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"Beginning Sewing" March 2007

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Catch the Sewing Bug

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Making A Pillowcase

Wonder Tape

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What's New?
Catch the Sewing Bug book cover

"Catch the Sewing Bug", 25 Fun and Simple Sewing Projects is especially designed for younger hands working with adult ones, and is written in such a way that adults with no sewing skills can easily work their way through it. Each project builds upon skills learned in an earlier one, and by the time the child finishes the book, she not only has a fair repertoire of basic sewing skills, but have also completed up to 25 useful, fun items. Even the youngest child will be pleased and amazed about how much they can learn and accomplish with some guidance from a caring adult, a basic quality sewing machine, and this book!

Turn her first experience with the sewing machine into a lifelong love..and watch as she "catches the bug."

Saddle stitched, 40 pages, $8.95

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What's Next?

Next month we will look at Heirloom Sewing and give you a wonderful project to introduce you to 2 heirloom sewing by machine techniques.

This will be a perfect project to make up for someone you love for Mothers Day, May 13.

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JoAnn Gagnon

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Greetings! This month's focus is on teaching the early beginner how to sew. Younger children want to learn, but many of us are at a loss as to how to teach them. I believe you can successfully teach these children a love for sewing with simple projects they can make, and with your assistance, be successful at. How fun it is to pass on your love of sewing to these little ones!


Making A Pillowcase -
This is one of the quickest, simplest projects I know to start a child out with. They are successful, even with the squiggly beginning seams. And, it is a gift they can make and give to anyone. This is one of the projects in our new "Catch the Sewing Bug" book.


Materials and Supplies:

..1 yard cotton fabric

..1 1/2 yards of 3/8" wide ribbon

Sew Your Pillowcase:
..Lay your fabric flat - like a big rectqangle. It will measure approximately 36" X 42".
..Press out all of the creases.

..Cut 1/2" off from the outside selvage edges (A).

..Zig zag all th edges.

..On one of the long edges, turn to the wrong side 1/2" and


..Now, turn this same edge down 3" and press (B).

..Open your fabric up flat again. Fold it in half lengthwise.

..Straight stitch the side and bottom end.

..Clip across the bottom corner (C).

..Turn right side out and press seams open.

Sew the Hem in Your Pillowcase:

..Turn down and pin in place the pre-pressed, folded hem.

..Stitch 1/4" from the inside fold edge. You will be stitching in

a circle. Start at the seam line, and when you come back to

where you started, overlap your stitching by 1/4" (D).

..Optional: You may add a ribbon over the hem stitching to

add interest. Use Wonder Tape to hold it in place as you


You're Done......Sweet Dreams!

pillowcase illustrations

Click here for more free sewing projects.

wonder tape

Wonder Tape

Wonder Tape is a double sticky sided tape that washes away and aids in holding fabric, ribbons, zippers and other items in place in order to sew with more accuracy and ease. You will be using it to hold ribbons in place for stitching. It comes on a roll and is 1/4" wide.

To use Wonder Tape for the pillowcase ribbon, simply unroll and stick it to the back of your ribbon, peel off the backing and then place the ribbon on your fabric for stitching. If you don't get in the correct position to begin with, simply lift it up and reposition.

Little Bg Purse FREE!!! March Special

Purchase our book "Catch The Sewing Bug" between March 1 - March 16, and you will recieve free, one of our new ebooks, this "Little Bag/Purse" pattern. This is a simple, beginning quilting project that you and your budding seamstress will enjoy.

You must write "ebook special" in the comments section on your order form in order to take advantage of and receive this offer. After your order goes through, you will be emailed this ebook, in pdf format.

Order "Catch the Sewing Bug", along with our ebook special from our website.

Check out our nice selection of other sewing ebooks and quilting ebooks.

Sewing Tips

Teaching younger children to sew is fun and rewarding! Be patient, and break the learning process down into small steps.

My 3 year old grandson has successfully made a tote bag from a placemat, and his own "tractor" (fabric) pillowcase. He's so proud of them - packed them around all day, and has to show everybody. I held Luke on my lap, with me running the foot control. I let him lift the presser foot lever up and down, run the backstitch button, and pretty much guide the fabric. Of course at that age he isn't capable of doing it all, but he loved what he did and we're cultivating the love of sewing and creating.Grace/potholder

My 5 year old granddaughter is now sewing on her own, as long as I am nearby. She uses a non-rolling chair, and we have put the foot pedal on a box with the height adjusted for her small size to be able to reach and control the foot pedal. We've sewn once a week for the last year, and we both look forward to our time together. She was my inspiration for our new "Catch the Sewing Bug" book.

Be sure to download our FREE "Tips for Teaching Children to Sew", a 2 page pdf that will go right to your email box..

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