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Welcome to our doll clothing pattern ebooks page. We are excited to be able to offer you a nice selection of our doll products in ebook format. These ebooks come to you at a discounted price and are ready to download onto your computer or print out within minutes of completing your order. We will continue to offer you more in this format, so check back often. 
Product Selections

Product Selections

36" Children of the World Cloth Doll Pattern- ebook36" Children of the World Cloth Doll Pattern- ebookMake a life size doll that either matches a special child or make one completely unique. These patterns allow you to choose eye color, skin tones and hair color. Inclded are patterns for outfits for each doll's nationality. Doll nationalities include Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, Native American doll and Asian. there will be two downloadable files, one with patterns and one with instructions.

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Make Sewing Doll Clothes Successful!
A Few Considerations:
  • Doll patterns will be shaped differently.  Dollys are built different than humans....with shorter necks and thicker tummys.
  • You will use differene fabrics and techniques because you will be sewing and working with smaller pieces.
  • Select closures that are easy for small hands to manipulate.  Velcro is a great choice.
Stitching Seams:
  • All doll clothing patterns use a 1/4" seam allowance.  It is important that you use exactly that.  When sewing on such small items, any deviation will make the garment to small or too large.
  • Once you determine your 1/4" placement, put a piece of blue painters tape across the throat plate on your machine to use as a fabric seam allowance guide.
  • Limit the amount of backstitching you do.  2 or 3 sittches is sufficient. 
  • If you have trouble with soft fabrics, place a piece of typing paper under the seam to be stitched to act as a stabilizer.  Simply tear it away after completing the seam.  
A Few Other Tips:
  • Press your 1/4" seam allowance to one side to make the seam stronger.
  • After stitching, ziz zag close to the raw edge.  This will prevent fraying with normal use and during laundry.
  • Consider fully lining the bodice to eliminate tiny facings and raw edges. 

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