Scripture Banners

Scripture Banners

"Scripture" Banner Patterns

Note:  We offer banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners. 
This is a new set of banners I recently finished designing and then sewed together with a group of ladies from church. They are simple, yet beautiful and eye catching. The scripture on each verse banner is a mixture of block and script fabric letters making it stand out. Each pieced strip is colorful, and helps draw the eye to the verse. I encourage you to take making banners for your church on as a ladies sewing project. 
Everlasting Love
Making banners with fabric letters
The fabric letters on this verse banner is made from fabric that coordinates with the pieced strip as well as the heart design tying the pattern together with shades of purple and pink. It is a visually simplistic design that draws attention to the scripture which is taken from the Old Testament. Using fabric letters, Jeremiah 31:3 is spelled out, reminding us of God's unfailing, unwavering love.

The finished verse banner measures 66" x 48".

"Everlasting Love" Praise Banner Pattern  $18.95

Jesus Christ Forever
Scripture banner Jesus Christ Forever

You'll find making banners to be a pleasure with this basic pattern using piecing, fabric letters and an uncomplicated design for embellishment.  Navy blue and aqua blue are the main colors used in this praise banner. The polished cotton background coordinates with the other scripture banners, tying them together. Fabric letters are applied using the Heat'n'Bond applique' method. This is an intermediate level pattern due to the piecing and Heat'n'Bond techniques.

The finished verse banner measures 66" x 48".

Jesus Christ Forever Praise Banner Pattern  $18.95

I Am With You Always

Fabric Letters - I am with you always

The piecing strip and fabric letters are tied together with shades of red and beige on a polished cotton background which coordinates with the other scripture banners.  Simple in its appearance, this banner uses Heat'n'Bond Lite to attach applique'  fabric letters as well as the red fabric bird. The mixed block and script lettering along with the bird design makes the praise banner beautiful and eye catching. It is an intermediate level pattern. 

The finished verse banner measures 87" x 38".

I Am With You Always Praise Banner Pattern  $18.95

Precious In My Sight

making banners - Precious in My Sight
The last in the series of verse banners, quoting Isaiah 43: 4, this pattern tells us that we are precious in the sight of God. Greens with accents of pink pull this beautiful piece together. The banner lettering in green is mainly block, with script being used for only three lines which describe the place we hold in the heart of God.  A pretty design adds embellishment to the bottom of the banner. The design and fabric letters are held in place using the Heat'n'Bond Lite applique' techniuqe. This is an intermediate level pattern.

The finished verse banner measures 66" x 48".

Precious in My Sight Praise Banner Pattern  $18.95

Group of Four Scripture Banners

Group of 4 Scrpture Banners
This recently designed set of banners are beautiful in their simplicity and the message they display: Jesus is always with us, never failing, and God loves us with a never-ending, eternal love. The matching designs and the polished cotton background pull the four banners together making them a wonderful set. Heat'n'Bond Lite is used in all four banners to affix the fabric letters and design patterns. Making banners for your sanctuary is a fulfilling ministry that blesses all who enter.  Due to the piecing strips and Heat'n'Bond technique, these are intermediate level patterns.

The finished banners measure 66" x 48".

Set of 4 Praise Banner Patterns  $64.00

Note:  We sell banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners

Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Scripture - Everlasting Love (Pattern Only)Scripture - Everlasting Love (Pattern Only)A light colored background and bright colored piecing strip make this a bright and cheerful  scripture banner. The heart and design along with cotton prints mixed with solid colors in the piecing strip, add a decorative touch to a simple pattern. Fabric letters and design pieces are attached with Heat'n'Bond. You'll find this a wonderful prasie banner to display in your sanctuary.
2 Scripture - Jesus Christ Forever (Pattern Only)Scripture - Jesus Christ Forever (Pattern Only)Using Heat'n'Bond to affix both these fabric letters and design, this is a simple banner pattern intended to draw attention to the scripture passage created from both script and block letters. The use of multiple shades of blue in the piecing strip draws the eye to the lighter background where the verse is prominent. Emphasizing the constancy of Christ, this is a beautiful verse banner. This is an intermediate pattern due to the Heat'n'Bond appliuqe' technique and piecing.
3 Scripture - Precious in His Sight (Pattern Only)Scripture - Precious in His Sight (Pattern Only)This verse banner pattern uses shades of green with a mix of pink on a light butterscotch background. Bright and cheerful, proclaiming that we are precious in the sight of God, this beautiful word banner would make an amazing addition to your facility. Utilizing the Heat'n'Bond applique' technique to affix fabric letters and the design, this is a simple pattern. We've placed it at an intermediate level due to the applique' technique and piecing strip.
4 Scripture - With You Always (Pattern Only)Scripture - With You Always (Pattern Only)With a mix of reds and beige, this is an eye-catching message banner. The beautiful red bird matches the dark red of the binding and the solid strip acorss the bottom as well as the block letters. Script letters are made from beige fabric. The star piecing strip is simply amazing, drawing attention with a wonderful blend of colors to Jesus' words that both announce and comfort..."I am with you always". Making banners with letters is a means of adding not only a message, but also warmth and inspiration to your sanctuary.
5 Scripture Group of 4 Banners (Patterns Only)Scripture Group of 4 Banners (Patterns Only)This is a recently designed set of scripture banners that were a joy to both design and create. Each banner has a piecing strip, a simple design, a solid colored strip across the bottom and a scripture. These verse banners patterns coordinate using similar layouts and a matching polished cotton butterscotch banner fabric for the background. While the patterns are listed at an intermediate level due to the piecing strips and the Heat'n'Bond applique' technique, they are wonderful patterns to work on as a ladies sewing project and are an incredible addition to any facility.
6 Glory to God - Book on Making BannersGlory to God - Book on Making BannersUse this book independently or as a companion to other fabric banner projects you are currently working on! Inside you'll find four christian church banner patterns and full instructions, but you'll also find so much more. Included in this book are tips, techniques and instructions on how to make banners from beginning to end. Pages filled with years of JoAnn's experience from how to create fringe and tassels to how to hang and store your new banners are all part of this wonderful resource. Whether your a novice at creating quilted, fabric banners, or an experienced sewer, you'll find something here to help you design and create that amazing work of art!
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Church Banner Slideshow

Want to see how easy making a praise banner really is? This slide show gives step by step instructions for making The Announcement banner, the most complicated of the banners. You'll discover it isn't as difficult as it looks and is a relatively simple process that most anyone can complete using the Heat'n'Bond Quick Bias. The slideshow is about six minutes long. Be sure to double click on the forward button on the lower left corner of the screen to play the slideshow.

Making Fabric Letters
Descriptive scenes and symbols aren't the only way for making banners. Christian banners often have scripture references or quotes. Getting these fabric letters to look even and professional can be a challenge.
  • If you're a novice at banner making, choose letter fonts with straight lines and a block style for an easiser time cutting. If you've some experience, try a fancier font style.
  • There is an art to cutting smooth letters. Avoid short, choppy edges. Fully open your scissors so you can cut smoothly and slowly. With open scissors, you will use the entire length of the blade. You will need a steady hand and sharp scissors.
  • Letters that have centers, such as a, e, o, b, d, g, etc., should have the centers cut out first. Then cut the top edges and finish with the bottom edges where there are fewer curves. Basically, begin with the most difficult cuts and work your way to the straight lines.
  • Placing is essential on a banner. You don't want off-center wording. Use a sliver of soap or washable marking pen to draw a verticle line down the center. Then, draw horizontal lines that are perfectly square to the verticle line, and placed where you want the bottom of the letters to be lined up. Lay all letters out to make sure they are exactly where you want them before attaching.
Remember, banners are meant to be a beautiful addition to a foyer or sanctuary, just like a work of art. Take care in placing fabric letters so as to add to the banner, and not draw your eye toward crooked or poorly placed lettering. 
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