"Fruit of the Spirit" Banner Patterns

Note:  We offer banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners. 

Learn How To Applique
The Fruit of the Spirit

Quoting from Galations 5:22,23, this banner lists the nine characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit. The words, using a script design, are listed on one side, while using special banner fabrics for the vibrantly colored fruit intertwined with vines lays along side. You'll learn how to applique with this design. Pieces are attached using Heat'n’Bond. For beginning sewers. Finished size is 39" x 46"

Banners Patterns:  The Fruit of the Spirit   $18.95

Selecting Banner Fabrics


The characteristic of Love stands out boldly with a verse from 1 Corinthians. Black letters on a varigated white background are embellished only by red violet hearts and flowers nestled in a leaf lined vine, all made using Heat'n'Bond applique techniques.  For beginner quilters. 

Finished size is 39" x 46".

Banners Patterns: Love   $18.95

Joy Banner Pattern

Bold block lettering calls out for us to "Shout for Joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music." Psalm 98:4 is presented here as the characteristic of the fruit of the spirit, Joy. Applique' techniques attach piano keys, horn and violin which encourage any who view this beautiful work to lift up praise to the Lord with music. The banner fabrics for the instruments are attached using Heat'n'Bond. For intermediate quilters.

 Finished size is   39" x 46".

Banners Patterns: Joy   $18.95

Discover how to applique when making this Peace Banner

One of ten banner patterns in the Fruit of the Spirit set, this innocent dove carrying an olive branch resting on a bold empty cross carries the characterisitc of peace. This wall hanging would be an incredible addition to any church facility reminding us of the peace Christ has given to us. Discover how to applique using Heat'n'Bond as you assemble the design. The project can be completed by a beginner level quilter. Finished size is 39" x 46".

Banners Patterns: Peace   $18.95

A variety of banner fabrics Patience

One of the set of ten in the Fruit of the Spirit series, Patience is one of our wonderful banner patterns. This particular banner is a challenge and a joy to make. The bright yellow rain coat of the captain, browns that create a realisitc ship's deck, the raging sea and sky, tied to an incredible lighthouse work together to form this picture telling us of patience in the storm.  Selecting the banner fabrics was challenging.   Discover how to applique the banner fabrics using Heat'n'Bond, and quilting skills required are at an intermediate level. Finished size is 38" x 46". 

Banners Patterns:  Patience   $18.95

Kindness banner patterns

Calling for brotherly kindness, this wall hanging sports an attractive bird and soothing shades of brown. This banner pattern is one in the Fruits of the Spirit set. A mixture of block and cursive letters along with the bird design makes this project a pleasure to both create and view. Assembled using applique techniques and Heat'n'Bond. For beginning quilters. Finished size is 39" x 46".

Banners Patterns:  Kindness   $18.95

Exploring how to applique on this Goodness banner

The banner fabrics for this project are bright golds, yellows and browns that will light up any church facility with this banner based on the characteristic of Goodness. Using applique techniques, the beautiful cut-out sunflowers and "Goodness" in bold green letters are held in place by Heat'n'Bond. This banner pattern is one in the Fruit of the Spirit set of ten, but can easily stand on it's own. For beginning/intermediate quilters. 

Finished size is 39"x46".

Banners Patterns:  Goodness   $18.95

Nicely chosen banner fabrics

The quality of gentleness is depicted on this wall hanging adorned by a butterfly resting on a peaceful flower. The gentle cursive letters add to the calming feel of the banner. You will master how to applique with Heat'n'Bond Lite when applying the lettering and design elements.  Part of the series of the Fruit of the Spirit, this banner will be a wonderful way to usher in spring. A beginning level project.

 Finished size is 39" x 46".

Banners Patterns:  Gentleness   $18.95

Faithfulness Banner Patterns

A swirling ocean, rocky shore and beckoning mountains create a vivid picture of God's faithfulness. What an awesome reminder that God is faithful to us.  You will find out how to applique with Heat'n'Bond while making this banner.   This wall hanging is part of the Fruit of the Spirit series and it is a beginning level pattern. 

Finished size is 39" x 46".

Banners Patterns:  Faithfulness   $18.95

Self Control is the them of this banner pattern
Self Control

Self-control is the theme of this banner which is part of the Fruit of the Spirit series. The tall windmill applique'd on a multi-colored background stands out next to the script lettering of the verse, 1 Corinthians 9:25. "Anyone who competes excercises self-control in all things." Assembled with Heat'n"Bond applique techniques, this is an intermediate level pattern.
Finished size is 39" x 46".

Banners Patterns: Self Control   $18.95


Fruit of the Spirit Banner Grouping

Fruit of the Spirit Banner Patterns

"The fruit of the spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control." Taken from Galations 5: 22,23, this set of ten banners depict in word and design the Fruit of the Spirit listed. The first banner in the set displays the verse, while each subsequent banner depicts a characteristic of the fruit. On each, a biblical reference is enhanced with carefully chosen banner fabrics and colors for flowers and vines or vibrant pictures, while matching borders coordinate the set.  Three banner patterns in the set are for intermediate sewers while the other seven banner patterns are at the beginner level. Heat'n Bond applique techniques are used throughout. All banners have a finished size 39" x 46".

Set of 10 Fruit of the Spirit Banner Patterns  $162.50

Note:  We sell banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners

Product Selections

Product Selections

1 The Fruit of the Spirit (Pattern Only)The Fruit of the Spirit (Pattern Only)"The Fuit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness,, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control". This verse from Galations 5:22, is written in script while bright and colorful fruit intertwine with vines adding color, enhancing the banner. Learn how to applique with the Heat'n'Bond Lite. A beginner sewer can practice sewing skills with this begging level pattern. Finished measurments are 39" x 46". The pattern  comes with complete and detailed instructions.

2 Fruit of the Spirit: Love (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Love (Pattern Only)Having a simple look doesn't detract from the beauty of the design or the message on these church banner patterns. The verse from 1 Corinthians 13:27 tells us "Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always persevers. Love never fails."  Applique, embellishments come in the form of  flowers intertwined with a leaf vine and red violet hearts. All applique techniques utilize Heat'n'Bond. A pattern for beginner quilters, the finished size measures 39" x 46". 

3 Fruit of the Spirit: Joy (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Joy (Pattern Only)So many times, the Bible tells us to raise our voices in praise to God and this verse is a reminder to do it with joy! A fruit of the spirit, we are commanded to "Shout for Joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music", from Psalm 98:4. A violin, horn and piano keys are perfect symbols of music encouraging people to send praise to God with music whether by voice or instrument. Banner fabrics will include wood grain, shiny gold for the trumpet and black and white satin for the shiny piano keys, all applied using applique techniques. Words are in block letters and are applied using the applique technique with Heat'n'Bond as are the letters. This banner pattern is for intermediate quilters and finishes at 39" x 46".

4 Fruit of the Spirit: Peace (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Peace (Pattern Only)All of the banners in the Fruit of the Spirit set were made with the intention of bringing calm and quiet to the heart of the viewer. This banner pattern depicting peace does that well with a verse reassuring us that God has not left us alone, He has given us His peace. "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you" from John 14:27 coupled with the dove, olive branch and cross support Jesus' statement. Whether this is hung in a sanctuary or foyer/entrance way, what a wonderful way to welcom people into a church. Find out how to applique using Heat'n'Bond, and the banner can be completed by a beginner level quilter. Finished measurements are 39" x 46".
5 Fruit of the Spirit: Patience (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Patience (Pattern Only)This particular fabric banner is one of my favorites. It was a fun and challenging design to create. What stands out the most in this banner is the Captain whose focus is on the lighthouse..  The Captin keeps his ship steady against the tempetuous storm. James 1:3, "The testing of your faith produces Patience," is placed across the top. Together, the raging sea, struggling Captain and amazing lighthouse paint a wonderful picture of patience in the storm. All applique' pieces and lettering are applied with Heat'n'Bond fusible applique. We recommend this pattern for intermediate quilters. Measurements are 39" x 46".
6 Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness (Pattern Only)Using both cursive and block letters, the verse about brotherly love stands out on this christian banner pattern. This beginning quilt pattern has fewer small design pieces than others, and is set at a beginner level. All lettering and design pieces are attached using applique techniques and Heat'n'Bond. Enjoy creating this pretty banner to use alone or with other patterns in the Fruit of the Spirit series. Finshes at 39" x 46".
7 Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness (Pattern Only)"...and fulfill every desire for goodness", from 2 Thessolonians 1:11 is the verse that represents Goodness in this banner. Bright and beautiful  brown banner fabrics, and the  golds and yellows light up any church facility. All the applique sunflowers and lettering is held in place with Heat'n'Bond. This is an attractive banner with a fun pattern that can easily stand on its own although it is one of ten in the Fruit of the Spirit set. It is for an intermediate quiltier with a finished size of 39" x 46".

8 Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit:  Gentleness (Pattern Only)This christian banner design has a solid background, orange, reddish-orange and yellow put just the right amount of color in this banner. Lettering adds to the gentle theme along with the butterfly resting on the flower. You will learn how to applique with Heat'n'Bond when adhering design pieces and lettering. Detailed instructions are included in the pattern along with pattern pieces for designs and lettering. This is a beginner level pattern and finishes at 39" x 46". 

9 Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfullness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit:  Faithfullness (Pattern Only)This christian banner call us live a life of faithfulness with Jesus calling us to "be faithful unto death" in Revelation 2:10. In creating this banner, you'll make beach and mountains, the ocean and a young woman along with lettering in a beginning level pattern. All design pieces and lettering use Heat'n'Bond applique techniques. The borders match the other banners in the Fruit of the Spirit series. Measures 39" x 46". Revelation 2:10
10 Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control (Pattern Only)Part of the Fruit of the Spirit series, Self-Control is the theme of this cloth banner. This pattern coordinates with the other banners in this series as all of them have matching borders. All banner lettering is done with green fabric and also coordinates with the border. While the verse is to the side of the windmill, the verse address is at the bottom. All banner lettering and design pieces are adhered using Heat'n'Bond. Final measurements are 39" x 46". It is an intermediate level pattern and comes with complete and detailed instructions.
11 Fruit of the Spirit - 10 banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Fruit of the Spirit - 10 banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Taken straight from Galations 5:22, the first banner in this set states the verse "The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control." The other nine banner patterns each represent a fruit with a verse and visual representation of that fruit. These were fun to design and make as each picture is different and unique, using a good variety of banner fabrics. Heat'n'Bond applique techniques are used throughout.   There are seven patterns in the set that are at a beginner level while three are for a more advanced quilter. Banners all finish at 39" x 46".

12 Glory to God - Book on Making BannersGlory to God - Book on Making BannersUse this book independently or as a companion to other fabric banner projects you are currently working on! Inside you'll find four christian church banner patterns and full instructions, but you'll also find so much more. Included in this book are tips, techniques and instructions on how to make banners from beginning to end. Pages filled with years of JoAnn's experience from how to create fringe and tassels to how to hang and store your new banners are all part of this wonderful resource. Whether your a novice at creating quilted, fabric banners, or an experienced sewer, you'll find something here to help you design and create that amazing work of art!
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Church Banner Slideshow

Want to see how easy making a banner really is? This slide show gives step by step instructions for making The Announcement banner, the most complicated of the banners. You'll discover it isn't as difficult as it looks and is a relatively simple process that most anyone can complete using the Heat'n'Bond Quick Bias. The slideshow is about six minutes long. Be sure to double click on the forward button on the lower left corner of the screen to play the slideshow.

How to Applique with Heat'n'Bond Lite
Applique is a special technique where the original design is cut from one piece of fabric, placed onto a fabric background and then held in place with stitching around the edges. There are several applique techniques you can use, but I like the ease and results of using the Heat'n'Bond Lite method with church banner fabrics.

Applique Techniques:
  • Match the weight and fiber content of the fabrics for the applique and the background fabric.
  • Preshrink the applique fabric only if you preshrink your other fabrics.
  • Cut appliques with the same grain lines as your background fabric.
  • Heat'n'Bond Lite will give you a no-pucker-bond and easy application.
How to Applique with Heat'n'Bond Lite:
  • Trace your design upside-down onto the paper side of Heat'n'Bond.
  • Cut the paper out about 1/2" larger all the way around than your original design.
  • Adhere the bumpy side of Heat'n'Bond Lite to the wrong side of your chosen applique fabric.
  • After cooling, cut out your design.
  • Peel off your paper backing.
  • Fuse the right side of your applique in position on the right side of your fabric.
  • You may stitch around your design if you desire.  I usually wait and complete the stitching when I quilt my completed banner.
Appliques can add intricate, beautiful detail to your banner fabrics.  You will enjoy creating your own designs when you can so easily add appliques with this smooth technique.

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