Dolly's Favorite Quilts

How to Sew Doll Clothes
These are wonderful doll quilt patterns for beginners. Simple and basic in design and construction, most of these quilts come together easily. Learn the basics of quilting by cutting blocks, using quilters grid, tying a quilt and machine quilting with straight lines. If you're looking for more of a challenge, we have an heirloom quilt that will teach you some new techniques. These small quilts a great way to start learning how to quilt.

Dolly's Snuggle Quilt

If you or your child are just learning how to make a quilt, you'll find this to be an amazingly easy quilt pattern on which to learn. A large print in the center is surrounded with a border and once the outside seams are sewn, the quilt is turned right side out, just like a pillowcase. All that's left is to quilt the layers together with a straight stitch. If you'd like, you can add some ribbon or buttons for embellishment.

Dolly's Room Quilt

Sewing for dolls can be fun when you are creative in choosing your colors and creating your own design. This pattern for doll quilts uses gridded Quilt Fuse. Blocks are cut, laid out on the grid, then sewn together, making perfectly matched corners. It requires no binding and quilting is done with a straight machine stitch.

Dolly's Picnic Quilt

Learn how to make a rag quilt using this quilt pattern for beginners. Each block is made of three layers (back, batting and top fabrics) and sewn individually. Apply your applique, sew blocks together then clip seams and wash to make it a raggedy quilt. No binding, quilting or tying is necessary.

Autumn Celebration

Doll quilts can be easy quilts to make and can be used to teach basic cutting and sewing skills. Made of four blocks and a border, the log cabin quilt pattern is a fun and simple pattern to construct. If you are unfamiliar with the strip piecing method, this quilt will teach you this time saving method. Once the blocks and border are sewn together, machine quilt in straight lines, sew the binding on to the quilt top, then whip stitch the binding to the back and enjoy your creation.

Guest Room Quilt

Sew a quilt with this heirloom doll quilt pattern. Heirloom techniques add a touch of artistic beauty to a sewing project and this little quilt is no exception. Using insert lace, pintucks and pinstitching as well as some fancy machine stitching, you will create a very beautiful quilt for your child's doll. This pattern includes all instructions needed for the different techniques and a pattern for the pillowcase as well.

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