Sewing and Growing Devotional Books

These devotional books are to be used hand in hand with the lessons in our sewing books. They relate principles and analogies from scripture to each of the projects and techniques you will be learning in the sewing books. Sewing projects connect Bible stories, life lessons, and memory verses to help with character training in your child.

Sewing & Growing with Jesus 

Sewing and Growing with JesusDevotions for use with 
 "Catch the Sewing Bug"

Jump start your 4 to 8 year old's character training by Catching the Sewing Bug.

Sewing & Growing with God's Word 

Sewing and Growing with Gods WordDevotions for use with
 "Stitches & Pins"

Teach your daughter life lessons from the Bible as she learns sewing is fun and easy, step-by-step

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Sewing & Growing in God's Wisdom 

Sewing and Growing in Gods WisdomDevotions for use with
 "Buckles & Bobbins"

Bond with your son as you help him develop character traits through Buckles & Bobbins projects.

Sewing & Growing with the Scriptures 

Sewing and Growing with the ScripturesDevotions for use with
 "Pins & Needles"

Encourage your daughter to learn memory verses and continue growing in her knowledge of God as she continues to increase her sewing skills


Sewing & Growing in Beauty & Grace 

Sewing and Growing with Beauty and GraceDevotions for use with
 "Pintucks & Lace"

Learn more about becoming a woman after God's own heart by applying spiritual concepts while you learn new sewing skills


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Sew Scriptural

Connecting sewing, quilting, and teaching techniques with scripture, utilizing biblical analogies.

Customer Comments

"We recently purchased your book Sewing and Growing with God's Word and have been so blessed with this beautiful devotional. The LORD has given you such a gift to share and teach so many important lessons from God's Holy Word and His love for each of us by using the sewing machine as a platform, it is so precious. I love this book! Thank you so much." Donna

"My daughter and I were pleased to find a sight with Godly applications for my grandchildren to learn with. My granddaughter is going to be homeschooled and we're excited to do sewing class. Thanks, and may the Lord bless you for your help." Suzy Q.

Example:  Sewing Rules and Scriptural Analagies
Below is a sampling of some analagies from our book "Sew Scriptural."  This book is filled with analagies relating to most anything sewing...and is a great springboard for devotions with other seamstresses as well as reinforcing sewing techniques and applications.

1.   We keep our shoes on for protection, especially from pins.
              This can represent God and His protection from harm that
                                  Satan tries to bring my way.
                                Scriptures:  Ephesians 6:10-18
2.   We keep our tools in a basket so we can be organized and not lose our
God is a God of order.  Just as God showed order when He
created the universe, we can also be organized with our tools.
    Scriptures:  Genesis 1
3.  Carry scissors with the sharp point down in case we trip and fall.
Satan will try to trip me up but I need to hold tightly to my
sharp tool (Sword/Bible).  I must memorize it and hide it in
my heart!
Scripture:  Psalm 119:11
4.   Keep your foot off the pedal while you thread the machine needle.
Again, this is protection from harm so I don’t pierce my fingers. 
Jesus was pierced for me and my sins, so I don’t have to be!
       Scripture:  Isaiah 53:5

5.    Remove pins as you sew.  By sewing over pins you can break the needle or the
       pin. Sew up to the pin, put the sewing machine needle down into the fabric (this
       stabilizes the fabric when you pull the pin out), then remove the pin.
I must also remove the sin in my life by asking God for His
 forgiveness and not just ignore it.  Unconfessed sin only
causes damage in my life and often brings me to a “breaking
 point” when God deals with my heart.
Scripture:  I John 1:8-9

6.   Always lower the presser foot before you start to sew.  Otherwise, the thread
      tangles and knots up, and you will have to cut the mess out and start over.  The
      presser foot holds the fabric firmly in place.
              Jesus also holds me firmly, but when I don’t follow His plan
for me, I become tangled and knotted up in my sins.  Thank
goodness He loves me enough to straighten up my mess and
lets me start over again!
Scripture:  2 Timothy 2:19

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