Sewing Supplies

Below is a list of the basic sewing supplies you will need to purchase and become familiar with to use in completing your sewing projects.

Measuring Tools
Measure Tape Tape Measure Plastic coated tape, used throughout the sewing process.
Seam Gauge Seam Gauge 6� short ruler with movable adjustment; helpful in measuring hems.

and small lengths

Sewing Tools
Straight Pins Pins with ball heads are easier to see and use.
Grabbit A wonderful magnetic pin holder.
Seam Ripper Seam Ripper The smaller size works best.
Needle Needles Purchase a pack with a variety of sizes.

Cutting Tools
Small Scissors Small scissors Scissors or snips are handy at the machine for clipping threads.
Shears Dressmaker Shears Purchase a quality pair for cutting out fabrics.

Marking Tools
Pen Water Soluble Marking Pen To transfer markings onto your fabric; lines wash away with water.
Dots Color Coded Dots Available at office supply stores. Great for transferring markings.

Pressing Tools
Iron Purchase one with steam as well as dry.
Iron Board Ironing Board Multiple height adjustment is nice.

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