September 2007 - Beautiful Church Banners

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"Beautiful Church Banners" September 2007

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Beautiful Church Banners

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Bible Bookmarks

Free e-pattern. "The Cross"

Mitering Corners

Children's Sewing Contest

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Sewing Beautiful Church Banners

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"The Good Shepherd"
We have a variety of styles and techniques, sizes and shapes and colors in our banner patterns, for all occasions of the year.

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"I Am the Light of the World"_
There are groupings of banners for when you would like more than one that coordinates for a season. There are 4 in this "I Am" grouping; 3 stained glass banners in our Christmas grouping; and 2 "love" related banners in our February Grouping.

Christmas Banner Grouping

"Christmas Banner Grouping of 3"
We have banners for all skill levels. These stained glass banners require more time and techniques making them an advanced quilters project. Some of our simpler banners useHeat'n Bond applique and can be completed by beginner and intermediate quilters.

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It's fun to embellish and keep each banner different and new from others. Gold fringe and tassels were added to our "America" pattern.

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"The Greatest Commandment"
Our banners are sold three different ways: We have the large drawn out, actual size pattern with instructions for $18.95; If you want to change the size of the banner to fit your sanctuary needs, you can purchase the pattern on a grid (with instructions on how to enlarge it to your size) for $10.95; Or, it can be ordered as a pattern on grid as an ebook for $9.95.

Check them all out at our website, and download a catalog of these banners in pdf format.


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~ Memories are Stitched with Love. ~
Author Unknown

Planning and stitching new church banners is one of my favorite things to do! I've enjoyed the fellowship and help of several ladies in the church in making these to honor Christ, bless others, and decorate the sanctuary. We now have enough for our sanctuary that we can change them every 2 months, with 2 to 4 banners up at a time. Be sure to check them out on our website.

Have a wonderful, sew fun month! ~JoAnn


Free Pattern:

"Bible Bookmarks"

Skill Level: Beginner

Bible Bookmarks

I always save my scraps from projects for small projects. You can easily turn them into lovely bookmarks...they are great to have on hand for gift giving.

Materials and Supplies:

  • Two 3" X 7" fabric scraps - one plain fabric, one coordinating print fabric.

  • One 3" X 7" piece of Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold

  • 12" Embroidery Floss, Ribbon, or Rattail Cord

Making Your Bible Bookmark:

  • Mark a line down the middle of your plain piece of fabric.

  • Select a fancy machine stitch on your sewing machine to stitch down the center line.

  • Stitch it out, using a stabilizer (paper works) on the underside to keep your stitches even and from pulling. Use a bright rayon thread for your top thread, pulling in colors from the print fabric you will be using on the backside.

  • You may want to stitch more rows with different stitches on the sides of the middle stitching.

  • Following the package directions, apply Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold to the back side of your stitched fabric piece.

  • Peel off the paper backing and adhere the front piece to your back fabric piece.

  • Trim your bookmark to 2" wide by 6 1/2" long. You may want to use pinking shears on the edges.

  • You may add floss, cord, or ribbon to the top end. Use an awl to make a hole - it spreads the threads instead of cutting them.

  • Variations: Try rounding the corners, changing the size, or laminating. You could also embroider your favorite bible verse onto the plain side instead of the machine embroidery. You can experiment with using laces. Be creative!



"The Cross" banner epattern with purchase of any 2 church banner patterns.

The Cross ebook

Purchase any 2 of our Church Banner patterns
between September 1 and September 15th, and receive FREE
"The Cross" Banner epattern
Be sure to write "free ebook" in the comments section on your order form to recieve this offer.

Mitering Corners While Sewing Binding onto Your Quilt or Banner

  • As you sew your binding to your quilt, sew down one side and stop 1/4" from the corner, backstitch and trim your threads.
  • Remove the quilt from the machine so you can manipulate the binding.
  • Lay your binding up at a 90' angle to the seam you just sewed, causing the binding itself to make a 45' angle where it folds from the last stitching.
  • Hold this fold in place with your thumb and fingers, and fold the binding down over the diagonal fold, and in line with the next side of the quilt that is to be stitched onto.
  • Begin stitching at the same 1/4" intersection point, backstitch and continue on down the quilt edge.
  • Repeat this process with all 4 corners of your binding.
  • When you fold your binding over the backside of the quilt, you will find you have perfectly mitered corners on the front and back sides of your quilt.

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We want to encourage children to sew, so we've put together our first sewing contest.
Brief summary of contest:
..Age Categories: 6 - 12 years old and

13 - 18 years old

..Project to Sew: Make a potholder. You can use a

pattern or design your own. It

can be any shape or size.

..Rules: It must be usable!

Limit of 2 entries per child

..Submission: Must submit photograph and form by

October 15, 2007.

..Judging: Each category will be judged separately.

Judging will be based on creativity

and quality of construction. A panel

of 3 judges will select the 5 top

entries in each category. These

top entries will be asked to send

us their potholder for final judging

of construction.

..Awards: First place - $40 gift certificate

2nd place - $25 gift certificate

3rd place - $20 gift certificate

4th place - $15 gift certificate

5th place - $10 gift certificate

Be sure to download the information and submission form in pdf format at our Sewing Contest website page.

Website Closeouts:

We are currently closing out our Activity Bags and Kits for projects that coordinate with the projects in Stitches & Pins and Buckles & Bobbins on our website. Be sure to check out these great values !!

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