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Buckles & Bobbins, A Beginning Sewing Projects Book for Boys

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Learn Sewing!  From plugging in the sewing machine to sewing pajamas, Buckles & Bobbins, our beginning sewing projects book for boys, guides the novice tailor with clear, step-by-step instructions.

Sixteen easy sewing projects, complete with sewing patterns for boys, are useful items you will be proud to use, wear, or give. Pillowcases, potholders, duffel bags, blankets, vest patterns: these learn sewing lessons focus on mastering specific sewing techniques, and builds upon skills learned. An extra life skills section covers how to sew on a button, and how to iron a shirt. Special techniques beyond the basics ensure that the final creation will be as professionally constructed as it was fun to make. Guys agree, it is cool to learn sewing and design your own outdoor gear with these sewing patterns for boys.

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Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Buckles and BobbinsBuckles and BobbinsHelp your boys learn sewing with easy sewing projects they'll really use in Buckles and Bobbins, beginning sewing projects for boys! From a pillowcase to pajamas, and cargo pants to a back pack, each project has detailed instructions and is very useable. Our sewing patterns for boys focus on specific techniques and each new project builds on skills already learned. Patterns include boys sizes 8 - 16. Even though this book is designed for boys, the patterns are adapted easily for the outdoor girl.

2 Buckles & Bobbins patterns for 18" dollsBuckles & Bobbins patterns for 18" dollsPlan on taking your doll with you to your next pajama party or campout, dressed in matching clothes that you have made yourself. Buckles and Bobbins 18 inch Doll Clothes Patterns include fifteen active clothing patterns that coordinate with the projects in the Buckles and Bobbins, our sewing patterns for boys book. Sew doll clothes and accessories like these: a  pillowcase, laundry bag, quilted pillow & patchwork quilt, work apron, wrench roll-up case, pajama bottoms or shorts and top, duffel bag, sportsman's vest, cargo pants, and back pack. These beginner sewing projects are designed for the novice sewer.
3 Buckles & Bobbins PLUS 18" Doll PatternsBuckles & Bobbins PLUS 18" Doll PatternsPurchase both Buckles and Bobbins and matching 18" Doll Patterns and Save. Using these books designed for boys to learn sewing together you'll be making girl and doll matching clothes.  Either use the same material for both child and doll patterns, or choose coordinating material for the pillowcase, laundry bag, patchwork quilt, cargo pants and pajamas.
4 Sewing & Growing with God's WisdomSewing & Growing with God's WisdomUtilize this fun devotional for boys to bond with your son as he completes projects outlined in the Buckles and Bobbins instructional. Each devotional includes a memory verse, words of wisdom and important life lessons that directly relate to projects in Buckles and Bobbins. Concepts will come alive as you teach scriptural analagies and he experiences them through the fun character training projects. Boys will grow in wisdom and appreciation of Gods word, and its application to their lives. A joyful and exciting way to incorporate biblical principles into a boys life.
5 Buckles & Bobbins plus Sewing and Growing with God's WisdomBuckles & Bobbins plus Sewing and Growing with God's Wisdom
Each endeavor in the Buckles and Bobbins instructional has a matching Biblical lesson in the devotional that relates directly to the sewing projects for boys. Help your child learn sewing while also teaching him life lessons and Biblical truths. Spiritual concepts with real life applications will help boys grow in wisdom and appreciation of God's word.
6 Buckles & Bobbins book and 18" co-ordinating doll patterns, and Sewing & Growing with God's WisdomBuckles & Bobbins book and 18" co-ordinating doll patterns, and Sewing & Growing with God's WisdomThis pack gives you 16 easy sewing projects for your child, matching projects for your child's doll and devotions to use while they learn sewing.  Biblical lessons relate directly to the easy sewing projects in the instruction book.  Help teach your child how to sew and master sewing basic techniques on both a large and small scale while growing in wisdom and appreciation of God's word.  
7 Extra set of pattern sheets for Buckles & BobbinsExtra set of pattern sheets for Buckles & BobbinsWhile our Buckles and Bobbins sewing book comes complete with patterns, we have made an extra set of pattern sheets available.  These extra patterns are perfect if you have children in multiple sizes, would simply rather not cut the patterns in the book, or maybe there was an 'oops' moment when you were cutting the original pattern.  Whatever the reason, for your convenience,  we offer this complete set of pattern sheets for the Buckles & Bobbins book; boys sizes 8 - 16. 
8 Sewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping works through the question of how to start a sewing business, and the realities of getting it off the ground.  Written in workbook format, you will have the tools to explore markets and choose a niche, build a business plan, walk through inventory, market, sell and grow your business, and much more!

Book Review for Buckles and Bobbins:

beginning sewing projects

A quick history lesson: knitting did not use to be the province of little old ladies in rocking chairs. Shepherds - many of whom were tough, muscular, men - knitted and crocheted to fill in the many hours of watching sheep chew. The lesson? Real men knit, crochet, and sew.
Easy sewing projectsYes, real men sew, which means that real boys learn sewing, which means that Buckles and Bobbins: A Beginning Sewing Projects Book for Boys is the resource of choice for 9 to 15 year old males who want to develop a skill beyond replacing a button on a favorite jacket. Authors JoAnn Gagnon and Corrie Gagnon, veteran sewers with 50 years of stitching, ripping, restitching, designing, altering and tailoring between them, have put together 16 sewing patterns for boys that even Tom Sawyer would be proud to admit that he had made.

Boys learn sewing skillsArranged according to difficulty, boys will learn sewing by making pillowcases, laundry bags, book covers, and strip quilting a blanket; then progress to a bound fleece blanket and roll-up wrench case; and culminate with additional beginning sewing projects that include a backpack, cargo pants and multi-pocketed, reversible zipped sports vests that can be customized for fishing, hunting, hiking, or just walking around and looking like a man.  Sewing tips and techniques, step by step instructions, copious line drawings, and full-size sewing patterns for boys ensure that the journey from novice to tailor is a smooth one, and one that can be accomplished whether or not the boy's parents can sew. Because each beginning sewing project builds upon skills learned in the one before it, sewers pick up new sewing techniques while perfecting old ones.
Great project to learn sewingBy the end of the book, a boy is not only sleeping in pajamas of his own making, but also knows how to install a zipper, line a vest, put in a facing, understitch a seam, craft an elastic waist band, bias tape a raw edge - in short, he is far beyond the replacing-a-fallen-off-button stage.
projects to learn sewing on.To learn sewing requires precision, accuracy, craftsmanship, imagination, and time - essentially the same attributes necessary to build a house or repair a car. Buckles and Bobbins, replete with sewing patterns for boys, enables today's male to construct wearable clothing and repair what's hanging in his closet (or lying on the floor), developing a skill that increases self-sufficiency and enhances the independent spirit. Now what could be more masculine than that?

A Note from a Customer:
“Dear JoAnn, I received a copy of Buckles & Bobbins yesterday, and I am so excited!

I have three boys12, 10, and 5. These beginning sewig projects are great for them. So much sewing is

directed towards girls, so thank you for providing

my boys a chance to learn a valuable skill.”

boys sewing

Learn Sewing - Tips and Techniques

Can and should boys learn sewing? Yes! Yes! Sewing teaches a skill that all boys need in their repertoire. Boys are fun to work with and approach sewing for a different purpose than girls. You'll find yourself learning some tricks from them. Here are some ideas for adjusting how you teach sewing to boys.

Finding sewing patterns for boys that interest them is vital to a positive sewing experience. Cargo pants, knife shields, gear cases, bags and packs are always winners. What are his hobbies? Does he like camping or fishing? Is he mechanically inclined? Select easy sewing projects that have a purpose, even if they are above his skill level. He'll rise to the occasion when it's worth it.

Small hand coordination does not develop as soon in boys as in girls, making pinning and cutting out patterns, threading needles and snipping threads a frustrating process. You may want to help pin the main corners of the pattern piece, and let him practice pinning in between the pins, one inch in from the cutting edge. For success with the scissors, I suggest you cut around the general outline of the pattern piece, then he can turn the pattern piece as he cuts for more accuracy. Also, rather than have him cut notches, purchase color coded sticky dots from an office supply, and let him stick these on for markings.

I think a boy's favorite word is "WHY?" Boys want to see the big picture, and by explaining the 'why' of each step of the how to learn sewing process to him at the beginning, you will avoid a barrage of questions throughout the sewing process. Be aware, however, that there will still be a lot of questions. While both boys and girls have limited concentration abilities, boys are especially prone to asking unrelated questions at unexpected times.

Plan short sewing sessions - 45 minutes maximum, and don't keep him at the machine after his attention span has run out. Keep sewing fun.

Boy's don't press; they iron - with gusto!

Boy's deal with frustration - both theirs and yours - differently. They may blow up; You may blow up; but when it's done it's done. Boys get over the episode and are ready to resume the task at hand as if nothing had happened. This is refreshing.

Boys are bold, creative, and imaginative! Allow them to develop their ideas. Their color choices may make you shudder, but limit your suggestions to one or two. Boys are less concerned about harmony than they are about impact. Also, let them look through your fabric stash; they will find purposeful uses for scraps that you never would have dreamed of and you will find they can design and create their own beginning sewing projects!

Can boys learn sewing? You bet! Let your sewing experience together not only be exciting and lots of fun, but a catalyst to help him develop a lifelong interest in sewing.

Stepping out to learn sewing

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