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Amazing Glory - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Glory - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)

The second in the set of Amazing God banners. This banner focuses on God's Glory with a bright sunrise shining on the verse 1 Chronicles 16:24, "Tell of His glory among the nations." Using crinkle satin for the background, the letters are gold lame'. Learn how to make tassels, and complete the bottom edge with fringe.  Due to some more advanced techniques, we recommend this church banner pattern for an intermediate quilter. Finished banner measures 38" x 87".

Amazing God Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Amazing God  Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)A crinkle satin backgound ties these Christian banners together as they proclaim what an Amazing God we have. Each of the four banners is full size measuring 38" x 87", and each also has 10" fringe along the bottom and tassels along the side. Showing God's Love, Grace, Glory and Majesty, all four large banners have pictures depicting one of these attributes. The designs are held in place using Heat'n'Bond. We recommend these banner patterns to make for intermediate quilters because of the techniques used.
Amazing Grace - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Grace - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)The final banner in a set of four is Amazing Grace"My grace is sufficient for you" from 1 Corinthians 12:9  in gold lame' lettering is held on to crinkle satin using Heat'n'Bond. The person sitting on the rock outcropping and the rock are also held on with Heat'n'Bond. The pattern comes complete with detailed directions and pattern pieces for lettering and all design pieces. You will learn to make tassels and add fringe.  We do suggest an intermediate level of quilting for these banners for church patterns as the techniques are more advanced.
Amazing Love Banner - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Love Banner - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Making church banners is rewarding, and this one in no exception! Set on crinkle satin, a cross made from nails sits inside a heart made from thorns, signifying Christ's amazing sacrifice and love for us. The verse, John 3:16, "For God so loved the world" is in gold lame lettering. For embellishments, 10" fringe  hangs from the bottom, and you can make tassels to fall along the sides. Heat'n'Bond is used to attach each design and letters. Once complete, this banner measures 38" x 87". Purchase individually or as a group.
Amazing Majesty - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Majesty - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Amazing Majesty is the third in the set of Amazing God church banners to make. Often times we find God's majesty in nature and with this banner, we've used a sunset, trees and the shadowed ground. The design pieces are applied with Heat'n'Bond and along with detailed instructions, all design and lettering patterns are included. As with the other banners in this set, this one also has 10" fringe along the bottom, along with doing some tassel making to add decoration to the sides.  The crinkle satin background gives this banner something of a fancy feel. Banner finishes at 38" x 87".

America! - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)America! - Full Size Pattern (Pattern Only)Celebrating and honoring Memorial Day, Independence Day and 8/11, this patriotic banner pattern becomes a wonderful addition to your church sancturary. Measuring 36" x 70", Heat'n'Bond is used to make the design on this cloth banner. It is outlined quilted with fringe added to the bottom. Included in detailed instructions is a full size drawing of the design. This is an intermediate level project.

Americana: One (Pattern Only)Americana: One (Pattern Only)Both of these wall hangings are included in this pattern. These simple quilts measure 16.5" by 13.5", and make great gifts for family and friends. They are fast, easy, and fun due to their "quilt as you go" construction and the use of fusible applique. They would make a great first beginning quilting pattern.
Christmas Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Christmas Banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Each of our Christmas church banners measures the same at 49" x 87", these banners will coordinate well in your sanctuary or foyer celebrating the Christmas season. A range of techniques were used in creating these lovely patterns including "quick bias", applique' and Heat'n'Bond to make the detail of the angels, the different styles of lettering and stained glass applique. Due to the stained glass effect in thses patterns, we recommend them for intermediate to advanced quilters.
Communion Banners - Full Size Patterns (Pattern Only)Communion Banners - Full Size Patterns (Pattern Only)These Communion banners are rich in color and beautiful. Together, they reflect upon the last supper referred to in Luke 22. While one banner reads "Do This In Remeberance Of Me", the other displays the elements of communion with a cluster of grapes and stalks of wheat. Banner fabrics used are Crinkle Satin and Lame.  Group them together for a nice banner display.  Assembled using Heat'n'Bond, they each measure 30" x 48". This is a beginning/intermediate pattern.

Crown Him - CrownsCrown Him - Crowns
Easter Banner Grouping (Pattern Only)Easter Banner Grouping (Pattern Only)You save money when you order as a set. Add a little extra spring to your sanctuary this Easter season with these pastel bordered Resurrection banners. A very simple pattern with minimal designs to make the biblical messages stand out. Patterns are set at an intermediate level due to the lettering and use of Heat'n'Bond applique techniques. Increase your skill and enhance the Easter decor of your church. Each of the 4 completed banners measures 46" x 66". 
Easter Sanctuary Decor (Pattern Only)Easter Sanctuary Decor (Pattern Only)Use these decorative Windowsill Scarves and Table Toppers to add an extra special touch to your church for Easter. These patterns are set at an intermediate skill level and are a wonderful opportunity to learn and improve techniques and skills on a small scale while dressing up the windows and tables in your church. Coordinates with the Resurrection Sunday Banner patterns. Finished sizes are as follows: Crown of Thorns - 32" x 32", He is Risen - 30" x 30", and Christ is Alive - 28 1/2" x 28 1/2".  
Fruit of the Spirit - 10 banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Fruit of the Spirit - 10 banner Grouping (Patterns Only)Taken straight from Galations 5:22, the first banner in this set states the verse "The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control." The other nine banner patterns each represent a fruit with a verse and visual representation of that fruit. These were fun to design and make as each picture is different and unique, using a good variety of banner fabrics. Heat'n'Bond applique techniques are used throughout.   There are seven patterns in the set that are at a beginner level while three are for a more advanced quilter. Banners all finish at 39" x 46".

Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfullness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit:  Faithfullness (Pattern Only)This christian banner call us live a life of faithfulness with Jesus calling us to "be faithful unto death" in Revelation 2:10. In creating this banner, you'll make beach and mountains, the ocean and a young woman along with lettering in a beginning level pattern. All design pieces and lettering use Heat'n'Bond applique techniques. The borders match the other banners in the Fruit of the Spirit series. Measures 39" x 46". Revelation 2:10
Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit:  Gentleness (Pattern Only)This christian banner design has a solid background, orange, reddish-orange and yellow put just the right amount of color in this banner. Lettering adds to the gentle theme along with the butterfly resting on the flower. You will learn how to applique with Heat'n'Bond when adhering design pieces and lettering. Detailed instructions are included in the pattern along with pattern pieces for designs and lettering. This is a beginner level pattern and finishes at 39" x 46". 

Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness (Pattern Only)"...and fulfill every desire for goodness", from 2 Thessolonians 1:11 is the verse that represents Goodness in this banner. Bright and beautiful  brown banner fabrics, and the  golds and yellows light up any church facility. All the applique sunflowers and lettering is held in place with Heat'n'Bond. This is an attractive banner with a fun pattern that can easily stand on its own although it is one of ten in the Fruit of the Spirit set. It is for an intermediate quiltier with a finished size of 39" x 46".

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Joy (Pattern Only)So many times, the Bible tells us to raise our voices in praise to God and this verse is a reminder to do it with joy! A fruit of the spirit, we are commanded to "Shout for Joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music", from Psalm 98:4. A violin, horn and piano keys are perfect symbols of music encouraging people to send praise to God with music whether by voice or instrument. Banner fabrics will include wood grain, shiny gold for the trumpet and black and white satin for the shiny piano keys, all applied using applique techniques. Words are in block letters and are applied using the applique technique with Heat'n'Bond as are the letters. This banner pattern is for intermediate quilters and finishes at 39" x 46".

Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness (Pattern Only)Using both cursive and block letters, the verse about brotherly love stands out on this christian banner pattern. This beginning quilt pattern has fewer small design pieces than others, and is set at a beginner level. All lettering and design pieces are attached using applique techniques and Heat'n'Bond. Enjoy creating this pretty banner to use alone or with other patterns in the Fruit of the Spirit series. Finshes at 39" x 46".
Fruit of the Spirit: Love (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Love (Pattern Only)Having a simple look doesn't detract from the beauty of the design or the message on these church banner patterns. The verse from 1 Corinthians 13:27 tells us "Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always persevers. Love never fails."  Applique, embellishments come in the form of  flowers intertwined with a leaf vine and red violet hearts. All applique techniques utilize Heat'n'Bond. A pattern for beginner quilters, the finished size measures 39" x 46". 

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience (Pattern Only)Fruit of the Spirit: Patience (Pattern Only)This particular fabric banner is one of my favorites. It was a fun and challenging design to create. What stands out the most in this banner is the Captain whose focus is on the lighthouse..  The Captin keeps his ship steady against the tempetuous storm. James 1:3, "The testing of your faith produces Patience," is placed across the top. Together, the raging sea, struggling Captain and amazing lighthouse paint a wonderful picture of patience in the storm. All applique' pieces and lettering are applied with Heat'n'Bond fusible applique. We recommend this pattern for intermediate quilters. Measurements are 39" x 46".
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