October 2008 - "A Sew-Fun Thanksgiving"

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"A Sew-Fun�Thanksgiving" October�2008

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Fun Thanksgiving Patterns
Dolls for Chirstmas!
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Boy's Pilgrim Outfit - FREE Pattern


Thanksgiving's "Stitchin' for the Kitchen"
Thanksgiving sewing projects

Sewing Pattern Pack!

This delightfully fun pattern assortment pack will keep your home looking festive through the Thanksgiving season.� The pack includes patterns for two styles of placemats, a table runner,�apron, as well as assorted ideas for both potholders and kitchen towels.� Also included is a festive baby bib.

The patterns are simple, yet elegant, with many of them pieced, and others utilizing the�Heat'n'Bond applique�technique.

�These�accessories will be an asset to any kitchen!

�Hardcopy Price:�$12.95
eBook Price: $10.95�

Fun Christmas Sewing Project!

Cloth doll pattern

Looking for a special�Christmas gift for your daughter or grandaughter?� Consider��stitching a cloth doll to match her...eyes, hair, skin tones...and you can even make them matching clothing!� You may purchase this pattern in 2 different sizes...the 18" or 36" doll hieght.

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I love sewing
My granddaughter came to spend a few weeks with�me, and I decided to teach her to sew.� After I had gone through a lengthy explanation of how to thread the machine, she stepped back,�put her hands on her hips, and said in disbelief, "You�mean you can do all that, but you can't play my Game Boy?"�

~Author Unknown~


Thanksgiving is fast approching and the busy holiday season in almost here.� This month I have�a Pilgrim boys pattern availble, it's adorable and easy, with a hat, collar, and cuffs.� Any little Pilgrim�boy will be a hit at his�Thanksgiving feast.��If you missed the Pilgrim girls outfit in our last newsletter, you can check it out here >>>>>Fall Sewing Ideas

With the seasons changing it gives us a time to look back over�our year and reflect on the things that we are thankful for, as well as reminding us to begin making plans for the Christmas holidays.� So get out your machine, go through your patterns, and make a list!��

Have a great, sew-fun fall!��� ~ JoAnn��


Utilize this fun devotional to bond with your son as he completes projects outlined in the "Buckles & Bobbins" instructional. Each devotional includes a memory verse, words of wisdom and important life lessons that directly relate to projects in "Buckles & Bobbins". Spiritual concepts will come alive as he experiences them through the fun projects. Boys will grow in wisdom and appreciation of God's word, and its application to their lives. A joyful and exciting way to incorporate biblical principals into a boys life.
Sew & Grow with God's Wisdom

Sewing & Growing with God's Wisdom

Hardcopy Price:� $8.95

ebook Price:� $7.95

FREE�Thanksgivong Project:

The pattern directions are listed below.� Please click here to download the pattern pieces.

Pilgrim Boy

Pilgrim Boy's Hat


��1 yard black fabric

��1/2 yard Heat'n'Bond Ultra Hold

��1 yard 1 1/2" wide Gold Satin Ribbon

��4" X� 8" Silver fabric


��1 buckle from silver fabric that has been Heat'n'Bonded together

��1 Hat brim from black fabric that has been Heat'n'Bonded together.

��1 Hat body from black fabric that has been Heat'n'Bonded together.

��1 Hat top from black fabric that has been Heat'n'Bonded together.


��Following the directions on your Heat'n'Bond, adhere the two fabric pieces together.

��Cut out 1 hat brim, 1 hat body, and 1 hat top.

��Sew the short sides of the body piece together at 1/2" seam allowance.

��Make 1/2" clips around the top edge of the hat body.� Make 1/2" notches around the hat top.

��Carefully sew the hat top to the body top.� Turn right side out.

��Make 1/2" clips around the bottom edge of the hat body.� Make 1/2" clips around the inside curve of the hat brim.

��Carefully se the hat top to the body top.� Trim the seam.

Boy's Pilgrim Collar



��1/2 yard of white cotton fabric

��1/2 yard of Heat'n'Bond Lite

��1 sticky dot Velcro


��2-14" squares of fabric

��1-14" square of Heat'n'Bond Lite


��Following the directions on your Heat'n'Bond, adhere the two fabric pieces together.

��Draw a circle with a 13" diameter onto the square of fabric, and cut out.

��Draw a 3 1/2" circle in the exact middle of the circle for the neck opening. And cut out.

��Draw a line on exact center front.�

��Make a mark 2" on each side of center front of collar.� Draw a line from this mark to the neckline center front, both sides of center front.

��Cut out both lines.

��Place a Velcro sticky dot at the neckline opening corners to hold together.

Boy's Pilgrim Cuffs



��1/8 yard white fabric

��1/8 yard Heat'nBond Lite

��Velcro Dots


��Cut 4 fabric pieces bonded together with 2 Heat'n'Bond� to make 2 cuffs


��Following the directions on your Heat'n'Bond, adhere� two fabric pieces�together.� Repeat for 2nd cuff.

��Place Velcro dots on the bottom corners, both on the same side.� These will join the cuff around the wrist similar to a cuff link.

Check out our next issue for Christmas Sewing�Projects!

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