"America" Patriotic Banner Pattern

              Note:  We offer banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners.
Patriotic Cloth Banner Patterns America!

Looking for patriotic banner patterns for church? This 36" X 70"  cloth banner for church mixes both a dedication to our country and to our God.  Made with red, white and blue banner fabric, it becomes a wonderful addition to your church sanctuary celebrating Memorial Day, Independence Day and 9/11. As with many of our cloth banners, this entire banner fabric and applique utilizes Heat'nBond and is outline quilted, adding fringe along the bottom. An intermediate level project. Our patriotic patterns include a full size drawing of the design.

America! Patriotic Banner Pattern  $18.95

Note:  We sell banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners

Product Selection

Product Selection

1 America! - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)America! - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Celebrating and honoring Memorial Day, Independence Day and 8/11, this patriotic banner pattern becomes a wonderful addition to your church sancturary. Measuring 36" x 70", Heat'n'Bond is used to make the design on this cloth banner. It is outlined quilted with fringe added to the bottom. Included in detailed instructions is a full size drawing of the design. This is an intermediate level project.

2 Glory to God - Book on Making BannersGlory to God - Book on Making BannersUse this book independently or as a companion to other fabric banner projects you are currently working on! Inside you'll find four christian church banner patterns and full instructions, but you'll also find so much more. Included in this book are tips, techniques and instructions on how to make banners from beginning to end. Pages filled with years of JoAnn's experience from how to create fringe and tassels to how to hang and store your new banners are all part of this wonderful resource. Whether your a novice at creating quilted, fabric banners, or an experienced sewer, you'll find something here to help you design and create that amazing work of art!
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Church Banner Slideshow

Want to see how easy making a banner really is? This slide show gives step by step instructions for making The Announcement banner, the most complicated of the banners. You'll discover it isn't as difficult as it looks and is a relatively simple process that most anyone can complete using the Heat'n'Bond Quick Bias, and good banner fabric choices. The slideshow is about six minutes long. Be sure to double click on the forward button on the lower left corner of the screen to play the slideshow.

Selecting Banner Fabric
Making cloth banners for church is a long term investment as they will not go out of style and if made properly, from good quality fabrics, will last a life time.
  • I use blended colors of batik for backgrounds.
  • Landscape fabrics such as those with trees, bricks, clouds, stones, etc. work really well into designs and pictures.
  • Cotton prints and solid colors also work well. These fabrics can be used to make applique' items in the main portion of the banner fabric or to make pieced borders.
  • A variety of fabrics will create visual interest to your cloth banner. Mix cottons, shiny satins, Lame (gold and silver), fur, and pile fabrics. You wouldn't normally use these fabrics together, but they work well to create pictures on your cloth banners.
  • Use cotton batting. Polyester gives the banner a puffy look. Cotton helps the banner to hold its shape and prevents it from becoming wavy when it is hung.
  • Do not preshrink any of your banner fabric. It will cause the fabric to loose its original 'sizing' which enables the fabric to keep its shape. Banners aren't laundered, they're vacuumed and stored in airtight areas to ensure longevity.

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