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Stitches & Pins - A Beginner Sewing Book For Girls

                                               Sewing For Beginners! 

Sewing Patterns for BeginnersFrom plugging in the sewing machine to creating a pair of pajamas, Stitches and Pins, our sewing for beginners book, guides the novice seamstress with clear, step-by-step sewing instruction.

Fourteen projects, complete with sewing patterns for beginners, are useful items the seamstress will be proud to use, wear, or give. Learn how to sew with a sewing machine, and make projects like pillowcases, potholders, tote bags, doll blankets, vests, handmade purses: each of our sewing lessons focuses on mastering specific sewing techniques, and builds upon skills learned. 
Apparel patterns are for girls sizes 8 to 16 as well as Misses sizes 8 - 16.
Special sewing techniques beyond the basics - such as bias tape finished edges, quilting, and embellishments - ensure that the final creation will be as professionally constructed as it was fun to make.  Sewing for beginners IS fun!

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sewing for beginners

Product Selections

Product Selections

1 Stitches and PinsStitches and PinsStitches and Pins is the best sewing book teaching children how to sew with a sewig machine.  It teaches beginning sewing through good construction skills and a variety of sewing patterns for beginners. From pillowcases to purses to pajamas to quilting, each sewing project focuses on mastering specific sewing techniques and builds upon skills learned.  All sewing patterns are included: Girls sizes 8 - 16 and Misses sizes 8 - 16.  
2 Stitches & Pins patterns for 18" dollsStitches & Pins patterns for 18" dollsYou can sew doll clothes. Use left over fabrics from your beginner sewing projects in Stitches and Pins to stitch up doll clothes patterns for your favorite 18" doll at minimal expense. This is a great opportunity to teach some basic sewing skills to your daughter or learn them yourself. A few of these easy patterns include a laundry bag, pot holder and elastic waist skirt.
3 Stitches & Pins PLUS 18" Coordinating Doll PatternsStitches & Pins PLUS 18" Coordinating Doll Patterns
Save when you buy both Stitches and Pins and Stitches & Pins 18 inch Doll Patterns.  A wonderful beginner sewing book with child and doll coordinating outfits. Stitch up matching doll and girl pajamas, pillowcases, skirt, reversible vest and quilt.  Books come complete with sewing patterns for beginners.  Take this opportunity to create clothes for your child and a matching outfit for her doll.

4 Sewing & Growing with God's WordSewing & Growing with God's WordCompanion devotional for use with Stitches and Pins. Teach your daughter life lessons with Bible analogies as she learns to sew. Devotionals, memorization, and life applications. Created to go hand-in-hand with each Stitches & Pins project, this book helps provide a strong foundation for your daughter's spiritual growth.
5 Stitches & Pins and Sewing & Growing with God's WordStitches & Pins and Sewing & Growing with God's WordSave when you buy both Stitches & Pins and Sewing & Growing with God's Word.  Instill sewing basics in your child while teaching her life lessons and  Biblcal principles from the devotional.  Each of the beginning sewing projects has a corresponding devotional, scripture, and short prayer.  Learn and grow together.
6 Stitches & Pins Book, 18" Doll Patterns, & Sewing & Growing with God's WordStitches & Pins Book, 18" Doll Patterns, & Sewing & Growing with God's Word
Save $5.00 when you buy this three pack.  Continue to teach your daughter to sew with a sewing machine, and become a woman after God's own heart.  Sew matching girl and doll  for your child and her favorite doll while studying God's word.  Sewing books are complete with patterns and devotional has a correlating lesson and Bible verse for each project.

7 Extra Pattern sheets for Stitches & PinsExtra Pattern sheets for Stitches & PinsWhileour Stitches and Pins sewing book comes complete with patterns, we have made extra pattern sheets available.  These work well if you have children in multiple sizes, would rather not cut the patterns in the book, or maybe there was an 'oops' moment when you were cutting the original pattern.  Whatever the reason, we offer you this complete set of pattern sheets. 
8 Sewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping BookSewing and Reaping works through the question of how to start a sewing business, and the realities of getting it off the ground.  Written in workbook format, you will have the tools to explore markets and choose a niche, build a business plan, walk through inventory, market, sell and grow your business, and much more!
9 Sewing & Quilting Activity BookSewing & Quilting Activity BookThis fun filled sewing activity book will keep you in stitches for a while with dot to dot pictures, coloring, mazes and word searches. For ages 6-14. 99 full pages of puzzles, including a couple of sewing projects, math puzzles and drawing! You will build the love of sewing and learn a few skills along the way as you inspire and challenge your budding seamstress. Have fun! Do you teach more than one child? This is an excellent resource to motivate your faster students and keep their hands busy and learning doing mazes and word searches while you work with others. Sewing teaches a child so many skills! This book offers pages that reinforces creativity and color coordination; learning math and measurements; drawing; critical thinking skills; and sewing knowledge and application. All children learn in different ways...this book provides a child another way to learn sewing.
sewing patterns for beginners

Beginner Sewing

About Stitches and Pins:

learn how to sew with a sewing machineWith more than 50 years combined sewing experience between them, JoAnn and Corrie have seen a real need for a sewing for beginners primer, geared toward 8-16 year olds. As 4-H instructors and teachers, they have worked extensively with young and old, novice sewers, and assembled the 14 sewing lessons in Stitches and Pins based on a curriculum that has been honed and finessed through their years of teaching.

The sewing patterns for beginners book begins with the very basics, like learning how to sew with a sewing machine, and then advances gradually to increasing complexity and skill, as you master beginner sewing techniques, Stitches and Pins, can be used with confidence by a non-sewing parent, and an older child could go through this sewing for beginners book independently.

These aprons make great sewing for beginnersAll necessary sewing patterns, girls sizes 8-16, and misses sizes 8-16 are bound into the book and each of the 14 projects is a fun, practical item that any girl would be proud to use, wear, or give. 18" doll clothes patterns that match the projects in this book are also available.

Stitches and Pins is spiral bound and printed on coated, gloss paper. The sewing patterns are printed on one side only, and the sewing for beginners book is written in a way you will understand, with a lot of illustrations to make using it successful.

You can learn how to sew on a sewing machine with this book

Testimony From a Satisfied User

Sewing for beginners - an easy project"When I first thought about teaching my children how to sew with a sewing machine, I was in a state of panic: 'How do I teach them a subject I barely know myself?' I had tried other 'beginner' sewing books, but they were either quite difficult, or so simple that the projects they made were nothing more than funny paper greeting cards and many many little pillows."
"Under JoAnn and Corrie's guidance, however, I followed their projects step-by-step and found, incredibly, that not only were my girls learning how to sew with a sewing machine, but I was too, and it was fun!"
I learned how to sewing with a sewing machine and made these pajamas"My ten-year old had a book bag she could actually use, a pillowcase for her bed, a bookcover that earned grand prize at the county fair. My older daughter made a vest for her brother, a doll quilt for her sister, and pajamas that she wears when I don't steal them for myself."

"There is simply no other resource like Stitches and Pins. I wish I had had it five years ago, but at any rate, I'm sure glad I have it now!  It is simply the best sewing book out there!"   Carolyn H., Dayton, WA

You too can learn how to sew with a sewing machine!

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Instructional slide show: "Tote Bag!"

Book Information and Corrections for Those Who Own Stitches & Pins
House Potholder - Corrected Measurements:
 Cut 2
 Cut 2
 Cut 2
 Cut 2
 Cut size:  2 3/4" by 4"
 Cut size:  2 1/2" by 4"
 Cut size:  1 1/2" by 4"
 Cut size:  8 1/2" by 1 3/4"

Yardage Requirements for Misses Size Patterns
  • Vest - 7/8 yard; If one way design, 1 1/4 yards
  • Pajama Top - 2 1/2 yards
  • Nightshirt - 2 3/4 yards
  • Short Pajama Bottoms or Shorts - 1 2/3 yards
  • Long Pajama Bottoms - 2 3/4 yards
Yardages will make up to the largest (size 16) of the Misses patterns.

Additional Yardage Adjustments:
Purse Pattern - 45" fabric: 1/3 yard
Totebag Pattern - 45" fabric:  1 yard

Experience how to sew with a sewing machine and delight in your creations!

Stitches and Pins - a wonderful sewing for beginners book!

Sewing for Beginners - Tips

Color coding dots are a quick and easy way to mark important guides onto your fabrics. These 1/4" round dots can be purchased at most office supply stores. You simply stick them to your fabric where the markings need to be transferred from pattern to fabric. After you have used them for guides or stitching, you just peel them off. These dots are inexpensive, quick and easy, and actually fun to use!
If it is difficult to identify the right side of your fabric, place a safety pin on the right side of each garment piece before removing the sewing pattern from the fabric. You should always mark the right side of your fabric also, before preshrinking (laundering) it.
Are you too short for your sewing machine? Find a pillow to put on your chair to sit taller. Find a box the right height to put the foot control pedal on, making it a comfortable height. Using duct tape, tape the pedal to the box.  You will find learning how to sew with a sewing machine much easier when you "fit" your machine.
If you have problems controlling the speed of your machine, try putting a piece of foam between the base and the foot pedal lever. This will slow the machine down, and give you better foot pedal control.
Start using the sewing machine right away. There is a tendency to spend too much time on practicing on paper and "how to" information, which tends to kill the initial excitement of leaning how to sew on a sewing machine.
Beginner sewing time in the sewing room should be limited to 2 hours. You'll loose interest if you get too tired. We want you to learn to enjoy sewing.
Make sure your sewing machine is working well. Breakdowns discourage everyone and prevent us from completing sewing projects.
Do as little ripping out as possible. No one is an expert when learning. Choose sewing projects that will forgive a stitching line that is a bit squiggly.
There are more sewing tips and techniques in each of our books. We hope you thoroughly enjoy and find great value in this experience as you learn how to sew on a sewing machine.

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