"Penny Pinching For Dolly's Sake"

Expand Dolly’s wardrobe while exploring your neighborhood yard sales.
With the prices of almost everything going through the roof, it is comforting to know that yard sales are still an affordable way to shop for you and Dolly. Yard sales are the treasure boxes of today. With such multicultural communities all over the globe, it is easy to pick up a variety of styles and unique patterns and jewelry to outfit Dolly for her future endeavors. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a price if you think it is unreasonable, after all, that is half the fun of yard sales.

While you may not find custom jewelry at “Farmer Johns” Barn Sale, you will most likely find it at all other sales. A gaudy necklace can be downsized for a broach or pendant on Dolly’s dress.  A string of artificial pearls can be downsized to a matching necklace and bracelet and possibly the handle on Dolly’s new handbag.  Some of the larger clip on earrings can be used as broaches or pendants as well as decorations on seasonal hats.
Don’t forget that clothes at the right price can easily be disassembled and made into an outfit for Dolly. Babies outgrow their socks so quickly and you will often find a lot of newborn socks at a yard sale with baby items. Because dolly will always be the right size she/he will never outgrow the socks you picked up at a sale. Remember that most little girls like to carry Dolly just like all mommies so don’t overlook the kangaroo pouch front carriers. Stuffing a receiving blanket in the carrier to block the holes will help Dolly feel snug and secure. Tote bags make a wonderful bag to store all of Dolly’s necessities for a trip to grandma’s, and with a little fabric paint you can personalize it just for Dolly. 

Crocheted doilies make a wonderful addition to a collar of a dress, as well as forming it into a delicate hat with just a few simple tweaks. Sorting through baby blankets and bedding, keep in mind that Dolly likes to lay her head on a soft pillow too, and a beautiful pillow case at a very cheap price can be downsized for just the right fit of Dolly’s bedding. Yarn is always a good investment at a yard sale. You can pick it up for next to nothing and use it for Dolly’s hair or making things with the “Nifty Knitter” that you will be able to afford with all the money you have saved by shopping at yard sales. 
Decide what kind of wardrobe Dolly will need and make a list of things that you can carry around with you and look at when you go yard selling, add to the list as new ideas come to you. This will help you not have to rethink every time you approach a new sale and will help you to not over purchase items as you can cross off the items you have purchased.  Have fun and be creative. You may even surprise yourself with some useful thoughts for doll clothes and accessories. 

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