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"Sewing With Intermediates!"

August 2007

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Sewing with Intermediates

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Make a Head & Neck Cool Wrap

Polar Fleece Tips

Children's Sewing Contest

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Sewing With Intermediates!

Pins & Needles Cover

"Pins & Needles"

Intermediate Sewing Book

Pins and Needles continues what
Stitches & Pins
started, delving into more difficult sewing
techniques like waistbands, zippers, and set-in sleeves. There are sections on
Polar Fleece, Heirloom Sewing, Quilting, and projects using the Serger. In
all, there are over 30 projects, something to be stitched or quilted for every
season of the year. All the patterns, Girls sized 8 - 16 and Misses sizes 8 -
16 are included in a handy pocket built into the back of the book.

80 pages plus lots of patterns!
Spiral Bound;

Read more, view projects, and order,



Doll Clothes Pattern

ebook version

doll quilt photo

Purchase our book, Pins & Needles,
between August 1 and August 15th, and receive
, our
18" doll clothing patterns
ebook pattern that matches the projects in
Pins & Needles.

Be sure to write "free ebook" in the
comments section on your order form to recieve this offer.

Plan on taking your doll with you to your next pajama party or camp out,
dressed in outfits that you have made yourself and that match your own.

Pins & Needles 18" doll clothing patterns include eighteen projects
that coordinate with the projects in the book, including jumpers, vests, polar
fleece garments and accessories, heirloom blouse, sundress, hats, jackets,
sweatshirt, sweatpants, t-shirt and shorts, and more!

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Bunkhouse Books

JoAnn Gagnon

Waitsburg, Washington


~ Hem
your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel. ~

Author Unknown

Our book this month,
"Pins and Needles"
focuses on the intermediate seamstress who
would like to try some new techniques and further her construction abilities.
Be sure to check it out!

Where we live it's been hot! One of the best ways I know to handle the high
temperatures is with the head or neck cool wrap. It's very simple to make.
Once you use one, you'll want to keep a couple on hand in the refrigerator all
the time.

Be sure to check out our new
"Childrens Sewing Contest
", and encourage someone to enter!

Stay cool, and have fun sewing this month! ~JoAnn


Free Pattern:

Let's Make a Head and Neck Cool Wrap

Skill Level: Beginner

Head & Neck Cool Wrap

Materials and Supplies:

  • 1/8 yard fabric

  • 2 teaspoons Watersorb, medium (purchase where plant supplies
    are sold)

Cutting Out Your Pattern:

  • Cut out one fabric piece, 4" wide by 42" long

  • Fold in half lengthwise, and taper ends (A).

Sewing Your Cool Wrap:

  • Pin, and then stitch the open edgs at 1/4" seam allowance,
    leaving a 3" opening in the middle for turning and to add the crystals.

  • Clip across corners (B).

  • Turn right side out and press.

  • Measure 9" from the point on each side, draw a line across the
    width of the fabric and stitch (C).

  • Measure 2 teaspoons of Watersorb, and put in center opening.

  • Machine top stitch opening closed, stitching close to the edge

To Activate the Crystals:

  • Soak the wrap in cool water.

  • Store in a ziploc baggy and refrigerate until ready to use.

  • Cool wraps can be used repeatedly, rehydrate as needed.

cool wrap images


Sewing Polar Fleece

We have
several Polar Fleece projects available in our intermediate sewing book,
Pins & Needles

Tips for Stitching Polar Fleece:

  • Never iron Polar Fleece. It
    will leave a permanent shine, and crush the loft.

  • A walking foot for your machine helps
    feed bulky fabrics evently. If you have access to one, use it!

  • Lengthen your stitch length to 6-8
    stitches per inch. The bulk requires more thread per stitch.

  • Loosen the pressure on the presser foot
    to help the fabric feed better. (check instruction manual)

  • Use a ball needle. Ball needles spread
    the fibers rather than cutting them.

  • Right side of fabric can be determined
    by pulling the edge of the fabric. It will roll to the wrong side.

  • The crosswise grain, or stretch should
    always go around you.

  • Use long, glass head pins.

  • Use Wonder Tape to prevent
    stretching and shifting. This is double sided sticky tape that washes out. Can
    be used in place of pins.

  • Sew slowly and carefully as stitching
    will hide and is difficuly to see to take out.

  • Trim regular seams to 1/4", or trim them
    with serger as you stitch.

You will love working with Polar Fleece!

We want to encourage children to sew, so we've put together our
first sewing contest.

Brief summary of contest:

..Age Categories: 6 - 12 years old and

3 - 18 years old

..Project to Sew: Make a potholder. You can use a

pattern or design your own. It

can be any shape or size.

..Rules: It must be usable!

Limit of 2 entries per child

..Submission: Must submit photograph and form by

October 15, 2007

..Judging: Each category will be judged separately.

Judging will be based on creativity

and quality of construction.A panel

of 3 judges will select the 5 top

entries in each category. These

top entries will be asked to send

us their potholder for final judging

of construction.

Awards: First place - $40 gift certificate

2nd place - $25 gift certificate

3rd place - $20 gift certificate

4th place - $15 gift certificate

5th place - $10 gift certificate

Be sure to download the information and submission form in pdf format at our
Sewing Contest
website page.


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