing projects in this pack let you make up some great travel games. You might want to save the Bean Bag Toss game for when you reach your destination, but the Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe are easily played in the back seat of the car. Let the kids keep their hands and minds occupied playing these games which will roll up and store in a carry case. It's also a great project for the kids to do themselves.

Sewing Terminology
There are a several categories of sewing terms that you will need to become acquainted with.  They include...
  • Parts of the Sewing Machine - Needle, Presser Foot, Presser Foot Lifter, Feed Dog, Hand Wheel, Spool Pin, Tension Control, Take-up Lever, Sttich Length and Width Regulators, Bobbin, Throat Plate, etc.
  • Sewing Supplies - Measuring Tools, Sewing Tools, Cutting Tools, Marking Tools, and Pressing Tools.
  • Pattern Markings - Grainlines, Fold Lines, Notches, Dots, Cutting Lines, Seam Allowances, Placement Lines
  • Fabric Terminology - Selvages, Grainlines, Bias, Woven, Knit, etc.
  • Hand and Machine Stitching Techniques - Curves and Clipping, Casings, Darts, Facings, Grading Seams, Topstitching and many more!
  • Types of Sewing - Tailoring, Heirloom, Quilting, Western, Doll Clothes, Bridal and Specialty Fabrics, and more!
  • Types of Fabrics - Cottons, Polyesters, Wool, Nylon, Rayon, Silk. etc.
Let's take a closer look at some basic fabric sewing terms related to your material, that you will need to know before you cut out:
  • Selvage - is the narrow, tightly woven finished edge on the long side of your fabric.  This edge was made on the loom as the yarns change direction, and will not unravel.
  • Woven - fabrics are made on a loom.  The yarns run perpendicular to one another, weaving themselves over and under one another.
  • Knits - are made when a loop of yarn is pulled through another loop.  Most knit fabrics stretch on the crosswise grain and require special techniques in sewing.  Knits are comfortable, resist wrinkles and are easy to care for.
  • Bias - refers to a diagonal line between the lengthwise and crosswise grains.  Bias has a lot of stretch and flexibility.
  • Grainlines - refers to the direction of the yarns in your woven fabrics.  The lengthwise grain yarns in your fabric run parallel to the selvage, and are stronger than the  crosswise grain yarns, which run perpendicular to the selvage.  Crosswise grain yarns tend to stretch a bit more than the lengthwise grain, and should go around your body in garment construction.

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