Have fun Sewing 18 in Doll Clothes Patterns!  

18 in Doll Clothes PatternsLearn how to sew doll clothes with these doll clothing collections. We offer a variety of 18 in doll clothes patterns from the beautiful, fancy Heirloom style dresses to dressing Dolly in denim.  Regardless of  whether you're making doll clothes for a special party, camping, a slumber party, to go to town or to the farm, you'll find a nice variety for most any occasion.

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"Doll & Doll Clothes Patterns" Catalog
Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Buckles & Bobbins patterns for 18" dollsBuckles & Bobbins patterns for 18" dollsPlan on taking your doll with you to your next pajama party or campout, dressed in matching clothes that you have made yourself. Buckles and Bobbins 18 inch Doll Clothes Patterns include fifteen active clothing patterns that coordinate with the projects in the Buckles and Bobbins, our sewing patterns for boys book. Sew doll clothes and accessories like these: a  pillowcase, laundry bag, quilted pillow & patchwork quilt, work apron, wrench roll-up case, pajama bottoms or shorts and top, duffel bag, sportsman's vest, cargo pants, and back pack. These beginner sewing projects are designed for the novice sewer.
2 Pintucks & Lace 18" Doll Clothing PatternsPintucks & Lace 18" Doll Clothing PatternsThis beautiful dress pattern is made with heirloom types of stitches and matches the dress pattern in Pintucks & Lace.  Other 18 in doll clothes patterns included in this pack are a headband and bow that match the dress, a doll quilt made with pintucks and insertion lace, and a pillow and pillowcase to complete the bed set.  Directions for all the sewing techniques are included, along with the pattern instructions. This is an ensemble that will be cherished forever! Enjoy adding a touch of beauty and femininity to a sewing project that is certain to please any little girl.    
3 Pins & Needles 18" Doll Clothing PatternsPins & Needles 18" Doll Clothing PatternsHave fun dressing up Dolly in outfits that coordinate with the ones you made in the Pins and Needles instructional. You'll find 18 in doll clothes patterns for sewing clothes like the Polar fleece vest & scarf, sundress, top and bottom sweats and a skirt plus many more. Either use left over scraps, or have fun picking out new, fun material to dress up Dolly. These patterns use velcro instead of zippers for ease in dressing that favorite doll. All patterns fit 18" dolls.

4 Stitches & Pins patterns for 18" dollsStitches & Pins patterns for 18" dollsYou can sew doll clothes. Use left over fabrics from your beginner sewing projects in Stitches and Pins to stitch up doll clothes patterns for your favorite 18" doll at minimal expense. This is a great opportunity to teach some basic sewing skills to your daughter or learn them yourself. A few of these easy patterns include a laundry bag, pot holder and elastic waist skirt.
5 Dolly Goes DenimDolly Goes DenimCreate a denim wardrobe for that special doll. Patterns that reflect a western style, cute and casual, or a bit more dressy are included in this book. Learn how to sew doll clothes with the 20 patterns with detailed instructions and illustrations included to make complete outfits. Shirts, skirts, bib overalls, flannel shirt, dresses, and pants are just an overview of what is included. These denim doll clothing patterns are made with lightweight denim and small prints or plaids.
6 Dolly's DressesDolly's DressesOver 35 patterns for making doll clothes with directions and illustrations, some of which are jumpers, blouses, skirts, dresses, sundress, different styles of collars and a few accessories are included in this pack. This book doesn't just offer you a multitude of doll dress patterns, but also shows you sewing techniques that make it easier to sew doll clothes. Create beautiful clothes for those young hands to dress up that favorite doll.
7 Dolly's Favorite QuiltsDolly's Favorite QuiltsLearn several different quilting techniques when you stitch up these doll quilt patterns...piecing, raggedy edges, quilt fuse, heirloom stitches and lace insertion. You will also earn basic machine quilting, binding and piecing techniques. These quilt patterns for beginners are a wonderful opportunity to learn quilting techniques on a small scale before moving on to a larger project.
8 Dolly's WardrobeDolly's WardrobeFleece for cold weather, t-shirts for summer and sundresses for tea parties...this collection of 18 in doll clothes patterns has 40 different patterns, something for nearly every occasion and season of the year. Each comes complete with detailed directions and illustrations for making doll clothes. Different techniques are explained to help make sewing doll clothing easier. The perfect gift for someone who loves to sew doll clothes.
9 Dolly's Best FriendsDolly's Best FriendsThese soft, bendable cloth doll patterns make dolls are soft and easier to dress than a vinyl doll. The patterns for cloth dolls show you how to personalize the doll to match that special child by matching eye color and skin tone as well as yarn hair and even match outfits. Detailed instructions are included for making the cloth dolls as well as their outfits.  You'll find that other 18" doll clothes fit, too!

Embellishments and Notions for Making Doll Clothes

You may have plenty of notions for sewing adult or even children's clothing, but for our 18 in doll clothes patterns, you'll need a few sewing notions on a smaller scale. Here are a few hints on how to sew doll clothes.

  • Buttons -1/4" buttons are best for these patterns.  Something pretty and decorative.
  • Extra small snaps - Select snaps based on the size of the garment. Usually the smallest size available works best. 
  • Pins - Choose short, fine pins. Large ones create holes in delicate fabrics and don't work well on small scale sewing patterns. Dolls clothes are small and while a pin hole may not show up in large scale sewing, it will on a doll size outfit.
  • Elastic - Use soft 1/4" - 3/8" elastic for pajamas, waistline casings, sleeves, wrists and even headbands.  Clear elastic is very stretchy and works well in small areas.
  • .Embroidery -You can use embroidery options on your machine to create borders and decorate hem lines, or use hand embroidery to embellish on collars, sleeves or bibs.
  • Appliques - This is a fun way to add flair to an outfit. Find a cute applique' you like or make your own by tracing a cookie cutter or some other design onto Heat'n'Bond.
  • Shiny Touches -Add sequins or rhinestones for an extra dazzle and sparkle. Even the most simple denim outfit can become a fashion statement with a little flashy notion.
We've given you a few ideas on how to make doll clothes easier to sew. With each collection of  18 in doll clothes patterns, you will find a differing variety of styles, and you'll find that these  doll clothes tips will be helpful.  Feel free to download the pdf of more tips from the link above.

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