"Crown Him" Banner Patterns

Note:  We offer banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners.


Crown Him With Many Crowns

The first banner is designed from the first verse in this beloved old hymn. We have used a design of three crowns with a double meaning. First, the three crowns form a triangle, representing the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one crown for each. Second, the three crowns represent the crowns we will lay at Jesus’ feet.
The center piece is constructed first and then the fringe added to both the center and side sections. The purple satin sides are sewn on by hand, and lastly, the top is fitted to hang on a rod. Techniques you’ll be using in construction are piecing with Heat’n Bond Lite, applying fringe and sewing with satin. Dealing with satin can be challenging, so we advise your sewing skills be at an intermediate to advanced level. Finished, this banner is 50” x 90”.

Crown Him with Many Crowns Banner Pattern  $18.95


Crown Him the Lord of Love

The Love of Christ, so freely given to us, is a crown upon His head. We depict love in picture and design with hearts, and the crown in this banner is designed with gold hearts and a purple satin center. Full sized letters are made with matching purple satin placed on a cream colored “Fairy Frost” background. The purple satin sides are constructed separately and are joined by hand sewing after the main section is completed to give it a 3-D effect. You’ll work with satin fabrics, fringe and Heat’n Bond Lite in constructing this banner. Completed, it will be 50” x 90”. We recommend intermediate to advanced sewing skills for this banner as working with satin present challenges.

Crown Him the Lord of Love  Banner Pattern  $18.95


Crown Him the Lord of Life

A gold leaf with infinity flourishes represents life in this pretty banner. The gold and purple satin designs and lettering are prominent against a cream cotton background and with the purple satin side panels, stand out even more. Side panels are constructed separately from the main body and are hand stitched to the back after the main quilt body is completed. For the finishing touch, 6” gold fringe decorates the bottom. Techniques used in this pattern include working with satin, appliqué using Heat’n Bond Lite and applying fringe. This pattern is for intermediate to advanced quilters.

Crown Him the Lord of Life Banner Pattern  $18.95


Crown Him the Lord of Heaven

Crown Him the Lord of Heaven: One with the Father known, one with the Spirit through Him giv’n from yonder glorious throne. To Thee be endless praise, for thou for us hast died; Be Thou, O Lord, through endless days adored and magnified.
The gold designs and purple satin letters are bold and striking against the “Fairy Frost” cotton background. Design pieces are; a purple satin crest/ shield between the gold keys; two gold keys with a cross at their center, representing the cross of Christ and the way to heaven;  gold accent loops at the base; large purple satin letters.

Crown Him the Lord of Heaven Banner Pattern  $18.95


"Crown Him" Banner Grouping

A brand new set of four banners, “Crown Him with Many Crowns,” is a beautiful addition to any sanctuary.  The gold and purple satin used for the lettering and design pieces stand out against the cream colored cotton “Fairy Frost”. Majestic purple satin side panels make the center pieces even more majestic. A favorite old hymn, “Crown Him with Many Crowns” was the inspiration for this set of banners. They were designed around the first four verses crowning Christ “Lord of Love,” “Lord of Life,” “Lord of Heaven,” and crowning Him with “Many Crowns.” Each banner finishes at 50” X 90”. Due to the techniques and satin materials used, the sewing level is placed at an intermediate to advanced level.

 Set of 4 Crown Him Banner Patterns  $64.00


Note:  We sell banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners


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Product Selections

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1 Crown Him - CrownsCrown Him - Crowns
2 Crown Him - LoveCrown Him - LoveUsing gold and purple satin against a cream background truly lets the design of this banner stand out. Gold is used for the crown and loop appliqué at the bottom of the banner. Purple satin hearts accentuate the crown while the bold gold lettering shouts “Crown Him the Lord of Love”. Side panels of purple satin give the banner a layered look and 6” gold fringe along the bottom completes this lovely banner. Due to some of the techniques used in this pattern such as working with satin, applique’ with Heat’n Bond Lite and applying fringe, we recommend this pattern for intermediate to advanced quilters. Finished, this banner will be 50” x 90”.
3 Crown Him - LifeCrown Him - LifeUsing Heat’n Bond Lite, gold and purple satin appliqué designs and lettering are applied to a cream colored background creating an attractive wall hanging. In the construction of this banner, you’ll learn how to work with satin, appliqué pieces, Heat’n Bond and fringe. Finished, this banner measures 50” x 90”. Intermediate to advanced level.
4 Crown Him - HeavenCrown Him - HeavenThis banner is one in a set of four or can be displayed alone. The keys to heaven are displayed prominently at the top of this banner. Each key has the cross of Christ in the center as He alone is the only way to heaven.  Using gold and purple satin along with a cream cotton background, this beautiful hanging will be a lovely addition to your sanctuary or church foyer. Pattern comes complete with all pattern pieces and detailed instructions. Finishes at 50” x 90” and is set at an intermediate to advanced level.
5 Crown Him - GroupingCrown Him - GroupingExalt the Lord with this beautiful banner any time of the year. The pretty cream background allows the design pieces and lettering to stand out. It can stand alone or be added to any or all of the other patterns in this series. You’ll use Heat’n Bond Lite, satin materials and fringe in the construction of this project. It’s a full sized banner, finishing at  50” x 90”. An intermediate to advanced pattern, detailed instructions are enclosed as well as all pattern pieces.
6 Glory to God - Book on Making BannersGlory to God - Book on Making BannersUse this book independently or as a companion to other fabric banner projects you are currently working on! Inside you'll find four christian church banner patterns and full instructions, but you'll also find so much more. Included in this book are tips, techniques and instructions on how to make banners from beginning to end. Pages filled with years of JoAnn's experience from how to create fringe and tassels to how to hang and store your new banners are all part of this wonderful resource. Whether your a novice at creating quilted, fabric banners, or an experienced sewer, you'll find something here to help you design and create that amazing work of art!
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Church Banner Slideshow

Want to see how easy making a banner really is? This slide show gives step by step instructions for making "The Announcement" banner, the most complicated of the banners. You'll discover it isn't as difficult as it looks and is a relatively simple process that most anyone can complete using the Heat'n'Bond Quick Bias. The slideshow is about six minutes kong. Be sure to double click on the forward button on the lower left corner of the screen to play the slideshow.

Hymn History -  Crown Him with Many Crowns
Originating from Revelation 19, a passage that describes the majesty and mightiness of Christ, verse 12 states “…and on his head are many crowns.” From this passage, the hymn Crown Him with Many Crowns was originally written by Matthew Bridges (1800-1894) and later added to by Godfrey Thring (1823 – 1903).
 Matthew Bridges, who had once written a book condemning Roman Catholic Theology, converted to Catholicism. He wrote six verses based upon Revelations 19:12. Godfrey Thring, who was a devout Anglican clergyman, was concerned that the popular song contained a great deal of Catholic theology and was being sung by protestant congregations, so he wrote six more verses.
Over the years, the 12 stanzas have been mixed.  The most common six verses appearing in hymnals today contain three verses from each man. Verses 1,2 and 4 were written by Bridges and verses 3,5 and 6 by Thring.