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Sweet Lavendar Sachet

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"Pintucks & Lace, Using Heirloom Techniques on Today's Styles"

takes a lost art that can seem intimidating and out-of-reach and brings it firmly within your grasp. You will delight in the ease with which you are able to recreate the fine skill of heirloom sewing with your machine and incorporate it effectively into today's styles. Twenty-four projects, complete with sewing patterns, include items you will be proud to wear and use yourself, give as gifts or display in your home. You will create everything from an heirloom gift bag to a tiered skirt to a tea cozy and an entire baby ensemble. Showcase your newfound skills with showy blocks on an heirloom quilt - sure to be a treasure for generations. You'll utilize every last scrap by making bookmarks from your leftovers!

Spiral Bound, 96 pages, $24.95


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April Special

Purchase our book "Pintucks & Lace" between April 1 - April 13, and you will recieve free, one of our new ebooks, 18" Doll Heirloom Dress and Quilt pattern. This doll pattern coordinates with the dress and quilt in Pintucks & Lace.

You must write "ebook special" in the comments section on your order form in order to take advantage of and receive this offer. After your order goes through, you will be emailed this ebook, in pdf format.

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What's Next?

Next month we will be looking at teaching sewing to others, and resources available to help you teach...whether to your own children or a classroom full.

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JoAnn Gagnon

Waitsburg, Washington

Greetings! I love heirloom sewing! This month we focus on replicating the heirloom techniques and stitches using the sewing machine, and creating these beautiful garments, quilts and accessories in a fraction of the time it took our ancestors! It's not difficult by following the step by step procedures. Have fun sewing the "Sweet Lavender Sachet" project for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Project: Sweet Lavender Sachet
Skill Level: Intermediate

Catch the Sewing Bug book cover

Finished size: 7 1/2" X 7 1/2"

Heirloom stitched sachets look lovely in closet and dresser drawers...the sweet fragrance helps to freshen and protect your clothing.

Materials and Supplies:

..1/4 yard batiste Spray Starch

..1/4 yard ribbon (1/4" wide) Thread - match fabric or ribbon

..1/4 yard beading lace Wash-out marking pen

..1 cup lavender potpourri Pintuck presser foot


..Cut a 7" X 7" square of fabric. Starch and press well.

..With washout marking pen, mark a line down the center of

your square.

..Center beading lace on this square, and zigzag edges in


..Mark lines on both sides of beading, 1/4" away from outside

edge of lace.

..Select a fancy machine stitch to stitch down both sides.

..Set your machine up to do pintucks. See directions below.

..Mark a line 3/8" away from machine stitching, on each side.

..Stitch your first row on this line. Using the outside groove in

your pintuck foot as a guide, put in two more rows of

pintucks on each side.

..Dip into water to remove washout marker lines.

..Press from back side and starch well.

..Insert ribbon into your beading lace (1).

..Trim your square to 5 1/2" X 5 1/2".

..Cut a 2" X 45" strip of fabric for borders.

..Sew the strip on the two sides of your square at 1/4" seam

allowance, and trim the ends even.

..Now sew the strip to the top and bottom edges. Trim ends


..Cut two more pieces of fabric the exact size of the top

square. One of these pieces will be the top lining, the other,

the backing.

..Layer these pieces together...lining, top fabric (right side up),

then backing (3).

..Pin and stitch the outside edges at 1/4" seam allowance.

Leave a 3" opening on one side edge to insert lavender.

..Clip corners, turn right side out, and press (4).

..Stitch in the ditch on the seam attaching the borders. Leave

a 3" opening, on the same side as the outer opening (5).

..Lightly stuff the center with 1 cup sweet lavender potpourri.

..Machine stitch the border opening closed.

..By hand, slip stitch the outside opening edge closed (6).

..Cut the remaining ribbon in half. Holding the two pieces

together, tie into a bow. Hand tack it to the top of your

sachet, letting the strings dangle down.

Catch the Sewing Bug book cover

You may purchase Sweet Lavendar Buds at our website under Sewing Supplies.

Technique: Stitching Pintucks

Essential Supplies:

18 18 18

Pintuck Foot - has several grooves (3, 5, or 7) under the bottom of the foot. The groove directly under the needle allows room for the fabric to be taken up into a pintuck. The other grooves are for spacing rows evenly apart. You will need to purchase this foot. It does not come with most machines.

The Double Needle - Thread your machine using 2 spools of thread, making sure each goes on the opposite side of the tension disc. Thread through both needles. The bobbin stays the same.

Spray Starch - Starching your fabric gives a crisp pintuck that does not pucker.

Stitching Pintucks:
..Spray your fabric with spray starch. Press until dry.

..Mark with a washout marking pen, exactly where you

want your first row to be placed. Mark your center

pintuck first and work out from both sides.

..Insert double needle and thread machine with 2 spools

of thread.

..Put pintuck foot onto your machine.

..Change upper thread tension to about 5 - 6. Use a

stitch length of about 1.5 - 2.0. Always practice

first to make sure these are the correct adjustments

for your machine.

..Stitch your first row (A).

..Turn fabric around so you will be stitching in the

opposite direction. (B). Place the first stitched row

into an outer groove on your foot, and use it as a

guide for stitching the next row.

..Stitch the next row on the other side of the center.

..Continue stitching, working from side to side, and

turning your fabric in the opposite directions for


..For the most pleasing look, always stitch an uneven

number of pintucks within a group...3, 5, or 7.


Heirloom Sewing Tip

You will be using lots of laces in sewing heirloom articles, and you will want to save even the small pieces. They can easily become a tangled mess. I am a frugal person, so I save the cardboard toilet paper cores and wrap my different laces around these, keeping them organized and in great condition...ready to use whenever needed.

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