Let's Bring "Glory To God" with Church Banners

~ A Complete Course on Creating Beautiful Quilted Banners for Your Church ~

Creating worship banners for your church is a wonderful way to integrate your skills as a seamstress into the body of Christ.

How to make a Banner for Your ChurchThis course on how to make banners applies your knowledge and expertise to creating works of art for your church worship center. Learn to plan and layout each fabric banner, supplies to stock, organization and construction techniques, and storage and display ideas for the banners.

Additionally, invaluable professional explanations and illustrations outline each step to help you visualize the finished product.
Discover how to work with a variety of fabrics, create cords and
tassels, use indispensable tools such as Heat’n’Bond and Quilter’s Grid, new methods, using the computer to design letters, and more!
Apply each new technique learned to one of the four fabric banners given in this book for you to learn how to make banners. Once you have mastered these techniques, use them to design your own verse and/or picture banners!
Once you learn the techniques and tips and tricks, you are ready to design and create a banner! There is great reward in seeing your own creation come to life. I will walk you through each step with a reminder of all the tips and tricks you learned on the previous patterns. With Noah’s ark, or a design of your choosing, you will learn to make a picture banner and, you will design verse fabric banners from a scripture passage. Learning how to make banners is an exciting journey; make it your own!

105 pages, Full Color Examples Throughout, Spiral Binding for Ease of Use.

Book Price: $34.95

Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Glory to God - Book on Making BannersGlory to God - Book on Making BannersUse this book independently or as a companion to other fabric banner projects you are currently working on! Inside you'll find four christian church banner patterns and full instructions, but you'll also find so much more. Included in this book are tips, techniques and instructions on how to make banners from beginning to end. Pages filled with years of JoAnn's experience from how to create fringe and tassels to how to hang and store your new banners are all part of this wonderful resource. Whether your a novice at creating quilted, fabric banners, or an experienced sewer, you'll find something here to help you design and create that amazing work of art!
Learn How to Make Banners
~ Complete patterns and directions for the following fabric banners in this book ~

These quilted fabric banners have been designed to give you an opportunity to experience a variety of techniques including stained glass, picture banners, word or verse banners, satin and fringed banners, as well as borders, bindings, rod pockets and much more!  In addition, if you like these banners in the small size, you will learn how to enlarge them to any size you want!

Glory to God in the HIghestGlory to God
This fabric banner is made on a crinkle satin background.  You will learn how to stabilize this stretchy fabric as well as work with Lame.  You will use Heat’n’Bond for the lettering and angel, and find out how to use quilting for design lines.  The bottom will be fringed, and you will discover how to make the cord and tassels.

Finished Size:  18” X 24” plus fringe

Fabric Banners - The NativityThe Nativity
While making “The Nativity,” you will learn to work with Heat’n’Bond Lite for the applique pieces, and utilize the Quick Bias method as well as the applique layering method for the Stained Glass effect.  These techniques are lovely for a variety of traditional banners, as well as highlights for your picture and design fabric banners.

Finished Size:  24” X 30”

How to Make Banners - Fisher of MenFishers of Men
Word and Scripture banners can be quite attractive, especially when you add a small appliqué.  I will go into utilizing the computer in designing the letters for these banners.  We will also be discussing borders, sizing them to fit exactly and some additional quick tricks for creating lovely fabric banners.

Finished size: 24” X 32”

The Cross fabric bannerThe Cross
Quilters grid on the square is used to make quilted fabric banners.  It gives you perfectly matched corners in a fraction of the time standard
piecing would.  It can also be purchased on point, and both can be incorporated into making lovely borders.  The extra stabilizer makes this quilt hang perfectly flat. A quick and easy technique to use on your fabric banners.

Finished size: 25” X 37”

Design Your Own

Once you have completed the first four fabric banners, you will know how to execute the techniques, and are now ready to design and construct your own unique banner.

Gods Promise BannerGod’s Promise 
You will work through all the steps involved in creating and designing your own banner, from start to finish.  You may use this design or one of your own as you learn how to make banners designs for a perfect fit, add your own verse, borders, fabrics, colors and finishing details.

 Me and My HouseVerse Banners 
 I will walk you through using the computer to design a verse banner, but I also I give you this last example of a verse that could be made into a banner, with all the computer fonts, sizes and Word Art for you to understand how to design lettering to use on your fabric banners. You may also choose to just enlarge this pattern to your chosen size, and create the banner.
I will walk you step by step through the process so you can apply it to your own verses, now and in the future.

Table of Contents

Banners You Will Learn to Make  4

Planning Your Banners
            Where to Find Ideas  7            
Planning Your Banners  9
Groupings 11

Supplies and Organization
Banner Making Supplies 13
Rotary Cutting Supplies 14
Using the Rotary Cutter and Matt Board 15
Fabric and Batting 16
Specialty Fabrics and Bonding Agents 17
Sewing Room Organization 18

Construction Techniques
(How to Make Banners)
Enlarging a Pattern 20
Quilt Fuse 24
Appliqué with Heat’n’Bond Lite 26
Piecing Guidelines 28
Fabric Lettering 30
Designing Word Banners 32
Stained Glass with Quick Bias 34
Stained Glass Alternate Method 36
Borders, Corner Squares, and Feature Ideas 38
Quilting Your Banner 40
Binding Edges and Mitering Corners 42
Fringe and Tassels 44

Storage and Displaying
Hanging/Displaying Your Banners 46
Storing Your  Banner 47

Banner Patterns and Directions
Quick Tips Sheet 48
The Cross 51    
Fishers of Men 58
Glory to God 70
The Nativity 77

Design Your Own Banners
Step-by-Step Picture and Verse Fabric Banners 92
Examples:  Noah’s Ark (Enlarging), 96
      Scripture (Lettering & Enlarging) 98
Catalog of Banners 101

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Click on any of the following free PDF downloads:
Church Banner Slideshow

Want to see how easy making a fabric banner really is? This slide show gives step by step instructions for making The Announcement banner, the most complicated of the quilted fabric banners. You'll discover it isn't as difficult as it looks and is a relatively simple process that most anyone can complete using Heat'n'Bond and Quick Bias. The slideshow is about six minutes long. Be sure to double click on the forward button on the lower left corner of the screen to play the slideshow.

Sewing Room Organization

Now that you've delved into the wonder of making church banners, you need an organized way to store your materials and supplies.  Below are some sewing room ideas that will help you!

Sewing Room Organization:
  • Find and use a cardboard barrel to keep dowel rods, drapery rods and yardsticks in.
  • Use a two drawer file cabinet for banner patterns placed in Ziploc bags, with a finished picture of the project for quick identification.
  • Use at least 2 sizes of storage trays with multiple drawers to place on top of your file cabinet for tape measures, pins, machine needles, etc. 
  • Attach finish nails on an unused wall to hange different rulers, squares, and quilting templates.
  • Closet shelves will make a great place for storing fabrics on bolts or rolls.
  • Solid color plastic totes (so fabrics won't fade) are great for left over fabrics.  Tape a 1" square to the outside of the bin so you can visually check at a glance as to what's inside.
  • Make a cover for your sewing machine to eliminate dust, lint, and thread fading.
  • Store your threads, as well as bobbins, on racks near your machine and out of direct sunlight.
Sewing room organization is critical to a productive journey as you create 
fabric banners that are artistic in a functional space.  You'll find yourself on task more and eliminate frustration by incorporating some of the above sewing room ideas.

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