Sewing for dolls wouldn't be complete without doll quilts. We offer you patterns for sewing a quilt from the simplest snuggle quilt to the more challenging heirloom quilt. These patterns for doll quilts will give you a chance to work with a variety of fabrics and techniques.  They are easy quilts to make, and great for learning a new technique on a small scale. You'll never run out of ideas for those left over scraps again because...little girls never have too many doll quilts! 
Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Autumn Celebration Doll QuiltAutumn Celebration Doll QuiltMaking the doll size Log Cabin quilt will teach you the strip piecing method which is used to build the Log Cabin block. You will also learn how to chain your pieces together as you sew. When finished, the blocks can be laid in different directions for the look that you like the best. Quilt in straight lines and then sew the binding on. Finished size is 22" x 23".  Log Cabin blocks make into quick and easy quilts,  especially nice for beginners wanting to learn how to sew a quilt.
2 Denim Picnic Doll QuiltDenim Picnic Doll QuiltThis outdoor quilt might be the stepping block for your daughter to make a quilt for her own bed. It was made with lightweight denim and a red western print. It can be made all raggedy and an optional applique can be stitched in the center.  Learn the "Raggedy" easy quilts technique on a smaller scale before trying it out on a larger project. Finished size is 22 1/2" x 22 1/2".  This is a good quilt pattern for beginners.
3 Dolly's Bed QuiltDolly's Bed QuiltWhile the picture shows a color design for this patchwork quilt,you will have fun picking out coordinating fabrics and creating your own design.  Learn to sew easy quilts with quilters grid by simply cutting the blocks the correct size and placing them on the grid, then sew. Once the seams are sewn, turn it inside out and iron. Quilt using straight stitches. This is one of our easier patterns for doll quilts. Finished size is 18" x 24". 
4 Guest Room Doll QuiltGuest Room Doll QuiltLearn the basics of Heirloom sewing with this pretty heirloom project. It will give you a bit of a challenge, but will be worth it. The directions included will walk you through how to sew a quilt including the heirloom techniques and stitches.  A lovely quilt worth treasuring! A cute patterns for doll quilts.  Finished size is 22" x 22".
5 Snuggle QuiltSnuggle QuiltA snuggle quilt is the perfect quilt patterns for beginners. It is a quick to make design for making fast and easy quilts. A solid panel in the middle with a simple border makes this easy to stitch together with a polyester batting. Simply stitch all seams then turn inside out and whip-stitch the opening closed. Quilt in straight lines, tie and you're finished. A matching pillowcase can be sewn up for a set. Finished size is 18" x 25".

6 Pinwheel Doll QuiltPinwheel Doll QuiltMake this pinwheel doll quilt with bits and pieces left from previous sewing projects for an original look. Four pinwheel blocks are sewn together with border pieces. All quilting is done with the machine using a straight stitch and a bit of free hand quilting on the border. Simply sew on the binding, then whip stitch it to the back and you have a pretty and quilt measuring 14 1/2" x 14 1/2".

Helpful Tips for Learning To Sew a Quilt

Doll quilts are perfect quilt patterns for beginners as you will learn techniques on a small scale that will easily transition over to a larger project. With patterns for the easy quilts offered above, you will learn how to sew a quilt, from construction to quilting and binding.
  • The Basics - Start with some patterns for easy quilts, especially if you're sewing with a  beginning sewer. Patterns for doll quilts that are too repettitve and time consuming may quench enthusiasim. 
  • Measurements - Be accurate when you measure and cut blocks. Corners must match up and seam allowances must be even for matched corners. Press seams every time you sew a seam so the quilt top lays flat when completed. Accuracy is one of the most important aspects of learning how to sew a quilt.
  • Quilting Supplies - To sew a quilt, you'll need a few tools. A 1/4" presser foot, a rotary cutter and rule, a quilter's square and a walking sewing machine foot. Each of these items will aide you in making and cutting quilt blocks easier and help you ensure accuracy in block size and seams.
  • Fabrics  - How the quilt is to be used will determine what kind of fabric you select. For an outdoor quilt, you'll want a heavier duty fabric such as denim. For warmth, flannel, for an heirloom quilt, batiste. Just don't use stretchy fabrics. It is extremely difficult to sew without stretching and hard to get it to lay flat.
  • Colors - Find a large print that you really like then find shades and hues of the colors in the print to put together for the pieces of your quilt.  Even if you don't use the large print you will like the other colors when put together.
With these tips and the easy quilts offered above, you will learn how to sew a quilt on a small scale that will surely please a special little girl.  You can then take that knowledge and turn it towards creating a larger quilt for your own bed.

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