Stitches & Pins 18 inch Doll Clothing
Learn how to sew doll clothesStart here with an overall description to go with this cover photo

Projects include:  pillowcase, tote bag, purse, laundry bag, hostess apron, shorts, reversible vest, long pajamas, skirt, nightshirt, blouse, slippers, triangle scarf, shorty pajamas, pants  (the slippers, triagle scarf are not in any of the pictures)

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pants, tote bag, vest - /files/934188/uploaded/sp blue pants.jpg
vest skirt and purse - /files/934188/uploaded/sp red dress.jpg
SP Doll Photos 1-apron, 2-tea time, 3-pajamas, 4-skirt vest purse

Stitches and Pins doll pajamas
Short pajamas, long pajamas, nightshirt, slippers, pillowcase, laundry bag

18 inch dolls tea party outfits
reversible vests, bloouse, pants, skirt, shorts

Making doll clothes aprons
hostess apron

vest, skirt, blouse, purse

18 inch doll clothes patterns

vest, blouse, pants, tote bag

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