Catch the Sewing Bug

Catch the Sewing Bug! 25 Fun and Simple Sewing Projects 

Catch the Sewing Bug

Young Children Learning How to Sew!!!   Catch the Sewing Bug is especially designed for younger hands working with adult ones, and is written in such a way that adults with no sewing skills can easily work their way through it and teach young children sewing.

The book provides do-able, fun, kids sewing patterns.  Each project builds upon skills learned in an earlier one, and by the time the child finishes this how to sew book, she not only has a fair repertoire of basic sewing skills, but also a large boxful of useful, simple sewing projects that she has made. It is amazing how much even the youngest child, with a caring adult, a good machine, and the kids sewing patterns in this book, can do!

Take time now to teach learning how to sew to these little ones. These simple sewing projects have been created to be completed in a short amount of time to accommodate the attention span of your budding seamstress.  Be sure to watch our slideshow on teaching sewing to young children, ages 4 - 8, and enjoy the thrill of watching them learn to use the sewing machine!  Older children find the simple sewing projects quick and easy...and like to work them in between their more detailed creations.

Included in Catch the Sewing Bug are 26 kids sewing  patterns, with projects from learning how to sew a pillow, to making a quilt for dolly, to making a puppet. This book is full of simple sewing projects and kids sewing patterns that children will enjoy and be successful stitching up.

So come along side your child and watch her experience the fun of stitching these simple sewing projects, and the gleam in her eye as she proudly shows off her creations and announces to all, "I made it myself!" Turn her first experience with learning how to sew into a lifelong love..and watch as she "catches the bug."

Scroll on down the page to view some of the projects in this book.

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Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Catch The Sewing BugCatch The Sewing BugCatch the Sewing Bug provides fun, do-able, simple sewing projects for the younger students learning how to sew. There is a great sense of satisfaction from being able to actually sew a project...especially one they can use themselves or give as a gift. Teach children sewing, using this book of kids sewing patterns which are very basic, and require a minimal amount of supplies to complete. All patterns and directions are included for each of the 25 projects. Total pages: 44 
2 Sewing & Growing with JesusSewing & Growing with JesusDevotional books for use with Catch the Sewing Bug. Jump start your 4 to 8 year old's character training. Interact through projects, Bible stories and memory verses, devotions and songs. Bonding together as you teach your child with biblical analogies, develops life-long memories. Each devotion in this book relates the project or techniques you are working on in Catch the Sewing Bug to Bible stories and focuses on a specific character trait.  What a fun way to prepare your little one for life!
3 Catch the Sewing Bug Book and Sewing & Growing with JesusCatch the Sewing Bug Book and Sewing & Growing with JesusTeach children sewing while using devotions to help build her character.  Interact through projects, Bible stories and memory verses, devotions and songs.  Each project in the sewing book has a matching devotional complete with a Bible verse and short prayer. Build a love of sewing and the Bible as you work through these projects.
4 Sewing & Quilting Activity BookSewing & Quilting Activity BookThis fun filled sewing activity book will keep you in stitches for a while with dot to dot pictures, coloring, mazes and word searches. For ages 6-14. 99 full pages of puzzles, including a couple of sewing projects, math puzzles and drawing! You will build the love of sewing and learn a few skills along the way as you inspire and challenge your budding seamstress. Have fun! Do you teach more than one child? This is an excellent resource to motivate your faster students and keep their hands busy and learning doing mazes and word searches while you work with others. Sewing teaches a child so many skills! This book offers pages that reinforces creativity and color coordination; learning math and measurements; drawing; critical thinking skills; and sewing knowledge and application. All children learn in different ways...this book provides a child another way to learn sewing.

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Instructional slide show: "Teaching Young Children to Sew!"

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simple sewing projects

bonnet is a very simple sewing project kids sewing patterns

children sewing projects include a pillow

Discover cute and easy kids sewing patterns

child learning how to sew on the sewing machine

fun, simple sewing projects for kids

fleece mittens are one of our kids sewing patterns

completed projects after learning how to sew

sewing children

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Sewing Rules
Keep your shoes on for protection, especially from pins.
Carry scissors with the sharp point down in case you trip and fall.
Keep your foot off the foot pedal while you thread the needle.
Always lower the presser foot before starting to sew. If not, you will have a knot!
Normal stitch length for sewing is a 2.5 setting.
Always backstitch (forward 3 stitches, back 3 stitches, then forward 3 stitches) at the beginning and end of a seam.
Watch the fabric guide not the needle. The needle's job is to simply bob up and down - it's not going anywhere! Your job is to keep your eyes on the fabric guide and steer the fabric with your hands.
Remove all pins as you sew. Do not let a pin go under the presser foot. If your machine needle hits a pin, it is likely to break the needle and throw off your machine timing.
Turn the hand wheel so that your needle is in the highest position when beginning and ending a seam.
Be gentle with the sewing machine. Don't force anything to work. If something seems 'stuck,' ask for assistance.
Press after stitching each seam.
Clean up your sewing area when you are finished.

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