Pins & Needles 18 inch Doll Clothes Patterns

Have fun making doll clothes with Pins & Needles patternsstart here - add description to go with pattern cover

projects include:  jumper, blouse, shorts, redheart jacket, sundress, culottes, sunflower vest, floppy had, t-shirt, polar fleece vest, polar fleece jacket, polar hat, polar fleece scarf, sweatshirt, sweatpants, heirloom blouse, heirloom bag, skirt
( no pictures for heirloom bag, skirt and shorts)

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Pins and needles:
fleece jacket - /files/934188/uploaded/18FleeceJacket.jpg
fleece vest, hat etc - /files/934188/uploaded/18 Heirloom Fleece Vest & Accessories.jpg
Heart dress - /files/934188/uploaded/HeartDressandJacket.jpg
heirloom blouse - /files/934188/uploaded/18_Heirloom_Blouse.jpg
sweat suit - /files/934188/uploaded/doll_photos_067.jpg
t-shirt - /files/934188/uploaded/doll_photos_002.jpg
coulotte - /files/934188/uploaded/doll_coulotte_outfit.jpg
sunflower jumper and blouse - /files/934188/uploaded/18 Applique jumper.jpgFleece Jacket

Cute Sundress & Jacket

Doll vest, scarf and hat

doll heirloom blouse

Dolly's Jogging Suit

Fun doll size blouse and jumper

T-shirt and shorts for Dolly

Doll vest, coulotte skirt and hat
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