Where to Begin?

Do you want to learn to sew? Are you interested in teaching someone to sew, but don’t know where to begin? Below you will find information on:

· Sewing Books & Resources
· Sewing Supplies
· Fabrics and Notions
· Sewing Machines

Instructional Slide Show:

This slide show will give you the information you need to make wise choices concerning curriculum and sewing machines. It will acquaint you with the basic sewing tools you will need, and talks a bit about fabric and notions. You will need to double click the start button to make it work. Much of the information in the slide show can also be viewed on the pages below.

View each of our sewing books at a glance. They are broken down by age/skill level, content summary, and additional supportive resources, to aid you in selecting the right book to fit your needs.

This section will give you a list of the basic sewing supplies you will need to purchase and become familiar with to use in completing your sewing projects.

Types of fabrics for beginning sewing, and notions you will need to purchase to complete your projects.

Here we give you a few guidelines on sewing machines - whether used, reconditioned, or new.

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