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These banners are created for varying levels, ranging from adventuresome beginner to experienced skilled quilter and anyone in between! The patterns include Heat'n'Bond techniques for the beginners. Also available are the gorgeous stained glass church banners for the more advanced, all with delightful inspirational designs. In addition to full size patterns, we are converting our banner patterns into a gridded format, allowing you to make them any size you would like to fit your needs. Check back with us periodically as we are continually adding to our collection!

The Good Shepherd -Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)The Good Shepherd -Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)The stained glass quilting pattern in this fabric banner gives it color and depth. Depicting Jesus as The Good Shepherd both leading and carrying His flock. Religious banners are constructed using Heat'n'Bond and measures 36" x 60". If you'd like it slightly larger, just add borders. Intended for intermediate/advanced quilters.
Triune God - full size pattern (Pattern Only)Triune God - full size pattern (Pattern Only)Representing the Triune God, this worship banner shows each person in the Trinity seperate and yet bound together in the center by the cross of Christ. The crown is God the Father, the lamb is Jesus, and the dove is the Holy Spirit. It is constructed using applique' and a pieced border frames the picture on the batik banner background fabric. The fabric letters read "Great is the Lord, and Greatly to be Praised." A full sized banner, it measures 48" x 68". All instructions and pattern pieces are included.

The Father - Full size pattern (Pattern Only)The Father - Full size pattern (Pattern Only)The earth held in the palm of God's hands in this banner represents The Father in the Trinity of God. "He created us to know His Love" in script letters, is attached to the lower portion of the praise and worship banner using Heat'n'Bond. Designs are applique'd on a pastel background. Finished size of this God banner is 48" x 68", and all instructions, pattern pieces and quilt lettering patterns are included.

The Son - Full size pattern (Pattern Only)The Son - Full size pattern (Pattern Only)Utilizing applique' and a pieced border, this church worship banner is constructed to present The Son in the Trinity. Three crosses on the hill represent the crucifixion of Jesus, and the hill is lit up by a brilliant sun. Included in the detailed instructions are patterns for all lettering and design pieces. Measurements for this full size banner are 48" x 68".

The Holy Spirit - Full size pattern (Pattern Only)The Holy Spirit - Full size pattern (Pattern Only)The flames coming up from the peaceful dove are an incredible picture of the power of the Holy Spirit. One of four in the Triune God religious banner series, this worship and praise banner also uses applique' with Heat'n'Bond and has a pieced border. Instructions include pattern pieces for both lettering and all designs. This is a full sized church banner pattern that will go in your church whatever the season. Measurements are 48" x 68". 

Triune God Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Triune God Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Save almost $12.00 when you purchase these 4 Christmas banner patterns. The Announcement, the Greatest Gift, Worship Him and The Phrophecy are all included. Using a variety of techniques, these stained glass banners are a great opportunity to hone your skills while creating lovely wall hangings to share with your church for the holiday season. These are intermediate to dvanced quilting patterns and all banners finish at 49" x 87".
Amazing Love Banner - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Love Banner - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Making church banners is rewarding, and this one in no exception! Set on crinkle satin, a cross made from nails sits inside a heart made from thorns, signifying Christ's amazing sacrifice and love for us. The verse, John 3:16, "For God so loved the world" is in gold lame lettering. For embellishments, 10" fringe  hangs from the bottom, and you can make tassels to fall along the sides. Heat'n'Bond is used to attach each design and letters. Once complete, this banner measures 38" x 87". Purchase individually or as a group.
Amazing Love Banner - Gridded FormatEnlarge this "Amazing Love" Pattern to any size. Full size letter included. Gridded Format
Amazing Glory - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Glory - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)

The second in the set of Amazing God banners. This banner focuses on God's Glory with a bright sunrise shining on the verse 1 Chronicles 16:24, "Tell of His glory among the nations." Using crinkle satin for the background, the letters are gold lame'. Learn how to make tassels, and complete the bottom edge with fringe.  Due to some more advanced techniques, we recommend this church banner pattern for an intermediate quilter. Finished banner measures 38" x 87".

Amazing Majesty - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Majesty - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Majesty is the third in the set of Amazing God church banners to make. Often times we find God's majesty in nature and with this banner, we've used a sunset, trees and the shadowed ground. The design pieces are applied with Heat'n'Bond and along with detailed instructions, all design and lettering patterns are included. As with the other banners in this set, this one also has 10" fringe along the bottom, along with doing some tassel making to add decoration to the sides.  The crinkle satin background gives this banner something of a fancy feel. Banner finishes at 38" x 87".

Amazing Grace - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Grace - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)The final banner in a set of four is Amazing Grace"My grace is sufficient for you" from 1 Corinthians 12:9  in gold lame' lettering is held on to crinkle satin using Heat'n'Bond. The person sitting on the rock outcropping and the rock are also held on with Heat'n'Bond. The pattern comes complete with detailed directions and pattern pieces for lettering and all design pieces. You will learn to make tassels and add fringe.  We do suggest an intermediate level of quilting for these banners for church patterns as the techniques are more advanced.
Amazing God Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Amazing God  Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)A crinkle satin backgound ties these Christian banners together as they proclaim what an Amazing God we have. Each of the four banners is full size measuring 38" x 87", and each also has 10" fringe along the bottom and tassels along the side. Showing God's Love, Grace, Glory and Majesty, all four large banners have pictures depicting one of these attributes. The designs are held in place using Heat'n'Bond. We recommend these banner patterns to make for intermediate quilters because of the techniques used.
Communion Banners - Full Size Patterns (Pattern Only)Communion Banners - Full Size Patterns (Pattern Only)These Communion banners are rich in color and beautiful. Together, they reflect upon the last supper referred to in Luke 22. While one banner reads "Do This In Remeberance Of Me", the other displays the elements of communion with a cluster of grapes and stalks of wheat. Banner fabrics used are Crinkle Satin and Lame.  Group them together for a nice banner display.  Assembled using Heat'n'Bond, they each measure 30" x 48". This is a beginning/intermediate pattern.

America! - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)America! - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Celebrating and honoring Memorial Day, Independence Day and 8/11, this patriotic banner pattern becomes a wonderful addition to your church sancturary. Measuring 36" x 70", Heat'n'Bond is used to make the design on this cloth banner. It is outlined quilted with fringe added to the bottom. Included in detailed instructions is a full size drawing of the design. This is an intermediate level project.

Love One Another - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Love One Another - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)This christian church banner Quotes 1 John 4:7, calling us to love one another.  Bright and colorful with pinks and greens in the border made with seminole piecing makes the message stand out on this church banner. To make the lettering, we used Heat'n'Bond.  Perfect for the Valentine's season or Spring. All directions are included as well as pattern pieces for designs and lettering. Measures 56" x 75".

The First Commandment - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)The First Commandment - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Have fun as you learn to make your own banner.  A seminole pieced border uses four different colors of pink, green and lavender to draw together the deep purple of the outside border and the shaded lavender of the inner background. Jesus' words from Mark 12:30 giving us the first and greatest commandment are spelled out with bold lettering and attached using Heat'n'Bond. You'll find a full size drawing of the christian church banner design included in the pattern with instructions. Measures 56" x 75".

Love Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Love Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Make your own banner!  Bright and colorful with lavender, purple and blue, along with the pink heart at the bottom, you can make these banners for churches pretty and eye catching. With this set, you will receive two full-sized Christian church banner patterns for The First Commandment and Love One Another. They were designed using Heat'n'Bond for the lettering and several borders. These religious banners make a wonderful set as they coordinate with each other, especially during Valentine season. Banners finish in size at 56" x 75" and are a beginning/intermediate level. Patterns also include a full size drawing of the design.

The Announcement - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)The Announcement - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Decorate your sanctuary with Christmas banners.  Take your artistic abilities and create an amazing and beautiful picture with fabric using a stained glass quilt pattern. Constructed using Heat'n'Bond and Quick Bias, this is an intermediate/advanced quilting pattern. It comes complete with detailed instructions and full size drawing. Finished size is 49" x 87".
The Greatest Gift - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)The Greatest Gift - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Depicting the Nativity, this pretty Christmas banner pattern was intended to be part of a Christmas decor set, but has no trouble standing on its own. It is set at an intermediate/advanced quilting level because of the stained glass effect which uses Heat'n'Bond and Quick Bias. The pattern includes a full size drawing of the design. The completed banner meassures 49" x 87".
Worship Him - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Worship Him - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Requiring patience and skill, this Christmas banner is a wonderful addition to your church's foyer or sancturary for the holiday season. With bright colors, create the stained glass quilt pattern in this picture of the magi bringing gifts to the infant King. This project utilizes Heat'n'Bond and Quick Bias, measures 49" x 87" and is for intermediate/advanced quilters.
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Clicking on this slide show link will give you step by step instructions for making The Announcement banner. You will discover that, though it looks difficult, it is a relatively simple process using Heat'n'Bond and Quick Bias. This is the most complicated of the banners, and you will discover most anyone can successfully complete any of the banner patterns. The slide show is about six minutes long. Be sure to double click on the forward button on the lower left corner of the screen to play the slide show.

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