December 2008 - Christmas

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"Christmas!" December�2008

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Feature Product
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Poinsettia Centerpiece

The Greatest Gift!
Greatest gift cropped

This is a�lovely nativity� banner quilt pattern displaying baby Jesus in a manger. Quilted wall hangings will enhance your service during the holiday season, and what a gift of love to give your church! This is and intermediate/advanced level project. Finished size is 49" x 87". This pattern includes a full size drawing of the design.

Item No. PAT-GG... $18.95

25 Fun and Simple
Sewing Projects
Especially designed for younger hands working with adult ones. This book is written in such a way that adults with no sewing skills can easily work their way through it. This is a perfect gift for the beginning seamstress, or a special�mother and daughter.

Item�No.�BK-CTSB��� $8.95��

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JoAnn Gagnon

Waitsburg, Washington


�It's that time of year again when�the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season fills the household. It's a time for family, food and fun.� I hope that everyone finds the time to take a couple of minutes to�be thankful for the blessings�that have been�received in the last year,�and to�prepare for the New�Year.�May your focus be on the real reason for the season, your family time be�joyful, and your sewing projects finished!�


Have a great, sew-fun Christmas!��� ~ JoAnn��

Christmas Specials at "The Bunkhouse"

This Christmas we are letting you decide which items you want to buy at a discount from our store.�

Purchase $20.00 or more in products and save 10%.� A $50.00 or more purchase will give you a 15% savings.� Spend $100.00� or more and receive a 20% discount..� You will receive free shipping along with the 20% discount when you purchase $150.00 or more.

These�discounts will be available through January 15, 2009.� To get your discount, just call me (JoAnn) at 1-800-337-8845.� Please leave your name and number if I'm not home and I'll get back with you.

Here are a few gift suggestions:

There is sooo much more - be sure to check out our full line of products at�

You Can Make This Lovely


Poinsetta Centerpiece


Materials and Supplies:

  • 1 Oatmeal box

  • 1� -� 8" square piece of cardboard

  • 4 1/2" X 8" Candle

  • 1/2 yard green fabric for leaves

  • 1/2 yard pink, red, or white fabric for poinsettia petals

  • 1/2 yard lightweight batting (Warm & Natural)

  • 7 beige or yellow pony beads

Making the framework:

  • Cut 2" up, all the way around the bottom of the oatmeal box.

  • Cut a 7 1/2" diameter circle from the piece of cardboard.

  • Glue the bottom of the oatmeal box to the center of the cardboard.

Making the petals and leaves:

  • Cut both of your fabrics in half lengthwise, making 2 pieces, 9" wide and about 42" long.

  • Fold and press each of the fabrics in half, lengthwise..

  • Trace off pattern onto each corresponding fabric (see example below).� You will need 30 leaves, and 20 poinsettia petals.� Leave approximately 1/2" between each pattern.

  • Cut the batting in half, lengthwise, then repeat again, making your strips 4 1/2" wide.

  • Insert a piece of the batting into the fold of each of the fabric.

  • Pin through all three layers in the middle of each pattern.

  • Cut in the exact middle between each pattern.

  • Stitch through all layers on the pattern tracing.

  • Cut around each stitching with pinking shears.� Be careful to not cut into the stitching.

    poinsettia illustration

Putting it all together:

  • Lay your poinsettia petals out on a table as you would like them to finish.� Overlap the bottom ends (the curved end goes out).� Layer them to add depth.

  • Hand stitch these together in the middle.

  • By hand, stitch the pony beads, one at a time to the center of the poinsettia.
  • Using a hot glue gun, glue the poinsettia to the center front of the framework.

  • Again, using the glue gun, attach the leaves all the way around the framework, tucking each one in behind the last one.� Be sure to turn them upward, outward, and down the center to cover the cardboard completely.

You're Finished!

  • Add the candle to the center and enjoy!


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