Sewing and Growing in Beauty and Grace

Sewing and Growing with Beauty and GraceDevotions for use with Pintucks & Lace

Learn more about becoming a woman after God's own heart while you increase your sewing skills. Devotionals and life applications go hand in hand with each Pintucks & Lace project. You will develop a deeper understanding of the woman God has designed you to be, as you utilize this devotional while learning heirloom techniques and stitching the beautiful projects. Each devotional in this book contains stories, scripture and a verse for the day.

Product Selections

Product Selections

Sewing and Growing in Beauty and GraceSewing and Growing in Beauty and GraceUtilize this wonderful book of devotions in conjuction with Pintucks and  Lace. For each heirloom sewing project there is a correlating devotional and lesson grounded in Biblical truths. Taught using bible analagies, a scripture passage and a short prayer follow each devotion to reinforce the lesson. You will be encouraged to pursue a relationship with Christ. 
Pintucks & Lace Plus Sewing & Growing w/Beauty and GracePintucks & Lace Plus Sewing & Growing w/Beauty and GraceHeirloom sewing is exquisite...and becoming a woman after God's heart is a beautiful thing as well. Do both together with this set of Pintucks and Lace and the coordinating devotional. Each project in the instructional has a matching devotional grounded in Biblical truth. Learn this lost art of sewing and encourage yourself as well as your daughter to pursue a relationship with Christ. Patterns include an heirloom gift bag, baby ensemble, and a tiered skirt as several more.
Pintucks & Lace, Sewing & Growing w/Beauty & Grace, w/ 18" Doll Clothing PatternsPintucks & Lace, Sewing & Growing w/Beauty & Grace, w/ 18" Doll Clothing Patterns
Purchase Pintucks and Lace with the Pintucks and Lace 18" Doll Pattern  plus Sewing and Growing in Beauty & Grace.  Create exquisite outfits for yourself, matching girl and doll patterns, all the while learning to be and teaching your child to be a woman of beauty and grace.
Pintucks and Lace: page 26, Sampler Quilt
Sewing and Growing with Beauty and Grace, page 27

Story:  Jesus Calls His Disciples
Reference:  Matthew 10:1-4

The heirloom Samlpler Quit shown in Pintucks and Lace is nothing short of spectacular!  At least a dozen of the intricate techniques described within are required to complete the quilt.

Jesus wove an intricate patchwork quilt made of 12 handpicked disciples, who followed Him in His journey on earth.  There was Peter, impulsive and bold;  James, ambitious, but deeply committed;  John, also ambitious, but very loving; Andrew, who was eager to bring others to Jesus;  Phillip, with an inquiring mind;  Bartholomew, honest and outspoken;  Matthew, who gave up a career as a tax collector to witness for Jesus;  Thomas, a doubter yet courageous;  James, the son of Alphaeus;  Thaddaeus, also known as Judas;  Simon the Zealot, a fierce patriot; and, Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Jesus.  Jesus knew every thought and every heart of His disciples.  What a tapestry Jesus wove with His chosen men!

We can choose to love people of any social status, race, color, creed or culture. Loving others is commanded by Jesus, but it is also a great way to show your love for the Lord, while enriching your own life.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself."     Luke 10:27

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