Sewing E-books
We are excited to be able to offer you a nice selection of printable sewing patterns in ebook format. These sewing ebooks come to you at a discounted price and are ready to download onto your computer or print out within minutes of completing your order.  You will find several sewing 'craft' patterns as well as sewing patterns for children.
Product Selections

Product Selections

Money Keepers - ebookMoney Keepers - ebookA fun and easy project that will help you keep track of your money. Patterns include a tri-fold wallet, loose coin purse, checkbook case and drawstring purse. Pick out some fun fabrics for a coordinating set. 14 pages.

Your pdf sewing patterns will be available to download at the time of checkout, at the bottom of the confirmation page.

If you should loose this file, we will resend it to you via email attachemnt for up to 2 months from purchase date. We recommend that you save the file to a disc or external hard drive so you will always have access to it, in the event of a computer crash, etc.

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How to Finish Seams
Woven fabrics ravel, so a seam finish needs to be appplied to the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying and extend the life of the garment.  Seam finishes are not only functional, but can be decorative as well.  

Considerations in selecting the corrent seam finish for your garment include:
..The type of fabric - only woven fabrics need seam finishes.
..The weight of the fabric.
..How much the fabric frays.
..The pattern design (what you are making).
..Where theeseam is located.
..How much it will be worn.
..How it will be laundered, and how often.

Below is a list of 6 different types of seam finishes you can apply to your 5/8" seams.

Seam Finishes for a Plain, 5/8" Seam

pinked seam finish
Pinked - stitch seam.
With pinking shears,
cut along the outer
1/8" edge of fabric.
Use on inside of lined
garments, and on 
knits and non-wovens.
Edge stitched seam finish Edge Sttiched - straight
stitch 1/8" from the edge 
of the fabric.  Use short
stitches - about 15 per inch.
Use on cotton and
medium weight
blends, on fabrics 
that do not fray much.
overcast seam finish Overcast - Zigzag stitch
the outer edge of the fabric.
You may also use the serger
for this.  Then stitch seam.
Simple, can use on all
seams.  Will tned to
pull on lightweight
Clean finish seam finish Clean Finish - Press under
1/8" towards the wrong side
of the fabric.  Machine stitch
in place.
Use on Straight seams.
Looks very nice on the
inside.  Does not work
with heavy fabrics. 
Bound SEam Finish Bound Seam Finish - Lay
edge of fabric inside fold of 
bias tape, and either straight
or zigzag stitch in place.
Use on heavier weight,
unlined garments.  Looks
very nice on the inside.

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