Sewing and Quilting Activity Book

Sewing and Quilting Activity Book

Keeping active minds and hands occupied can be a challenge. The Sewing and Quilting Activity Book was created with two purposes in mind; the first was as a fun teaching tool that children can use any time, and the second was to help keep children occupied during sewing lessons.

As a parent or teacher, you know that not all children work at the same pace. Those children that finish a project quickly often find themselves bored and can become a distraction to those still working. The Sewing and Quilting Activity Book was created to keep those idle hands and minds busy even as they continue to learn. 

While the activities provided are fun, most also teach and reinforce sewing rules and concepts. Mazes and Dot-to-Dot’s are fun games and Crosswords and Unscramble the Word Games introduce sewing terminology. Working through these pages, your child will improve hand-eye coordination and improve their skill with scissors as they cut out the memory game pieces. Sewing and quilting tools along with the parts of a sewing machine and serger are introduced in matching games.

Children will also be taught how to use a color wheel which is used in activities to create color coordinated quilts and clothes.  Included is a project journal for the child to keep while working on sewing projects in the book.

The goal we all share is to make learning to sew fun for children so that it becomes a pleasure, not a chore. This activity book gives children a hands- on, fun way to learn.  

Card games, sewing cards, jigsaw puzzles, and more have been printed on card stock for durability.  99 pages, $24.95

Product Selections

Product Selections

Sewing & Quilting Activity BookSewing & Quilting Activity BookThis fun filled sewing activity book will keep you in stitches for a while with dot to dot pictures, coloring, mazes and word searches. For ages 6-14. 99 full pages of puzzles, including a couple of sewing projects, math puzzles and drawing! You will build the love of sewing and learn a few skills along the way as you inspire and challenge your budding seamstress. Have fun! Do you teach more than one child? This is an excellent resource to motivate your faster students and keep their hands busy and learning doing mazes and word searches while you work with others. Sewing teaches a child so many skills! This book offers pages that reinforces creativity and color coordination; learning math and measurements; drawing; critical thinking skills; and sewing knowledge and application. All children learn in different ways...this book provides a child another way to learn sewing.
Customer Review

Over the summer many of us want to give the kids - not to mention ourselves! - a break from academics, but it's always nice to have some activities on hand to keep them busy on a road trip or a rainy afternoon. This Sewing & Quilting Activity Book from Bunkhouse Sewing is just the trick!

The sewing activity book is filled with a variety of different pencil and paper activities, each with a sewing theme. Introduce your 6-12 year olds to sewing vocabulary by doing some of the word puzzles, or make math fun by doing a worksheet in which quilt blocks are coloured in according to the sum of the numbers inside them. There are a number of exercises that make use of spatial abilities & observation skills that will be important as your child learns to sew: doing mazes, reading grids, enlarging a pattern, sketching in the second half of a symmetrical object. There are also a few pages that allow kids to be creative, designing quilts or colouring in clothing, or sketching out the first sewing project they want to make.

This is a delightful book, and the activities are a lot of fun. Both my 10-year-old and my 6-year-old were asking for more after we tried our first few sheets! I expect it will be a wonderful lead-in to the other sewing instruction books that we are set to begin in the near future. Kyla Marie Matton (

Types of Activities You Will Find in This Sewing Resource Book

Make sewing FUN with these activities.

Coloring and Match-Ups

Mazes, Crosswords, and Jokes.

Counting, Drawing, Enlarging.

Word Search, Dot-to-Dot Pictures, Hidden Messages.

Quilting Math, Coloring Math, Mystery Pictures.

Unscramble Letters, Sewing Projects...and MORE!

Sewing and Qulting Activity Book Review

Sewing and Qulting Activity Book Review

Sewing and Qulting Activity Book Review

The Sewing & Quilting Activity Book was created to be a fun, hands-on teaching tool and to help keep children occupied during sewing lessons. It was made for children ages 6-14. In this 99-page, spiral-bound book, you will find many activities to help teach and reinforce sewing rules, introduce sewing terminology, and to improve hand-eye coordination and scissor skills, using games, puzzles, dot-to-dots, coloring pages, math pages, and more. Children will also learn the parts of the sewing machine and serger, sewing safety rules, sewing tools, pattern and fabric terms, measurement and pattern sizes, types of fabric weaves, sewing steps, seams and finishes, and quilting terms, tools, and techniques. Answer pages are found after the activity pages. The book also contains several simple sewing projects such as a pillowcase, head wrap, tote bag, sewing machine cover, and button bracelet. There are also strips to cut out to practice weaving and a journal page to copy and make into a sewing journal. Card games such as Go Quilt, Concentration, Catch the Sewing Bug, Sewing Dominoes, color wheel page, machine threading page, jigsaw puzzle, door knob hanger, and sewing card page are also included and printed on card stock for greater durability. You can purchase the Sewing & Quilting Activity Book for $24.95.

The Sewing & Quilting Activity Book would be a great product to use in homeschool sewing co-op classes, as a supplement to a homeschool home economics sewing class, or just for young ladies who are interested in learning more about sewing. I was very impressed with all of the activities included in the book. I especially liked the games, sewing card, and the “practice threading your machine” card. All of the activities will build on or expand your child’s sewing knowledge in a fun and interesting way. I think making a sewing journal is a great way for children to keep a record of their work, and I love the page that was included to use as a sewing journal.

I do wish that a few more sewing projects had been included. There are four different ones and a button bracelet, but I would have liked to see one or two beginning quilting projects as well. The book was written for a wide variety of age ranges, so some of the activities are going to be a bit difficult for children on the younger end of the age range. But, there are many things they will be able to do, and the book can definitely grow with them.

Overall I think that the Sewing & Quilting Activity Book is a wonderful resource that young ladies interested in sewing would love to have. It is also great for busy mamas whose young ladies want to learn more about sewing but may not have time to sit down at the machine with them. It would make a great activity book to take while traveling as many of the activities can be completed with pen, pencil, or crayon.

-Product Review by Lisa Trombley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2015

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