Huggable and loveable, these cloth dolls are soft and comfortable, perfect for small hands to hold and love. There are two different styles of rag dolls to choose from, the traditional, simple Amish doll which is a basic "cookie cutter" pattern and the 8", 18" and 36" cloth dolls with facial features and jointed limbs. Either style is basic and simple to construct and each comes with a clothing pattern for the specific doll. You will also discover how to make doll hair.  I think you'll enjoy sewing a doll as much as that special child will enjoy playing with them.
Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Caleb and Rachael - 11" simple doll patternsCaleb and Rachael - 11" simple doll patternsFollowing the tradition of Amish dolls, these 11 inch doll patterns to sew are simple, featureless and are clothed in the traditional clothing styles of the Amish people. Solid and dark colors cover these doll patterns. A truly uncomplicated pattern that can be used as a starting point for a child, they are simple and easy to sew. Basic pants with cloth suspenders and a button up shirt clothe Caleb, while Rachel wears a simple dress covered with an pinafore apron while a bonnet sits upon her head.
2 Phoebe - 18" Cloth Doll PatternPhoebe - 18" Cloth Doll PatternThis adorable doll pattern to sew is made from cotton fabrics and stuffed with polyester batting.  Made to be soft and cuddly, her fully jointed and bendable arms and legs make her easy for small hands to dress. Sewing doll patterns will be fun as you watch double button eyes and an embroidered smile bring her face to life. Enclosed in this pattern you'll find pattern pieces for the doll, the dress, pinafore, hair ribbon and curly yarn hair. With a hair pin lace frame, you can make doll hair from yarn.  Very cute and curly.                                                          
3 18" Cloth Doll Patterns18" Cloth Doll PatternsDiscover how to make a rag doll with skin tones, eyes, and hair to match you or that of someone you know, or make them truly unique. There are doll dress patterns included for each of the children of the world cloth doll patterns. These children include a Caucasian doll, a Hispanic doll, an Asian doll, and an African American doll. Click on the pattern image to view the outfits.  You will also learn to make doll hair from yarn.
4 36" Rag Doll Patterns36" Rag Doll PatternsSew up your choice of life size rag doll patterns that will be smothered with love by your little ones! Learn how to make a rag doll with matching skin tone, eye color and hair for that special someone.  Our doll patterns to sew also include the clothing patterns for one outfit for each nationality. These large doll patterns include a Caucasian doll, Asian, Hispanic, an African American doll, and Native American dolls and doll clothing. Click on pattern image to view some of the outfits.

Tips for Sewing a Doll

Sewing a doll uses some techniques and supplies you may not have...yet. As you follow our doll patterns and tips, you'll discover learning how to make a rag doll to be fun and creative. Below are a few tips to help you get started.
  • Doll Making Supplies: You'll need basic sewing supplies such as tape measure, scissors, pins, thread, seam ripper and marking tools. You will also find items such as hemostats, hairpin lace loom, stuffing forks, turning forks and sculpting needles to be helpful.
  • Construction: Read through all directions before beginning your doll. Mistakes will be difficult to take out or fix because of a shorter stitch length. Cut out all fabrics and press before sewing a doll.
  • Fabrics:  When doll making, fabric should not be stretchy. Using muslim when sewing a doll, which gives it an old fashioned look. It comes in white and natural colors, and can be tea dyed for different skin tones. You can also use other colored cottons for different skin tones.
  • Batting: Polyester batting works well for a softer doll or use cotton stuffing for a harder pack. Stuff your doll tightly to avoid dimples and wrinkles in the wrong place.
  • Stitching: Use a 3/8" seam allowance. It's a little wider, but it makes the seams more durable. It's best to use a smaller stitch length, 1.5, because it makes smoother, rounded seams and also makes the seam stronger.
  • Make Doll Hair:  You'll want to purchase a hairpin lace frame (yarn department) to use to make doll hair easily. It works well for curls or straight hair, and can be set to different widths to change the length.  
Be sure to sign the dolls you've made. Include your name and the date completed. You may even want to give your doll a name. You can embroider the information or use a fabric safe permanent marker on the body portion of the doll. You'll love sewing a doll, and these tips should help to make it a little easier. Above you'll find a link to many more tips to help with learning how to make a rag doll. Have fun!

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