Fabric and Notions


You will be using cotton and cotton blend woven fabrics for your first sewing projects. I recommend encouraging the budding seamstress to purchase new fabrics that they like, will take ownership of, and will want to show off when the project is done.

Fabric Suppliers:

Fabric.com - href="http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-3018191-10294424?cm_mmc=CJ-_-2392069-_-3018191-_-$2.95%20SHIPPING%20ON%20FIRST%20ORDER%20from%20Fabric.com!">$2.95
SHIPPING from Fabric.com src="http://www.ftjcfx.com/image-3018191-10294424" alt="link"
width="1" height="1" border="0"/>huge fabric selection and great prices. They are one of the worlds most visited fabric retailers.

Notions Image

Fabric Pic

Notions include such things as thread, zippers, lace, interfacing � anything you will need beyond the fabric itself to complete the project.

Notions Suppliers:

customlabels4u.com: Unique
cusomized labels for your sewing projects

Cheeptrims.comthe best source I have found for purchasing edging lace and trims. You need to purchase larger quantities here, but when I can purchase their clearance trims for 10% of the retail price, (90% off) I do, and keep the extra for future projects.

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