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Pins & Needles - An Intermediate Sewing Book 

Learn How to Sew Clothes with Pins and Needles Sewing BookLearn how to sew clothes in our intermediate sewing book, Pins and Needles, which continues what Stitches and Pins started, delving into more difficult sewing techniques like waistbands, zippers, and set-in sleeves. There are also sections on specialty fabrics, and you will learn the quick and beautiful seams and finishes made using the serger. The format of the book is laid out like Stitches and Pins; techniques are introduced followed by sewing projects to apply the new sewing skills - from sewing clothes to quilting. There are over 30 sewing projects in all, something to be stitched for every season of the year! And, all the sewing patterns, Girls sizes 8 to 16 and Misses sizes 8 to 16, are included in a handy packet built into the back cover of the book!

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Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Pins & NeedlesPins & NeedlesContinue developing your daughter's sewing skills with our sewing book, Pins and Needles where previously learned techniques are developed and new techniques are introduced improving sewing skills while they learn how to sew clothes. Some of the clothes patterns included are a Polar Fleece vest with a zipper, hooded jacket, basic jumper, sundress and quilt pattern. There are 30 fun projects for any season of the year, each with the goal of learning how to sew clothes and improving sewing skills.
2 Pins & Needles 18" Doll Clothing PatternsPins & Needles 18" Doll Clothing PatternsHave fun dressing up Dolly in outfits that coordinate with the ones you made in the Pins and Needles instructional. You'll find 18 in doll clothes patterns for sewing clothes like the Polar fleece vest & scarf, sundress, top and bottom sweats and a skirt plus many more. Either use left over scraps, or have fun picking out new, fun material to dress up Dolly. These patterns use velcro instead of zippers for ease in dressing that favorite doll. All patterns fit 18" dolls.

3 Pins & Needles PLUS 18" Coordinating Doll PatternsPins & Needles PLUS 18" Coordinating Doll PatternsPurchase Pins and Needles, An Intermediate Sewing Book, AND the Pins and Needles 18" Doll Patterns" and save $3.00. Delight your daughter, sew doll and girl matching outfits for her and her doll.  Either use matching fabric or coordinate fabric colors making pretty combinations for any time of the year. Sure to put a smile on her face.
4 Sewing and Growing with the ScripturesSewing and Growing with the ScripturesEncourage your daughter to continue growing in her knowledge of God as she increases her sewing skills. For each sewing project in the Pins and Needles instructional there is a correlating lesson grounded in Biblical truths. A scripture passage and a short prayer follow the devotions to reinforce the lesson. Your daughter will be encouraged to pursue a relationship with Christ with you by her side.
5 Pins & Needles PLUS Sewing & Growing w/ScripturesPins & Needles PLUS Sewing & Growing w/ScripturesEncourage your daughter to grow in her knowledge of Christ as she increases her sewing skills.  Each sewing project in Pins & Needles has a correlating lesson in the Sewing & Growing with the Scriptures devotional.  A scripture passage and a short prayer follow each devotion.  
6 Pins & Needles PLUS Sewing & Growing w/Scriptures Plus !8" Doll PatternsPins & Needles PLUS Sewing & Growing w/Scriptures Plus !8" Doll Patterns
Learn new techniques as you sew up matching clothes for your daughter and her 18" doll, all while growing closer to each other and Christ.  Christ centered devotionals accompany the sewing projects in the Pins and Needles sewing book with a scripture passage and short prayer following each devotion to reinforce the lesson.  Increase your knowledge of sewing clothes and our amazing God at the same time.  
7 Extra Pattern Sheets for Pins & NeedlesExtra Pattern Sheets for Pins & Needles
While each sewing book comes complete with patterns, we have made extra pattern sheets available.  These extra patterns are perfect if you have children in multiple sizes, would simply rather not cut the patterns in the book, or maybe there was an 'oops' moment when you were cutting the original pattern.  Whatever the reason, for your convenience,  we offer this complete set of pattern sheets for the Pins and Needles book; girls and misses sizes 8 - 16.

8 Sewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping works through the question of how to start a sewing business, and the realities of getting it off the ground.  Written in workbook format, you will have the tools to explore markets and choose a niche, build a business plan, walk through inventory, market, sell and grow your business, and much more!
9 Sewing & Quilting Activity BookSewing & Quilting Activity BookThis fun filled sewing activity book will keep you in stitches for a while with dot to dot pictures, coloring, mazes and word searches. For ages 6-14. 99 full pages of puzzles, including a couple of sewing projects, math puzzles and drawing! You will build the love of sewing and learn a few skills along the way as you inspire and challenge your budding seamstress. Have fun! Do you teach more than one child? This is an excellent resource to motivate your faster students and keep their hands busy and learning doing mazes and word searches while you work with others. Sewing teaches a child so many skills! This book offers pages that reinforces creativity and color coordination; learning math and measurements; drawing; critical thinking skills; and sewing knowledge and application. All children learn in different ways...this book provides a child another way to learn sewing.

Learn how to sew clothes from patterns in 
Pins & Needles:

Sewing books with patternsSnugly and warm describes Polar Fleece which is so popular now. It is also surprisingly easy to sew! Fleece sewing clothes patterns include a zipper front vest, and hooded jacket which has the option of stitching it as a pull-over style or with a zippered front. Wintertime accessories are not forgotten. The comfy mittens, wrap-around scarf, ear warmer, and two styles of the snow hat patterns are included in this book.

Learn how to sew clothesSewing techniques taught in our front buttoned vest  include applique, buttons and buttonholes, lining and pockets. You will learn to sew on a waistband and to stitch soft pleats while stitching the culottes skirt. The blouse pattern has variations for puff or roll-up sleeves, rounded or pointed collars, and buttons up the front. The floppy hat completes the outfit in a fun way.  It's fun to lean how to sew clothes! 

Easy Sewing Projects with the sergerYou will be introduced to new sewing techniques, like serger sewing, by making several outfits - T shirts and shorts for summertime wear, and sweat suits for cooler weather activities. A pieced heart border and the duck applique on the sweat shirts make these outfits fun to wear.  Sewing clothes with the serger is quick and easy!

How fun to learn how to sew clothes like these beautiful outfitsAfter learning to sew gathers, line a bodice, put in a zipper, and make a border on your jumper, you are ready to take these sewing skills a step farther by adding piping and turning the project into a sundress. Also included is a pattern for a shawl collar jacket.  Discovering how to sew clothes and learning all the techniques is exciting and challenging!

Heirloom bag included in these sewing books with patternsPintucks, lace insertion, and machine embroidery are heirloom sewing skills learned when you make a fancy bag and blouse. A variety of quilting projects are included. Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps piecing, strip quilting, applique, quick bias, and quilters grid are all techniques used in making game boards, coasters, placemats, wall hangings and Christmas sewing projects. 18" doll clothes patterns matching the projects in this book are also available.

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Sewing Tip--Sewing Machine Problems

The first thing to do if you are experiencing problems with your sewing machine is to  re-thread your machine. This generally takes care of most problems.

Change your needles often...whenever you begin a new project. You may need to change three or four times before completing your quilt project.

Keep your machine clean. using a soft brush, clean the lint from the lower part of your machine after each project. Lint collects around the bobbin casing and can cause problems.

If using a twin needle for pintucks, be sure each thread goes on different sides of the tension disc when threading.

Make sure your bobbin is correctly inserted. Never change the tension on the bobbin case.

Keep your machine oiled. We suggest oiling every three months.

Pins & Needles review by The Old Schoolhouse Store

Once upon a time, all young girls learned how to sew clothes from their mothers and grandmothers. It was a necessary skill and one that no homemaker dared be without. But sadly, this domestic art of sewing clothes has fallen largely by the wayside in today's culture. Many mothers themselves lack the know-how to teach their daughters even the most rudimentary sewing skills, and they have no idea where to start. But thanks to JoAnn Gagnon and her excellent instructional manuals, help is on the way! Ms. Gagnon has written a whole series of books on the art of sewing-for the novice all the way up to the seasoned seamstress. Her first book, Stitches and Pins, introduces beginning sewing skills and simple projects. Her Intermediate level book,  Pins & Needles is an 80-page, wire-bound manual that continues where Stitches & Pins left off. It covers more challenging sewing techniques, as the learner finds out how to sew clothes, including waistbands, zippers, and set-in sleeves, while also briefly reviewing basic sewing skills as needed. The format of the book is very easy to use, and I really like the way the instruction in the various techniques is immediately followed by projects designed to incorporate, practice, and perfect the skills that have just been learned. As always, "doing" is the best way to remember! There are over 30 projects in this manual, including instruction in using a serger, quilting, heirloom sewing, polar fleece, and sewing clothes. And all patterns are in a handy pocket on the inside of the back cover. Sizes include Girls 8-16 and Misses 8-16. I especially liked the section on applique, as this is a technique that I've been interested in for quite some time. All projects are really nice and up-to-date-and there is something for every season! My 15-year-old twin daughters have been taking sewing lessons for over six years, and I asked them and their sewing instructor to take a look at the manuals. They all agreed that with a good working knowledge of basic sewing skills, almost anyone could follow the step-by-step instructions in Pins & Needles. The directions are well-written, and the methods are well-presented and easy to understand. 
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