Note:  We sell banner patterns for you to make and create your own banners - not ready-made banners

These beautiful banner patterns for church were created for varying skill levels, ranging from the adventuresome beginner to the experienced, skilled quilter and anyone in between!  Beginners will learn how to make christian  banners with Heat'n'Bond techniques, while the more advanced will enjoy the stained glass patterns, all with delightful inspirational designs.
 Whether you have sewn for many years or have a teachable spirit and are looking for a ministry, making banners is for you! Each banner pattern is designed around a theme and scripture reference, ready to tie in to a variety of worship focus'. 
Check back with us periodically as we continually add patterns for new holiday and seasonal banners!

Amazing Banner Patterns"Amazing God" Church Banner Patterns

Check out our new Amazing Banner Grouping!  This eye-catching group of four full size banners for church is set on a crinkle satin background with verses in gold lame’ lettering; Banners include:  "Amazing Love", "Amazing Majesty", "Amazing Grace", and "Amazing Glory".  Each banner has 10 inch fringe along the bottom, as well as tassels along the side. The finished christian banners measure 38" x 87". 

Intermediate skill level.

Individual Banner Patterns: $18.95 

SAVE!!! Group of 4 Patterns:  $64.00

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"Trinity" Christian Banner Patterns

Trinity Banners for Church

These wonderful banners for church are a must have for any church sanctuary. Four full size banner patterns include, "Triune God", "The Father", "The Son", and "The Holy Spirit." Each banner depicts one aspect of the Trinity and the fourth groups the three together. These Christian banners are applique' and border piecing, and the background and border are all made with batik fabrics. Each pattern includes full sized lettering. Finished size is 48" x 68. 

Beginner/intermediate skill level.

Individual Banner Patterns:  $18.95 

SAVE!!! Group of 4 Patterns:  $64.00

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"Christmas Celebration" Worship Banner Patterns

Christmas Christian Banner Patterns
This holiday set includes, "The Announcement", "The Greatest Gift", "Worship Him", and "The Prophecy".  The banners utilize a range of techniques including,  Quick-Bias, applique', and Heat'N'Bond to create the stained glass effect.  The finished size on all four Christmas banners for church are 49" x 87" so they coordinate beautifully in your church's sanctuary.
For intermediate to advanced quilters.
Individual Banner Patterns:  $18.95
SAVE!!!  Group of 4 Patterns:  $64.00

"I Am" Christian Banner Patterns

I Am Patterns for Church Banners
These four patterns for church banners focus on who Christ really is: "I Am the Light of the World", "I Am The Bread of Life", "I Am the Resurrection and the Life", and "I Am the True Vine".  All patterns include full size lettering. Great for Easter or anytime throughout the year! These patterns for church banners utilize Heat'n'Bond and Quick Bias. Finished size of each banner is 38" x 62".
Beginner/intermediate level.

Individual Banner Patterns: $18.95

SAVE! Group of 4 Patterns: $64.00

"Scripture" Church Banner Patterns

Scripture patterns for church bannersThis banner grouping uses scripture to reassure us of Christ's unfailing, unwavering love and His constancy. Matching backgrounds tie the set together while the pieced border strips give each banner a unique look. Script and block lettering draw the eye to the scripture passages and all of these christian banners are embellished with a pretty design.  Lettering and designs utilize the Heat’n’Bond Lite appliqué method.  Finished, each of these beautiful banners measure 66 X 48. 

These are intermediate level projects due to piecing as well as appliqué techniques.

Individual Banner Patterns:  $18.95 

SAVE!!! Group of 4 Patterns:  $64.00

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"Missions" Religious Banner Patterns

Missions Christian banners
This banner grouping includes the patterns for four full size missions banners: "Go and Preach", "Make Disciples", "Least of These", and "Harvest Workers". Do you or someone in your church have fabrics from missions trips and would like to share them? Use them to spread the Word to your church! Some of the messages on the unique christian banners include: The light within you, A heart for God and others, The Word of God, and A vision for the world. Four different African inspirational symbols have been quilted in the corners of these christian banners. This delightful assortment of banners for church would be an asset to any sanctuary. Finished banner size is 52" x 73".
Beginner skill level

Individual Banner Patterns: $18.95

SAVE!! Group of 4 Patterns: $64.00

"God Commands Us To Love" Christian Banner Patterns

God's Love Banners for Churches
These stunning patterns for church banners, "The First Commandment" and "Love One Another," were designed using Heat'n'Bond for the lettering.  Several borders, including a 5 inch Seminole piecing strip, pull in 4 additional colors. These banners for church coordinate wonderfully with each other. They make a beautiful gift of love for all to enjoy...especially during the Valentine season. These patterns include a full size drawing of the design. Finished size is 56" x 75".

Beginner/intermediate level.

Individual Banner Patterns:$18.95 

"Communion Celebration" Church Banner Patterns

Communion Christian Banners

A set of lovely communion banners that together reflect upon the last supper referred to in Luke 22. Here they are made up in a majestic purple and gold. Writing reads: "Do This In Remembrance Of Me". These banners for church are assembled using the Heat'n'Bond technique and measure 30" X 48". 

Beginner/intermediate level.

Set of 2 Patterns: $18.95

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"America!" Patriotic Banner Pattern

Patriotic Banner Pattern
This patriotic banner becomes a wonderful addition to your church sanctuary celebrating Memorial Day, Independence Day and 9/11. The entire banner is made using Heat'n'Bond and is outline quilted, adding fringe along the bottom. This pattern for church banners includes a full size drawing of the design. Finished size is 36" w 70".
Intermediate level.

Individual Banner Pattern:$18.95

Resurrection Sunday Banner Patterns

Simple yet striking, this set of four banners celebrates spring and the Easter season.  Set against a cream background with just a hint of shine, the bright and bold words in cranberry and green stand out.  Each banner has a design representing the Easter story and a correlating verse taken from the New Testament which tell of Christ's victory over death as he has risen from the dead. The banners are titled "God Raised Him," "He Lives," Holiness and Power," and "Rose Again."  Made of cotton blend fabrics, these are full size at 46" x 66.".

Beginner/intermediate level.
Individual Banner Pattern:  $18.95
Group of 4 Banner Patterns:  $64.00

"He Is Risen" Easter Banner Pattern
Easter Banner PatternsThis lovely praise and worship banner tells the story of Christ's death and resurrection. It is accented with white lilies, to coordinate with fresh flowers you might have on display in your sanctuary. Mainly an applique quilt pattern, it makes into a beautiful worship banner. Finished size is 41" x 60". This Christian banner pattern includes a full size drawing of the design.
Intermediate/advanced skill level.
Individual Banner Pattern:  $18.95

"The Good Shepherd" Worship Banner Pattern

Good Shepherd fabric bannersThis quilted stained glass church banner, depicting Christ as our Good Shepherd, is perfect for any season of the year.  Finished size measures 36" x 60." Borders can be added to this Christian banner to make it fit that special spot in your sanctuary.  Full size banner pattern.
Advanced skill level.

Individual Banner Pattern:$18.95

"The Cross" Church Banner Pattern

Cross banner patterns
This beautiful inspirational banner is easy to make using Quilt Fuse for perfectly matched corners. Two different methods of machine quilting designs are offered.  This is a perfect 'first' pattern for beginners who would like to learn how to make Christian banners.  Pattern gives directions to easily enlarge or reduce the size to fit your needs. Finished size is 27" x 48".

Beginner level.

Individual Banner Pattern:$18.95

"Fruit of the Spirit" Christian Banner Patterns

Patterns for Church Banners

The Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control. Taken from Galatians 5: 22 & 23, this set of ten christian banners for church depict in word and design the Fruit of the Spirit listed. The first banner in the set displays the verses, while each subsequent banner brings out a characteristic of the fruit. On each, a biblical reference is enhanced with flowers and vines or vibrant pictures, while matching borders coordinate the set. Heat'n'Bond technique is used throughout.  Christian banners finished sizes are 39" x 46"

Three patterns in the set are for intermediate sewers while the other seven patterns are at the beginner level.

Individual Banner Patterns:  $18.95 

SAVE!!! Group of 10 Patterns:  $162.50

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"Names of God" Praise and Worship Banner Patterns

Names of God Banners

The Authority of God and Sovereignty of God are brought to life with these 2 groups of banners for church symbolizing six names of God found in the last book of the Bible, Revelation. Each name and christian banner features an attribute of God and all the patterns for church banners use the same batik fabric for the background as well as the same basic layout, yet each image is unique and amazing. 

Skill levels vary with design.

Individual Banner Patterns Available  $18.95
SAVE!!  Group of set of 3 Patterns:  $55.95
SAVE MORE!! Group of all 6 Patterns: $105.95

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"Crown Him" Church Banner Patterns

A brand new set of four banners, “Crown Him with Many Crowns,” is a beautiful addition to any sanctuary.  The gold and purple satin used for the lettering and design pieces stand out against the cream colored cotton “Fairy Frost”. Majestic purple satin side panels make the center pieces even more majestic. A favorite old hymn, “Crown Him with Many Crowns” was the inspiration for this set of banners. They were designed around the first four verses crowning Christ “Lord of Love,” “Lord of Life,” “Lord of Heaven,” and crowning Him with “Many Crowns.” Each banner finishes at 50” X 90”. Due to the techniques and satin materials used, the sewing level is placed at an intermediate to advanced level.


Individual Banner Patterns: $18.95 

SAVE!!! Group of 4 Patterns:  $64.00

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Let's bring "Glory to God" with Church Banners
~ A Complete Course on Creating Beautiful Christian Banners for Your Church ~

Banner Ideas
Learn how to make banners for church!  Perfect for beginners and experts alike, Glory to God teaches the skills and techniques needed to create lovely banners for church sanctuary's.  From banner ideas to planning to selecting banner fabrics to sewing to display, professional illustrations and easy-to-follow directions guide you through all you need to know to sew four banners AND help you make your own Christian banners! This invaluable book overflows with information on planning and laying out banners, supplies needed, helpful sewing room organization and construction tips, and safe storage and display ideas. Discover a new way to use your gifts in an inspiring ministry.

Click on any of the following free PDF downloads:
How to Make Christian Banners Slideshow

Want to see how easy making a banner really is? This slide show gives step by step instructions for making The Announcement stained glass banner, the most complicated of our christian banners. You'll discover it isn't as difficult as it looks and is a relatively simple process that most anyone can complete using Heat'n'Bond Lite and Quick Bias. The slideshow is about six minutes long. Be sure to double click on the forward button at the lower left corner of the screen to play the slideshow.

Interesting Article:

Creative Displays for Worship

Inspiration for Making Christian Banners For Church - Ideas & Tips
When making your own Christian banners, keep in mind that there can be so much more to creating these projects than just decoration. As you look for patterns for church banners, think about your sanctuary; it's configuration, where you intend to hang the banners and to what purpose.
  • Connect with your pastor and pursue banner ideas that will enhance or connect with sermons or a sermon series.
  • Christian holiday seasons are a great opportunity to make some amazing banners for church;  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. Some churches emphasize Jewish traditions or holy months.
  • Bible stories also encourage banner ideas. Church sanctuaries are a wonderful place to hang these banners catching the eye of young attenders whose eyes and thoughts might wander during the sermon.
  • Biblical themes or verses from scripture are also a great place of insipriation for christian banners. For example, banner ideas might include the Fruit of the Spirit, the Armor of God, attributes of God or the names of God.
  • Utilize Biblical symbols such as the Trinity, Resurrection or Peace to stimulate banner ideas. Church foyers provide a wonderful place to hang your creations that will catch the eye upon entrance to the building.
Just keep in mind, the church sanctuary is meant to be a welcoming place of peace and rest. Your christian banners for church can help make that refuge. Explore your own banner ideas, learn how to make a banner, and have fun designing and being creative!

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