Quilting E-books
We offer you a variety of printable quilt patterns in ebook format - from easy quilt projects to advanced projects like our southwest quilting patterns, and the beautiful Mary's star quilting pattern.  These download quilting patterns come to you at a discounted price and are ready to download onto your computer or print out within minutes of completing your order. 
Please print out all ebooks on full scale for pattern accuracy!
Product Selections

Product Selections

You may download quilting patterns at the time of checkout, from the bottom of the confirmation page.

If you should loose this file, we will resend it to you via email attachemnt for up to 2 months from purchase date. We recommend that you save the file to a disc or external hard drive so you will always have access to it, in the event of a computer crash, etc.

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Selecting Quilt Fabrics
Choosing fabrics that go well together is a challenge for many people.  If I had my way, everything I make would be in shades of blue and rose!  That, however, would be boring, and so I employ the following method to cause me to step out of my comfort zone, and come up with some amazing color combinations.  I really look forward to seeing my finished quilt with these new colors.
  • I look for a larger fabric print with a variety of colors that I really like.  I will use the colors in this print as the basis for finding shades and hues of fabrics that I like together to make my quilt.  I may not even use the original print fabric in this quilt, but by using the colors in this print as a guide in choosing fabric combiniations, I'm assured of liking the final product.  I always purchase 1/4 yard to take to other stores with me, as I search for the perfect colors of fabrics for my project.
It is amazing how I've come to really enjoy the fabric selection process, using colors I would not normally use, knowing I will be happy with results.

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