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End Wrench Roll-up Case

Enlarging a Pattern

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"Sewing Teacher Resources"

This book is a great resource for you and your students. It has tips and tricks that make passing on your love of sewing fun and easy. With puzzles to help reinforce what has been learned to handouts that make teaching sewing a breeze and hands on activities that are lots of fun, this book will also show you how to use the other books from Bunkhouse Books, as a curriculum for your students. With 40+ years in the sewing room, JoAnn has gathered a lot of experience with sewing and teaching kids and adults the how-to's of building and teaching life skills that matter.

Saddle Stitched, 56 pages, $16.95


May Special

Purchase our book "Sewing Teacher Resources" between May 1 - May 12, and you will receive free, one of our new ebooks, "Frequently Asked Questions about Teaching Sewing".

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Next month we will be looking beginning garment construction along with a nifty 4th of July project!

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Greetings! Teaching and passing on our love of sewing to our children, grandchildren and others is essential. Today, sewing is no longer being taught in the public schools, and this life skill is becoming a lost art. Teaching others is a wonderful, fun, creative, and rewarding opportunity, and we share some resources with you to make the process easier.
This month we offer you a special "Fathers Day" gift to make. All guys like tools! He's sure to love this handy end wrench roll-up case. Have fun making this one up.

Father's Day Project:
End Wrench Roll-Up Case

End wrench roll-up case

Materials and Supplies:

..1/2 yard heavy weight fabric (Duck Cloth)

..1 package extra wide double fold bias tape

..Thread to match bias tape and fabric

Step 1 - Cutting Out the Pattern:

..Use the "How to enlarge a pattern" instructions below to enlarge the pattern to full size.

Step 2 - Bias Taping the Edges:

..Apply bias tape to the 2 straight edges. Open up the bias tape and line the edge up with the raw edge of the inside fabric. Stitch in the first fold. Roll the tape over the raw edge and topstitch 1/8" from edge. See first diagram.

..Fold bottom half of fabric piece up on line, and apply bias tape to the outside edges in the same manner. Tuck the ends under as shown in the 3rd diagram.

Step 3 - Make the Tool Pockets:

..With a sliver of soap or marking pen, mark lines on the folded up edge the following distances (in inches) apart:

1 3/4 - 1 1/2 - 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 - 1 3/4 - 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 - 2 3/4

..Stitch on these lines, giving them an extra backstitch for reinforcement on the bias taped end.

Step 4 - Finish the Wrench Case:

..Make ties for the case by stitching together the unfolded edge of the left over bias tape piece.

..Tie a knot on the two ends.

..Find the center of your strip and line it up with the center of the middle of the longer side edge.

..Stitch an X directly over the center where the case and bias strip match up.

Wrench Case illustrations

Why don't you really surprise him by filling it with a new end wrench set?

Technique: Enlarging a Pattern
Our example: End Wrench Case Pattern

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Materials and Supplies:
..Large sheet of paper (18" X 24" for end wrench case pattern).
..Ruler and Sharp Pencil

..Gridded Original

How to enlarge the pattern:

..If your original does not have gridded lines on it, draw lines vertically and horizontally, equal distances apart.

..If you purchase a gridded pattern, the pattern will tell you one square = 3" X 3", or whatever the ratio is. The ratio for the end wrench case is: one square = 3" X 3".

..On your larger sheet of paper. draw lines vertically and horizontally this distance apart (3"). Draw the same number of lines as there are in the reduced pattern grid.

..Label you vertical lines on the reduced and enlarged pattern 1,2,3,4,etc., and the horizontal lines on both A, B, C, D,etc.

..Place a dot on the larger grid where the grid line intersects the grid line on the reduced pattern. Draw lines between the dots that correspond with the same lines between the reduced and enlarged pattern.

..Be sure to transfer pattern markings and information to your larger pattern as well (grainlines, pattern name, etc.).

..Once this is done, you will have a full-size pattern, ready to use.

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