Sewing & Growing with God's Word

Sewing and Growing with God's WordDevotions for use with Stitches & Pins.

Teach your daughter life lessons from the Bible as she learns sewing is fun and easy, step-by-step. Sewing becomes a tool for developing character as you work together to create projects, while reflecting on parallel concepts in God's word.
Devotionals, memorization, and life applications, created to go hand-in-hand with each Stitches & Pins project, will help you provide a strong foundation for your daughter's life. So jump right in as she learns to sew and grow. It is fun!
The pages in this devotional include the scriptural devotion...principles and application of scripture, memory verses, and additional projects and activities for many.

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Product Selection

Sewing & Growing with God's WordSewing & Growing with God's WordCompanion devotional for use with Stitches and Pins. Teach your daughter life lessons with Bible analogies as she learns to sew. Devotionals, memorization, and life applications. Created to go hand-in-hand with each Stitches & Pins project, this book helps provide a strong foundation for your daughter's spiritual growth.
Stitches & Pins and Sewing & Growing with God's WordStitches & Pins and Sewing & Growing with God's WordSave when you buy both Stitches & Pins and Sewing & Growing with God's Word.  Instill sewing basics in your child while teaching her life lessons and  Biblcal principles from the devotional.  Each of the beginning sewing projects has a corresponding devotional, scripture, and short prayer.  Learn and grow together.
Stitches & Pins Book, 18" Doll Patterns, & Sewing & Growing with God's WordStitches & Pins Book, 18" Doll Patterns, & Sewing & Growing with God's Word
Save $5.00 when you buy this three pack.  Continue to teach your daughter to sew with a sewing machine, and become a woman after God's own heart.  Sew matching girl and doll  for your child and her favorite doll while studying God's word.  Sewing books are complete with patterns and devotional has a correlating lesson and Bible verse for each project.

Review from Homeschool 

Sewing & Growing with God's Word is a devotional to be used with Stitches & Pins. Mrs. Gagnon relates many sewing activities and the particular projects to Christian principles. She asks thought-provoking questions and suggests projects and activities to build on Bible knowledge and personal faith. Each devotion ends with a Bible verse. Recommendation: Sewing & Growing with God's Word is a creative and interesting devotional! It will bring greater depth to learning sewing. Perhaps children and parents can begin a life-long habit of praying while sewing!
Stitches and Pins, page 33 -  Hand Sewing
Sewing and Growing with God's Word, page 29

The Joy of Giving
Reference:  Acts, 9:36-42

Lesson:  Before the invention of the sewing machine, all sewing was done by hand.  Even though it was time consuming and tedious work, many women made articles of clothes and quilts.  They then gave them away as gifts for friends and also those in need.  These women used their skill to bring joy and comfort to others.

In the book of Acts, chapter 9:36-42, it tells of a woman named Dorcas who was a very special lady, always doing kind things for others and helping the poor.  In fact, when Peter went to the room where she was prepared for burial, there were many widows showing him the coats and other items she had made for them.  You can see that Dorcas was much loved for her generosity and love for others.

As you become moe accomplished in your sewing skills, you will be able to sew projects for others.  Hand sewing skills will enable you to add personal touches to your work that will show others the care you put into the item.

Memory Verse:  "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."   Matthew 25:40B

Projects and Activities:  Learn to hand sew, using a running stitch.  Make up the felt pincushion on page 51.

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