The resources I offer teach good sewing construction techniques through sewing projects that commence with the very basics, and advance gradually to increasing complexity and skill. You will find a sewing book on sewing with children, learning to sew for beginners, plus others for all ages and skill levels, students, teachers, and all patterns are included in each sewing book. We beleive these are the best how to sew books out there, and they have been designed to be the catalyst to a lifelong interest and love of sewing.

Catch the Sewing Bug

A Learn to Sew Book with 25 Fun and Simple Sewing Projects

Sewing book for beginnersEspecially designed for younger hands working with adult ones, Catch the Sewing Bug is written in such a way that adults with no sewing skills can easily work their way through it.   This learning to sew book for children provides  sewing projects for beginners and directions for 25 simple, 
do-able, fun projects.

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Stitches and Pins

A Beginning Sewing Book for Girls

Sewing projects for beginnersOne of the best books on sewing for beginners.  Stitches and Pins walks you through learning to sew through good construction skills and a variety of how to sew projects for beginners.  From pillowcases to purses to pajamas to quilting.  All sewing patterns are included in Girls and Misses sizes 8 - 16, in this sewing book.  Sewing made easy and fun!

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 Stitches & Pins

Buckles and Bobbins

A Beginning Sewing Book for Boys

Boys how to sew bookBoys enjoy learning to sew, too!  This boys sewing book teaches sewing techniques in a step-by-step format, from pillowcases to backpacks and fishing and hunting vests.  Boys and young men love the projects!  All patterns for the learn to sew projects are included, 
Boys sizes 8 - 16.

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Buckles & Bobbins

Pins and Needles

An Intermediate Sewing Book

learning to sew clothingHave fun sewing clothes!  In this sewing  book you will learn more difficult sewing techniques.  This learning to sew clothing book includes over 30 garment construction, quilting, and sewing projects.  All patterns for Girls sizes 8 - 16 and Misses sizes 8 - 16 are included.  Makes learning to sew fun!

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Pins & Needles

Pintucks and Lace

Using Heirloom Sewing Techniques on Today's Styles

Learning to sew heirloom clothingDiscover how to sew heirloom stitches by machine in this sewing book.  You will delight in the ease with which you are able to recreate the fine skill of heirloom sewing with your machine and incorporate it effectively into today's styles.  Twenty-four projects, complete with sewing patterns, include items you will be proud to wear and use yourself, give as gifts, or display in your home.  You will create everything from an heirloom gift bag to a tiered skirt to a tea cozy and an entire baby ensemble.  Showcase your new found skills with showy blocks on an heirloom quilt - sure to be a treasure for generations.  Learning to sew in new ways and expanding your techniques on the sewing machine is fun, exciting, and rewarding.

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Pintucks & Lace

Sewing Teacher Resources

Everything Reproducible For Your Classroom

Teaching others how to sewTeach sewing with tips and tricks that make passing on your love of sewing fun and easy, with puzzles to help reinforce what has been learned to handouts that make teaching sewing a breeze, and hands on activities that are lots of fun.  This sewing book for teachers will also show you how to sew with the other books from Bunkhouse Sewing as a how to sew curriculum for your students.  With everything reproducible, this sewing book is what all of you who want to teach others the skill of learning to sew dream of!

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Sewing and Quilting Activity Book
A Fun-Filled Activity Book

Encourage a student asking how to learn how to sew clothing
This fun filled activity book will keep you in stitches for a while with dot to dot, coloring, mazes,
word searches, and games.
Over 90 pages of puzzles and more, including several simple sewing projects!
Students will build a love for sewing as they learn and reinforce sewing concepts through fun activities.  Use this book to keep your budding seamstress inspired and challenged.
Have fun!

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Let's Bring Glory to God with Church Banners

A Complete Course on Creating Beautiful Quilted Banners for Your Church

How to make a bannerCreating worship banners for your church is a wonderful way to integrate your skills as a seamstress into the body of Christ.  Glory to God contains 4 full size banner patterns, each featuring different techniques for you to learn, invaluable professional information on techniques, explanation, and illustrations.  A wealth of design ideas, tips and tricks...and much more!

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Sewing and Reaping

Your Guide to Owning Your Own Sewing Business

How to make money sewingSewing and Reaping is an interactive sewing book designed to guide you through the benefits and realities of owning your own sewing business.   It will walk you through the steps needed to show you how to start a sewing business and enable you to become your own boss, work from home doing what you love, and create a sewing business built to last!

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Sewing Supplies You Will Need When Learning To Sew
Good work requires the right tools and the knowledge to use them.  Sewing supplies can be categorized into 6 groups according to their use.
  • Measuring Tools:  Cloth tape measures - a plastic coated tape, 60 inches long, with metal tips and numbers on both sides; Seam guage - a short (6") metal ruler, helpful in measuring hems and short lengths.
  • Sewing Tools:   Straight pins - should be fine and sharp.  Pins with ball heads are the easiest to use;  Pin cushion or magnetic holder - keeps your pins together; Seam ripper - used to remove unwanted stitches;  Needles - for hand sewing.
  • Cutting Tools:   Small Scissors - handy for snipping threads, cutting corners, trimming seams;  Dressmaker Shears  - longer, stronger blades and used primarily for cutting fabric.
  • Marking Tools:  Soap Slivers - for marking dark colored fabrics;  Water soluble marking pen - writes in blue ink which remains until you wash it away with water;  Color coded dots - purchase at office supply store.  Simply stick them on to the fabric to transfer markings.
  • Pressing Tools:   Steam iron and Ironing board - always press as you sew for success. 
  • Instructional Materials:  A good sewing book, patterns and directions - for current sewing projects.
This list encompasses the basic sewing supplies for beginners to have on hand as they explore learning to sew. 

Catch The Sewing Bug25 Fun & Simple Sewing Projects
Stitches & PinsA Beginning Sewing Book for Girls
Buckles and BobbinsA Beginning Sewing Book for Boys
Pins and NeedlesAn Intermediate Sewing Book For Girls
Pintucks & LaceUsing Heirloom Techniques on Today's Styles
Sewing & Quilting Activity Book
Sewing Teacher Resources
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